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A part of the Blazing Bucks network Lesbian X: Girls Love Anal
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Lesbian X: Girls Love Anal (2018)

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.00 / 10)

Where to get it
32 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from LESBIAN X is part of the release, GIRLS LOVE ANAL from Director Mason, and features both AJ Applegate, and Whitney Wright in the heat of anal passion. As a fan of both of these ladies, it was a relatively easy choice for me, when it came to choosing this scene for review. I mean just look at these two, without a doubt, two of the most beautiful women in our industry, so the choice was easy. I have reviewed Mason, the Director's work many times now, and I have taken note that she is someone who is able to caoture raw sexuality, while seemingly just allowing two performers who in the moment, go at it as the will. It is again likewise for the scene in question, as here, AJ and Whitney seem to be really into eachother, and additionally the action that they bring forth here is raw, and appears to be on-the-fly, as they both do what feels good to them. Breaking it down, those looking for lots of variety, may be disappointed a little in the positions and all, as for the most part, it's "what AJ does to Whitney, Whitney does to AJ" and so on, and so forth. So, the action basically mirrors itself. But with that said, the real turn on here for the viewer, I feel is truly the connection between the girls. I mean, they are really into what they are doing, and the chemistry shared is hot. I especially enjoyed the times that AJ took charge, and begged for what she wanted - with the latter also being attributed to Whitney as well. And of course in the scene as the girls get what they want - right in their tight asses - and it leads to anal orgasms. Lots of them, and they are glorious to see! To close, I love both of these ladies. How beautiful they are,and their asses, and how they are crammed. I also have to say that both of them here sport very nice bush. Yes, AJ, whose mound is usually bald, here is complete with a nice tuft of fur - and I like it. When it comes to the scene overall, it's decent, and enjoyable for the performers, and somewhat for the action itself. For what it is, it is fairly hot - but it is not as intense as I had expected it to be.
Cast: A.J. Applegate,Whitney Wright
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Doggy (dildo), Missionary (dildo), 69
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We begin the scene with AJ Applegate and Whitney Wright wearing a indentical tight shorts and tops as their plump asses bless Director Mason's camera. Whitney however, wastes no time in declaring her love for AJ's ass, as she says that she wants to be suffocated by what is AJ's 40 inch ass, Applegate says. After some rubbing and caressing of said ass, Whitney, is quck to go underneath to suck and tongue at AJ's pussy, soon making Applegate cum, as AJ also bounces on Whitney's face. Next up, it's AJ's turn to pleasure Whitney, as she assumes the position previously held by Whitney. From here, Whitney twerks her ass on Aj's face, as AJ tounges betweeeen Whitney's pink pussy lips. During this positioning, we also are treated to Whitney cramming 4 fingers into her tight asshole. This setting things up for what happens next, when AJ brings into play a big, pink dildo. AJ uses the dildo by jamming it into Whitney's ass next, as she is on all fours. From here, Whitney eventually cums. AJ follows this up by handing over the dildo control to Whitney, who keeps the toy in her ass, as AJ returns underneath her for more pussy licking. After this, AJ wants to have her ass fucked by the dildo. This, as she lies back on the couch with her legs held high and spread, as Whitney proceeds to use the dildo, moving it in and out, and turning it, as it stretches AJ's ass, which easily takes it. After, Whitney continues by tongue fucking the ass, and licking the pussy. AJ next assumes the position on all fours frome here, Whitney initially tongue punches the ass, before she gives it a nice hard fucking with the dildo. This also includes she periodically fucking AJ's pussy as well Aj then directs Whitney to go underneath to toungue her, as AJ fucks her own ass to climax with the dildo. During this, Whitney reaches her own climax, as she fastly rubs her clit. It's next that the girls passionately kiss one another, prior to AJ treating Whitney. Whitney is now on her abck with her legs held high, as AJ fucks her ass with the dildo, tongue punches her, and tongues and sucks at her clit. Next however, the ladies go into 69 with AJ on top, initially riding Whitney's face, prior to she fucking herself in the ass, bringing her to eventual anal orgasm, as the scene scene comes to an end.