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(click to enlarge) Hooked (2018)

Starring: Leigh Raven
Co-starring: Jack Blaque, Nathan Bronson, Owen Gray, Tommy Pistol

Directed by Nikki Hearts

Reviewed by Mutantmo

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
17 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: At a digestible length of 17 mins, this extreme scene is something that must be witnessed by all. It’s akin to walking to a freak show where the patrons are meant to be either wowed or shocked. Leigh Raven appears as the ultimate showpiece for such freakish displays. Leigh has a natural aura to her performance since it’s like she belongs in a warehouse suspended upside down by her knees. Yes, you read that correctly. Leigh is hanging upside down by her knees by body augmented hooks into her flesh. Consider that a warning or a luring factor because this scene is more than just another "blow bang". You’ll see Leigh Raven burp spittle on cocks as she suspends freely all while laughing for more. HOOKED by Leigh Raven is a fun scene to watch. The diehard Leigh Raven fans know their queen delivers and this sleaze snippet is proof of that. Nikki Hearts is holding the camera for this slobbering sideways dick sucking scene. Let’s get into the schematics of this cock slurping scene.
Cast: Leigh Raven (with Jack Blaque, Nathan Bronson, Owen Gray, Tommy Pistol)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Suspended Upsidedown
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The blood red HOOKED logo splashes on the screen advertising the journey you’re about to take. A slow camera paces around the male talent who are polishing their swords for this mouth bout that is about to begin. Next, you’ll see the graphic footage of the suspension being attached to the hooks that are inserted into Leigh Raven’s flesh. It looks like a well thought out and executed procedure as she is hoisted up with Owen Gray assisting. He’ll start face jabbing her with his flesh javelin as soon as she’s held into place. Keep in mind in addition to Owen Gray there is 4 other male talent in this scene in the form of Tommy Pistol, Leather Glove Man, Jack Blaque, and Nathan Bronson. They begin their rotations of face reaming as soon as Owen initiates this scene. A merry-go-round of cocks ensues you’ll see Raven propel herself off of bodies to begin swinging in a pendulous motion. The barrage of penises doesn’t let up as she maniacally laughs while taking cock to her eyes. Make-up smearing as the result of this face poking of penises. The action doesn’t stop once Leigh is hoisted up since time is of the essence. A short scene duration is not only convenient but necessary.

All of this captured properly with lighting revealing the swinging Leigh Raven rewardingly lit in a darker setting. The subject matter may seem dark at first glance but if you stick with this scene you couldn’t see a happier Leigh Raven as she swings around while giggling to catch some cock in her mouth. Bottom line a fun porn scene is a fun porn scene and should be witnessed by all. Laugh and have fun with Leigh Raven in this special sloppy blow job scene. A special scene where you’ll see Leigh bite on Tommy Pistol’s foreskin for instance. The slimy finale has her taking most of the semen blasts in and around her eyes. More gleeful laughing echoes through the set as Leigh leaps at every lob of nut. This happening with her still being suspended upside down until the very end of the scene. Don’t believe me? Watch the scene for yourself!