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(click to enlarge) Petite teen slut Scarlet Domingo assfucked by Chris Diamond (2018)

Starring: Scarlet Domingo
Co-starring: Chris Diamond

Reviewed by Mutantmo

(7.50 / 10)

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Condoms: None
Overview: It is actually not in the norm for the legal porno network to release a regular boy/girl scene. This network is known for the outrageous DPs that fill out their crazy group sex scenes. This is a refreshment and still holds up as a single scene with no DPs for a network that is known for putting out lots of them. It also reminds us that newer starlets deserve that one on one attention from the viewers and male performers. Chris Diamond is the ultimate candidate for “breaking in” Scarlet Domingo for the LP network. He’s a male performer that has reached international recognition. Chris Diamond has shot plenty of scenes for other studios aside from his seemingly cozy hardcore home at Legal Porno. The scene is at that longer duration because of a toy tease at the beginning. From there the pace goes into that Legal Porno pounding their viewers are used to. Scarlet’s outfit furthers the simplicity of the scene as she is decked out in a skimpy pink bikini. Overall a great startup scene for the Colombian petite that surely has promise for DP scenes and gangbangs in her future with this network.
Cast: Scarlet Domingo (with Chris Diamond)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy style, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary
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Scarlet Domingo trots out into view wearing heels that look like they barely fit her. Her skimpy little pink bikini barely attached to her small frame. Next, a cutting Colombian accent that is too cute slices in as she answers introductory questions about this porno undertaking. Scarlet Domingo explains details about herself in adorably broken English; "My from is Colombia".

She'll slowly remove her top after answering inquiries, her eyes peer into the camera's lens all the while. She'll toy with her scrumptious tits as soothing music serenades the scene's intro. The soundtrack eventually cues out and Scarlet is still teasing her body for the camera. Now she is slowly stimulating her pussy through her pink bikini bottom. A bald pussy can be seen behind the curtain of a pink bikini bottom. She sits on a couch reaching for some oil to coat her petite body with. Starting with her digestible tits, her glaze of oil will then be administered to her arched out ass while she's on a couch.

A toy has now entered the equation for this tease intro. It is a large clear-plastic dildo in the shape of a male phallus. Scarlet Domingo will slam it against her mouth and suck on it. It will enter her ass first as she moans during the application of this toy in her own ass. The camera angle hovering right over the self-induced anal penetration with this dildo Scarlet Domingo has. She attempts to gape a bit but some anal winks happen. This shows the tightness of her asshole. More attempts at jabbing this toy in her ass will happen with Scarlet on her back and legs in the air this time. This entire tease taking place on that famous Legal Porno white couch with Scarlet now going from her asshole to pussy with her sex toy. The rotations between her orifices and this toy will see her mouth as part of the poking as well.

Chris Diamond leaps into view and takes her ass as she is spread open for the camera. Immediate anal insertion happens as Chris Diamond's flesh saber begins the anal piston-thrusts. Scarlet's dildo is brought into play during the mashing of her ass in this leg lifting missionary anal. An impressive display I noticed where Chris Diamond rests the toy on top of his large dick to insert it in her pussy. This creates sort of a DP as he humps into her. Expect ass to pussy switches to happen during all of Chris Diamond's blasts of anal humping. Fleshy pussy winking as Chris Diamond pulls in and out of Scarlet's ass is something you will see as well. Chris Diamond dashes into hard oral as he pumps Scarlet's mouth in this sudden sloppiness. Soon enough Scarlet's chin will be coated in her own saliva as she chokes on Diamond's dick. Multiple face pumps happen here with a POV overhead shot to boot.

Scarlet Domingo is then lead by her hair back to the couch with her arched ass positioned out for Chris to dig into with his dick. Now we have them both going at it in doggy anal with some wide open gapes in tow. Chris Diamond's huge member makes good work of these graphic gapes as we get a good look into Scarlet Domingo's abyssal anal opening. After a few quick face-smacks for this doggy down position, you'll see Scarlet get on top of Chris Diamond for cowgirl. She eases his missile sized penis into her asshole as she sets up the humping that is about to lift off in cowgirl riding.

The awesome anal insertion in the regular cowgirl segment does its job of continuing the delivery of wide open gapes. The close-up shots of her little cheeks getting split open by a thick phallus are aplenty during this well captured anal fucking. Both performers return to a bout of sloppy oral as a Chris Diamond's dick fishes out more strings of spit.

Reverse cowgirl up Scarlet's asshole is next in line for the position rotation. Here you'll also see some of the most intense displays of the choke play during the reverse cowgirl anal. An air blast of gape farting happens as Chris will periodically eject his dick to pull apart Scarlet Domingo's ass cheeks to reveal this. After being laid on a chair for more gape opening anal fucking Chris Diamond will finally jack himself to pop. He blasts right onto Scarlet Domingo's face almost hitting her eye reeling this rough sex scene to a complete finish.