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(click to enlarge) First time to LP Juicy sweet ass Mandy Muse in a beautifull DP full of gapes and balls deep action (2018)

Starring: Mandy Muse
Co-starring: Charlie Mack, Isiah Maxwell

Directed by Jacob Jewel

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
43 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Okay so today I review my first scene from the guys at AMERICAN ANAL, a company out of Florida which is distributed by LEGAL PORNO. Directed by a Director that I only know as Jacob, who happens to be the son of one of this year's AVN Hall of Fame recipients, the legendary producer/performer known as Dirty Harry, The scene which I am looking at today, features the voluptuous Mandy Muse, and her big round ass is center stage as it receives a good pounding and DP from two well-hung, and well- versed male performers. Those 2 guys being Charlie Mac, and this year's XBIZ Male Performer of the Year, Isiah Maxwell. Going into this scene I wasn't quite sure what I was going to get. That's because the LEGAL PORNO name has the reputation for filming really hardcore stuff. And though I'm not shy against that stuff, I just haven't had enough exposure to it yet. However, after seeing this scene I think I am ready to see more. That's because this scene is absolutely great, in terms of both content, performance and set up. As far as content goes, I really enjoyed what I saw. For most of the scene, eager Mandy has at least 2 holes crammed with cock and she absolutely loves it. And again, I loved it too! I also like the fact that they kept Mandy nice and oiled the most of this time as well which does wonders for our eyes, as it relates to to her nice thick curves. I have said all of this, I haven't even gotten to the double penetration part. And that's funny because, when we get to the double penetration, things get even better! Isiah and Charlie are pros at this type of thing. Here, they take the initiative, as they stretch and stuff, both Mandy's pussy and asshole. It's a credit to the nice camerawork here because we the viewer sees everything, in crisp, clean, and vivid detail. The guys, Maxwell and Mac, absolutely bring their A-game, so to speak, they feed Mandy's holes exactly what they crave. I have to say that I am also very impressed with the setups here. While this is gonzo material, the production value displayed here, is absolutely professional looking. I loved the raw and rough style of the sex. However, at the same time something that I appreciated that was unique to this set up, was that, although the guys are rough with Mandy, slapping, spiting, and being verbally with her, they were also very respectful of her as well. This is a very, very good scene, with some nice action, that is well-captured and nicely presented. After seeing this scene, I have to say that I really would see and review more LEGAL PORNO and AMERICAN ANAL material. So, if someone is reading this right who could get me a login, or access to the scenes, get back at me! I am one of the Internet's best adult film critics around. My work speaks for itself, so I'm good for it. I would like to make it a regular thing. So Jacob or anybody who can gain me access to this content, get in contact with me. I'm serious But anyway, back to the scene as I said above, I really enjoyed this. It is really solid, it is somewhat nasty, and features hard banging sex - just the way that I like it. I do highly recommend that you check this one out if at all possible.
Cast: Mandy Muse (with Charlie Mack, Isiah Maxwell)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Side Fuck, Cowgirl, Spoon, Spoon(anal), Cowgirl(DP), Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl (DP), Side Fuck(DP)
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Our scene begins outdoors as Mandy Muse, who is wearing blue lingerie accompanied by black stockings, gives us a little tease prior to the sexual content. She looks directly into the camera before going on to tease with her moneymaker, which is of course, her voluptuous ass. She knows all the right techniques to make it look good on camera, as well as making it look tempting to us, the viewer. This being as she bounces it and shakes it for the camera. This, while her blue panties barely cover her snatch, or her very nice, pink asshole, which peeks from underneath them. Mandy then takes us inside, and she asks us if we are ready to see her take two dicks - one in each hole. And then goes on to bend over then spread her ass and pussy to display those holes to us in great detail, as the camera keep a close range view on them. Next up, her tease, moves onto a red couch, as Mandy lies on her back and spreads apart her asshole and pussy simultaneously. It is but a short time later however, that she is joined by a cock, and that cock belonging to Isiah Maxwell. Isiah is quick to stuff his cock into Mandy's mouth, as he plugs her throat nice and hard. And speaking of nice and hard. Also joining the fray is Charlie Mac, who takes Mandy from behind, fucking her pussy hard in doggy. It is during this, that Mandy has both her throat and pussy stuffed with cock effectively. It isn't long after this however that the men switch places, as Mandy then sucks off Charlie, while Isiah take Mandy's pussy in side fuck at a hammering pace. This is soon followed up by Mandy saddling up and riding Charlie's dick in cowgirl. It's from said position that Mandy's nice, fat ass bounces on the cock, all while she suck of Isiah. Next however, Mandy stands up, removing her panties, this while Jacob, the director off- camera asks the participants if they are fucking her or the couch, noting the couch's disheveled state, in a rather humorous moment. It is after this that the fucking and sucking continues, as Isiah then has time with both Mandy's pussy and ass. However it is the latter that gets most this most of the attention as things go anal. It's after a time however, that Jacob reminds Mandy that she's here for a DP, so that is the setup for what happens next. And what happens next is that Mandy is then bouncing on Charlie in cowgirl briefly, before Isiah comes up from behind, and inserts his big cock into Mandy's asshole. Mandy is then filled, as the men have their way with her holes from this position, hammering their cocks in and out of them. Of course, after a time here, the men then go on to switch places as Charlie then take the pussy and Isaiah the ass. It's from here that the guys fuck even harder than before. And by the look on Mandy's face she is in sexual ecstasy. Next up, there is a change of position to reverse cowgirl as Isaiah takes a seat on the red couch, as Mandy goes on to set her ass on his cock. He fills this hole, while Charlie, soon occupies the pussy and they again double team Mandy to nice effect. Charlie continues to hit the pussy nice and hard at a quick pace. so hard that he needs to take a break. It's from here that things take a unique turn, there is a break in the action. During this, Jacob as Mandy strip down out of her clothes and show off her nice ass for the cameras. Things then resume showing Mandy sucking off both guys, who fuck her face also. This including both men straddling over her face using the couch to drill their cocks in deep into her throat. Mandy then rides Charlie in cowgirl briefly before they are joined by Isaiah, who takes her ass. From here she is again double penetrated, as both men are in and out of her holes hard. This occurs until we see Isiah position Mandy on the couch, she is on her side with her legs held tightly. It's from here that he begins to fuck her ass nice and steady as he crams is cock into her tight hole. However, it isn't long before Charlie rejoins all of the fun as he puts his cock into her pussy as the guys again double team Mandy in a nice looking position. Next up, Mandy climbs on,as anal takes to reverse cowgirl. It is from here that we see Isiah steadily fuck Mandy's ass until he reaches climax releasing a load inside of her, as things in for them in an anal cream pie. We then cut to Charlie Mac, who also drops a load into Mandy's open mouth, as he jerks off to cum. To ens the scene, Mandy mentions just how yummy the load tastes.