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A part of the network Kenzie Reeves
(click to enlarge) Kenzie Reeves (2019)

Starring: Kenzie Reeves
Co-starring: Small Hands

Directed by Joanna Angel

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
51 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this review comes a scene from Joanna Angel's new ADULT TIME original series, LADY GONZO. LADY GONZO is a series which is unique from Joanna's other work. As the series' title suggest, the content produced here is very raw and on the fly, she is on the handheld camera, with a backup professional camera also in the wings simultaneously, which allows her to periodically participate in the shenanigans. Because, lets face it, she cannot resist the urge.

In this installment, Joanna features the starlet Kenzie Reeves, as she faces off with someone that she know very well. That man is her husband, Small Hands. The setup here is that Kenzie and Joanna basically meet for the day, and before things get started, they have a little fun among themselves. Fun, that includes a rather long, rainbow lollipop. We then move on to the scene, and it is all fun and games from here. The unique approach to this series, gives the viewer a feeling as though they are there where the action takes place. So yes, essentially here, we are spending a night with Joanna Angel and Small Hands, and it's a fun trip. Unlike the traditional porn scene, the action seen here pretty much off-the-cuff, as it happens in real time. There is no calculated direction here, things just go as they may. So, not only is the approach raw, so is the way in which it progresses. Here, we have Smalls fucking Kenzie how he wants. He fucks her deep and hard, in various positions, with Kenzie herself seemingly enjoying every minute of it. Personally, I enjoyed the fact that there were multiple instances of the standing cowgirl and then reverse standing cowgirl positions. I feel that the the two positions are somewhat under-appreciated. I love them, and I feel that they look great on camera, especially if a petite performer like Kenzie Reeves is the subject. One thing that you have to appreciate about this series is that you just never know what is going to happen, not only from the positions seen, you just never know when Joanna Angel herself is going to be seen participating. As I said above, it is obvious that she cannot fight that urge to sometimes get in there, and get a piece of the action. I really loved seeing this I think Joanna is really sexy - a definite queen in our industry. I would have definitely loved to have seen her ride the cock for a time. But hey, maybe I am asking for too much??

So, with this said there is not much more that I can say about the scene, other than it is a silly and fun time. The scene itself carries out is if you're hanging out with these folks as they have a little sexual fun. There's lollipops, buttplugs, buttplugs with tails, bubbles, and yes, even a cum glazed donut. If all of these things do not spell fun - then I am not sure what does. This scene is something definitely different. Coming away from it, I know that it won't be everyone's cup of tea. Some will like the approach, while others will not. That's just how things go. In my opinion, I thought that it was a silly good time. Is it technically perfect? Is it well-polished? No. However, for it's type, it is something unique. It is one that gives the viewer a sort of "on set" viewpoint. I do look forward to seeing, and reviewing more offerings from Joanna Angel and LADY GONZO.
Cast: Kenzie Reeves (with Small Hands)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: 69, Missionary, Piledriver, Standing Reverse Cowgirl, Side Fuck, Doggy, Reverse Piledriver
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This episode of LADY GONZO begins with Joanna Angel going downstairs to let her latest guest, Kenzie Reeves in. The starlet, whom is dressed cute; with a yellow tube top, black shorts, and rainbow suspenders - complete with a giant lollipop to match, is to have a scene with Small Hands, Joanna's husband, in a nearby loft. But first, the 2 girls have some fun, as Joanna is armed with her handheld camera. Though Kenzie has her big lollipop, Joanna has one of her own. Also rainbow colored, this lollipop is instead long, and slender in length. It's appearance earns it the name, "lollicock" from the girls. Joanna proceeds to tease Kenzie's mouth with the long lollipop, and briefly, Kenzie finds her pussy fucked with it. Also briefly, Kenzie goes on to lick Joanna's pussy with her blue-stained tongue. This, being shortly before we are taken to the loft, where Joanna and Kenzie meet up with Small Hands.

We first see Kenzie crawl over to Small Hands on the couch. Once over to him, she is quick to feel up his cock from over his pants, and urges Joanna to do the same. Small Hands follows up by removing his pants, so that Kenzie can suck his cock, and that, she does, as things go to 69, and as Kenzie continues to slurp. Joanna also lends a hand - literally, as she stuffs a hand into Kenzie's mouth, to go along with Smalls' cock. Kenzie is then positioned with her legs spread, this, as Smalls continues to feed her cock. Joanna, also still cannot resist participating, as she proceeds to finger Kenzie. The action is then missionary, prior to Smalls straddling her face to fuck it. The action goes briefly to side fuck, before it's to piledriver. Following this, Smalls lifts Kenzie up to fuck her in standing reverse cowgirl - mostly from a side mount. A pause sees Smalls show off Kenzie's butthole to the camera - during which, his cock slips out. He then has his wife reinsert his cock back into Kenzie, as we are again off to the races. Missionary is next, as Smalls remains steady, this while slapping Kenzie, and calling her a slut at her request. Side fuck is next, during which, Joanna breaks out the bubbles. Yes, we see Kenzie blow bubbles, as she takes cock. Kenzie then goes on to suck cock prior to things going to doggy, as Joanna again gets involved for a time. Here, Smalls eventually half-straddles Kenzie's ass to go deep. Next, the position is again a return to missionary. It is here that things get a little rough as Kenzie wants Smalls to spit in her mouth, and call her a whore. Next up, things briefly go to standing cowgirl, before it is back to the piledriver on the floor. However this time, Smalls takes up a reverse position, as he drills the pussy deep. It is back from the same position that we see Smalls bury his face in, as he go at the pussy with his mouth. He then takes things back to standing reverse cowgirl, prior to Kenzie being on all fours as Smalls inserts a buttplug with a rainbow colored tail attached. She briefly sucks his cock, but soon the action takes to cowgirl. There is steady fucking by Smalls, and bouncing from Kenzie. Following this, it's doggy, however, not before Joanna sucks Small Hands off. Cocksucking follows, before it's missionary. This is where the conversation comes up about Kenzie's favorite position. She says that her favorite position is any position, which sees her getting choked. Smalls obliges, as to proceeds to fuck Kenzie and missionary. It is here that he applies a choke, as he keeps a steady pace while increasingly going harder. It is during this, that Joanna says that she knows that Kenzie enjoys sweets, introducing a blue, glazed donut shortly thereafter. However she says that Kenzie cannot eat it, until it is glazed with Smalls' cum. Smalls then continues, until pulling out to jerk off to produce a load in which he deposits, of course on Kenzie's donut. This brings the scene to an end, as Kenzie is seen, eating said donut. This is, as she says that it is the one thing that she enjoyed the most about today's scene.