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Kalina Ryu Reamed 'N Creamed (2017)

Starring: Kalina Ryu
Co-starring: Jonni Darkko

Reviewed by PL

(9.75 / 10)

Where to get it
255 Min ( 4 hr 15 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Honestly, I hadn't really heard of Kalina Ryu before this, and after this, I feel I've been missing out. Kalina is one hell of a hottie who gave wonderful energy the whole time. She's also got a fantastic, infectious smile and one hell of an amazing pussy This movie was a superb showing off Kalina and her talents. As a fan of close-up action, pussy gaping, and cream pies... Shit, this movie was PERFECT for me! It had all of that in spades. However, I will say that was a little bit of a negative too. All the scenes felt like they were an extension of the one before. If the action was shot in more varied ways and had the action varied a bit more, it would have been perfect for me. I also want to say I'm happy Evil Angel has started allowing cream pies, this is a great example of a movie that was taken to another level because of them. I also loved how the use of the speculums and the "spunk". However, some more anal would have been nice, but it would have been icing. With how well the movie focused on Kalina and how well the movie was shot (lighting, crisp images and camera work that I liked), I couldn't recommend this enough. It really a fantastic flick for my tastes, but it isn't a "typical porno", so for those who don't really like close-up action, or like a variety of girls, I'd say rent/stream it but I'd still say give it a shot.
Scene 1: Kalina Ryu (with Jonni Darkko)
Rating: 10.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Missionary
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We start is off right, with a close-up of Kalina's ass in a black string bikini! Admittedly though, it didn't last long Soo she was on the bed, naked, with her ass and pussy all lubed up, opening that pretty little hole up for the camera! After a cut, we see Jonni on his back as Kalina gets up on him, riding in cowgirl; often giving some big smiles to the camera. Kalina then went about showing off some very impressive cocksucking skills - nice and sloppy, along with taking the entire scholng down her throat! I'm guessing Jonni needed a break from the action, I know I would because we then moved to Kalina doing lots of pussy play. She did a lot of stretching it with her fingers and using toys, even some use of a speculum! I loved this footage, especially her flexing her pussy with the speculum in. It was then back to the action with her pussy stuffed with Jonni's cock and a large dildo! She even took on this enormous dildo too - this thing was insanely large! Finally, after all the fun, Jonni couldn't hold back any longer, so he pulled out and squirted his cum in her pussy hole, which she was held open for him. It was so hot how she continued to hold it open for him to dip his cock back in and it got even better as she scooped it out and ate it!
Scene 2: Kalina Ryu (with Jonni Darkko)
Rating: 10.00/10
Positions: Prone, Pile Driver, Side, Cowgirl, Doggy
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In some sexy lingerie, Kalina goes about doing some tease before looking into the camera and playing with and prying opening her pussy, saying how much she wants the cum in her pussy while she played with her pretty pussy. Music to my ears! Finally, on her belly and holding her pussy open, Jonni slipped his cock inside her. The close-up of the action was so fucking hit, it wasn't even funny... After a bit of fucking, she lubed up her pussy with a lot of spit, then slipped her fist in while sucking Jonni's cock! Rolled up in a pile driver, Kalina is filled up with some goop - it resembled cum and she called it "spunk", which from what I can tell is just a very thick lube. Anyway, she played with it and Jonni fucked her, eventually working a large toy inside her alongside his cock and even (almost) fisting her! Even having her fist herself and him slipping his cock inside her pussy at the same time! Finally, it was time (about halfway through the scene) for some ass fuckin'! Shortly after they went back to her fisting herself as he fucked her pussy until he came in her. Jonni had her push out what she could into a spoon and fed her the seed, which she played with a lot before swallowing down. After a cut, it was back to action, starting with some cock sucking with some really impressive deep throat. There was a lot of throat fucking going on, along with some pussy fucking, then it turned back to pussy stretching with some of the "spunk" before, but this time mixed with a speculum that had a light on it! Nice! After a bit more action, Kalina wound up on her knees taking a facial. She played with the cum a lot and I'm not sure if she swallowed any. There was so much pussy stretching, fantastic! A LONG scene too, almost 2 hours!!
Scene 3: Kalina Ryu (with Jonni Darkko)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Pile Driver, Spoon
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The scene opened with Kalina on a beach doing some nice tease. Some of it was a bit too close, but it was still good stuff, Kalina looked amazing! When they took it inside, she let us look inside her pussy with a bit of pussy stretching before she started sucking off Jonni. With Kalina rolled up in a pile driver, Jonni got to dicking her down, eventually introducing a large dong to double stuff her with his cock. After a bit of fucking, they moved on to getting Kalina's throat opened up with some deep throat fucking and ass eating. Finally, it was Kalina on her side, getting her pussy fucked and double fucked until Jonni came inside her while he and the dong was inside her. There was an edit when she pushed the cum out, making me suspect faking it, but if was fake cum, it was well done. My only issue with this scene was it felt like it was an extension of the last scene.
Scene 4: Kalina Ryu (with Jonni Darkko)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Pile Driver, Doggy
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With the sound of crashing waves we watched as Kalina did some nice tease in a teal bikini that matched the color of the ocean. Truly a wonderful treat for the eyes. Like the last scene, the two wound up back in a room with Jonni with him focusing on the beautiful nipples of hers before watching her open up her pussy with her fingers. Rolled up in a pile driver, Jonni slipped inside her. Onward, Kalina sucked and deep throat the cock, along with some ass licking, then bent over in doggy to get some more cock. On her back, Jonni fucked her open pussy some more before pulling out and jerking a load into her pussy. I was rather surprised she didn't hold it open, but I liked it, be pretty pink pussy covered in jizz looked great. Jonni slipped back inside to fuck her some more while she swallowed down some of the cum from a few moments ago.
Scene 5: Kalina Ryu (with Jonni Darkko)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Pile Driver, Spoon
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With Kalina lying on a bed of white, decked out in some pink lingerie, she teased the camera before we cut to Jonni dippin' his stick in her pretty pussy. She stopped for some sucking of the cock, doing her normal deep throat and ass licking then was rolled up in a pile driver. Of course, she was opening her pussy for the cock and giving us plenty of close-up looks. Over on her side, we got some nice shots with the camera a little further from the action. Anyway, she got fucked for a bit before Jonni pulled out and came across her ass and pussy. Jonni fucked her a little more and then cut to Kalina sucking and throating the cock until he came in her mouth. She played it while a bit, but she never looked to swallow it.
Scene 6 (Bonus): Kalina Ryu (with Jonni Darkko)
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Kalina was sporting some pink stockings as she did some tease, quickly moving into some cock sucking. She did her things, deep throating is and making it all good and sloppy, along with doing some ass eating until the end of the scene when she took a big blast of cum on her face.