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Wicked Pictures
Julia Ann: Hardcore
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Julia Ann: Hardcore (2006)

Co-starring: Eric Masterson, Jack Venice, John West, Julian, Manuel Ferrara, Marcus London, Randy Spears, Sean Michaels, Tommy Gunn

Directed by Jonathan Morgan

Reviewed by ChristinaLovesPorn

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
130 Min ( 2 hr 10 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I give this a 9.0. From what I've been told a lot of people apparently didn't like this title. I will grant you it's not for everyone. The style they used to film can be distracting. If you are familiar with Ninn Worx, that is the best way I can describe that style. The big difference however is that the music actually dies down so that you can hear the sex sounds. Definitely recommend for any Julia Ann fan.

Till Next time, Keep those cocks up and I'll keep my pussy wet.

Scene 1: Julia Ann (with Sean Michaels)
Rating: 9.00/10
In this title from Wicked, it's Julia Ann's turn to do some things that she hasn't done on film yet and has fantasized about it. Before every scene starts Julia talks to the camera to tell the reasons for the scene and what it is.


This scene is an exception. She had taped an interracial scene before with Sean Michaels but the footage got ruined and it was never released. Julia and Sean both dressed in white. They start off kissing before Julia starts sucking him off. Being the gentleman he is he then eats her out before she starts to ride him in reverse cowgirl. They also go in cowgirl, doggie and missionary. Sean finishes by popping on her chest. Good opening scene, you can tell Julia likes being with Sean and vice versa.
Scene 2: Julia Ann (with Manuel Ferrara)
Rating: 9.50/10

This scene takes place on a rotating bed, which I'll be honest does get a little annoying sometimes. They start out doing some foreplay before he starts to eat her out. This of course leads into a BJ by her. The sex starts out in spoons. Julia, like most woman, seems to enjoy working with Manuel. It then works into cowgirl. Back into spoons again only this time it's anal. Julia seems to love this too. She mentioned earlier that Katsumi mentioned it's really easy to do anal with Manuel, which is why she wanted him to do it. She also rides him in reverse cowgirl anal before he pops on her face. Hot scene, the rotating bed knocked a little off the score though.
Scene 3: Julia Ann (with Eric Masterson, Jack Venice, John West, Marcus London)
Rating: 8.00/10

Julia mentions that she does make-up for some gonzo title and she got very intrigued by a blowbang. In this scene she's a stripper at a bachelor party. She walks in and goes to middle of the room where she starts sucking and stroking all 4 guys. Each guy then gets a turn to have sex with her. I can't identify who is who during this part. First guy takes her in doggie. The other 3 take her in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl again. They then all cum on her face and chest. While she is having sex with one guy she continues to blow and stroke the others. Good scene overall but with not being able to see who the guys were makes it harder to write up.
Scene 4: Julia Ann (with Randy Spears, Tommy Gunn)
Rating: 9.00/10

Well you gotta figure, if your gonna do anal, might as well try D.P. as well. Julia is a nurse at an insane asylum. She walks in with both guys in strait jackets. She goes over to Tommy and unties his and sucks him off while Randy watches. She then does the same for Randy and also sucks them off together. Tommy then starts to fuck her as she sucks off Randy. Randy then gets his turn in doggie. Then the guys switch as she sucks off the guy not fucking her. She then rides Randy in reverse cowgirl, afterward Tommy in regular cowgirl. She then takes them both in missionary before going into a DP. Hot scene, Julia seems to like all the male attention as well as being double stuffed.
Scene 5: Julia Ann (with Julian)
Rating: 9.00/10

This scene is made to look like a celebrity sex tape. Although the action does switch to the non POV camera from time to time. After doing a little tease for the camera, Julia proceeds to give him a BJ. He then proceeds to finger her before they move into missionary sex on a table. It then changes to doggie as she is bent over table. Then Julian lies down on the floor to allow Julia to ride him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Scene ends as Julia sucks and strokes him till he cums.
Scene 6: Gia Paloma,Julia Ann,Roxy DeVille
Rating: 9.00/10
Female Dominance

She mentions that she did a scene a few years ago with Janine and Jenna Fine where she was one of the dominant girls. So this is her being the submissive girl. Julia starts out the scene in a cage where her hands are tied up. Gia walks in and teases her through the cage. She unhooks her arms as she then moves over to Roxy. Roxy has her hands tied above her head and a ball gag in her mouth. Gia also teases Roxy a bit. Gia then goes over and opens up Julia's cage. Teases her more and sucks on her nipples before she goes over and does the same to Roxy. She then releases Roxy, Roxy then goes over to let Julia eat her through top of the cage. Julia then gets released from her restraints as she gets out of cage. Roxy also gets her gag taken off. Gia takes control as she takes Roxy in doggie with a toy. Roxy then puts on a strap on while Gia eats out Julia. Julia is then seen riding on Roxy's strap on in reverse cowgirl. While this happens Gia forces her own strap on in Julia's mouth. Then in doggie Julia gets Roxy's strap on in her ass while she sucks on Gia's. Then comes the D.P. with Roxy in her ass on the bottom. Gia and Roxy then switch. Hot scene with great dirty talk.
Normal Wicked stuff here: BTS, trailers and photos. Also a bonus scene from Beautiful with Julia Ann and Eric Masterson