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JamesDeen.com: James Deen and Amilia Onyx Are Awkward Porn Nerds (2018)

Starring: Amilia Onyx
Co-starring: James Deen

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

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66 Min ( 1 hr 6 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I suppose that the first thing that should be mentioned if you have not seen the content from JAMESDEEN.COM, is that some of the scenes are the performer's homemade sex tapes. Which means that here, we have a stationary camera that is set up in one location as Mr. Deen and the lady of the moment do their thing. If you go into a scene such as this one, expecting something polished, as well as the usual angle changes ans such in traditional porn, then well, you may be disappointed. Anyway, into this scene we go. As mentioned above, our scene begins with a lengthy and candid conversation between James Deen and Amilia Onyx, as they discuss a number of things. Personally, I really enjoyed this. For one, it is my first time reviewing Amilia, so this allowed me, the viewer, ripe opportunity to get to know her a little bit. And secondly, it lets us know that this is real, and not a scenario that was staged to appear that way. This was indeed a true hookup between the two. Now onto the main course featured here - the sex. This is a session which begins passionately between the two of them, however it does not take things long to heat up, so to speak. It is basically at the hands of James Deen, who initially takes charge, thus influencing young Amilia to follow suit. The action itself is hard and fast for the most part, which is excellent to watch. The brand of action basically does not let up for the 30 minute duration. It's raw, and straight ahead, and I liked it. I also really like Amilia Onyx. I like that she's not a stick figure, but instead a full figured sexpot, who is stacked in the front and the back. A fact that James seems to appreciate as well. Overall, this is a good thing, but again, yes it is a homemade sex tape, and so it does have its limitations, such as being shot from one angle as mentioned before, and lack of detail such as close shots the penetration, etc. however other than that, the hard action is just difficult to turn an eye from. James Deen, no matter what is said about him, is a great performer, and here Amilia matches him quite well in my opinion.
Cast: Amilia Onyx (with James Deen)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Side Fuck, Doggy, Missionary
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The scene opens up with James Deen at the house of Amilia Onyx. They are in her bedroom, where she seems to spend a lot of her time, as they engage in a candid conversation about a variety of topics, including Amilia discovering that she has social anxiety, her 5 roommates, pets, and pets lost, whether the two of them learn things about themselves from porn, and more. Including the fact that today's hookup, would be the pair's second time together. This lengthy conversation ends with Amilia saying that a certain performer, whom she had worked with the previous day, was "awkward" to have sex with. Which is when both Amilia and James agree that basically everyone in porn is kind of awkward. The sex kicks off as Amilia takes to James's lap, straddling him as they converse. Kissing leads to James removing Amilia's black sweatshirt, and sucking on her tits, before he goes down on her, sucking on her pussy, and tonguing her clit, for an extended period. Amilia then returns the favor sucking James cock thoroughly, as she also strokes, and momentarily tends to his balls. It's after this, that Amilia saddles James for cowgirl. This is where we see James fuck hard and fast, as well as Amilia return the same with her riding. This soon turns to reverse cowgirl, as James continues his pace, getting harder as Amilia sits upright. Next, after again sucking cock, thing go from spoon to side fuck, as James wears out the pussy at an increasingly hard pace for a time. This continues on in missionary prior to the two kissing sitting upright, before Amilia sucks cock. It's next doggy, and then missionary, as James keeps it up until pulling out to shoot his load for the eventual finish.