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Vouyer Media
It's Big It's Black It's Jack #10
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It's Big It's Black It's Jack #10 (2010)

Co-starring: Jack Napier

Directed by Jack Napier

Reviewed by PL

(7.75 / 10)

Where to get it
173 Min ( 2 hr 53 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'm a little late to the "It's Big It's Black, It's Jack" series, but it's something I'm hoping to correct. Jack is a good performer and he seems like a really likable guy, which is a very good combination for the girls he works with. Although with this installment, I didn't think it "exploded" as much as I would have thought it would, or could. I thought it was nice that every scene was with two girls, but in all but one case, I thought the scene would have been better served with one of the two girls in the scene. That one exception was scene 3, and it worked exceptionally well! I loved the chemistry between Cassandra, Sierra and Jack, and I LOVED the ending to the scene. This would be a rental recommendation from me, it was definitely a fun watch, everyone seemed to have a good time in each scene.
Scene 1: Asia Zo,Heather Starlet,Missy Woods,Sunset Diamond (with Jack Napier)
Rating: 6.50/10
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Missy is an attractive girl with short blonde hair and fake D cup tits. Sunset is an attractive girl with long blonde hair and natural D cup tits. Asia is a decently attractive girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. Jack opens the scene thanking everyone for the award the series won back at this past January's AVN Awards. He then introduces Sunset, showing us the only silicone and plastic in her tits are in the piercings in her nipples. He then introduces Missy and how they met, then gets both the girls naked and their asses side by side. Eventually the girls get to sucking on Jack's big dick, which we get some POV shots of. With the girls in 69 (Sunset on her back with Missy on top), Jack slips into Sunset's pussy while Missy eats her and also kisses Jack some. With the girls staying in place, Jack moves around to fuck Missy while Sunset focuses on his balls Missy's clit. With Jack taking a seat, Sunset rides reverse and looks like she may have came, then Missy rides cowgirl before both go to doggy, side by side. Jack floats back and forth between fucking the girls, then gets them to stack; Sunset over Missy. He continues going back and forth when Asia shows up. There's a rather funny exchange and she watches for a few moments, then he calls her over to join Sunset and Missy on their knees. All three girls get to sucking on his cock and we get some great POV shots, then another surprise! Heather shows up! An even funnier exchange happens and she's invited to join the girls, but only watch. Although she doesn't get naked, she only gets her tits out. So after a cut Jack jerks a load onto Sunset's tits, which Missy licks up and swaps to Asia who swallows the wad. A pretty decent scene here. The girls never really seemed to take off in the respect of chemistry or "loving the cock", but it looked nice. I think Sunset did a better overall job though, and the scene may have been better if the girls had been split up.
Scene 2: Samantha Sin,Sindee Shay (with Jack Napier)
Rating: 7.50/10
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Sindee is a good-looking girl with medium length blonde hair and natural D cup tits. Samantha is a very attractive girl with long blonde hair and natural C cup tits. The scene kicks off with a bit of discussion, then Samantha shows off her awesome flexibility! She also shows off some gymnastics abilities while Sindee shows off her perfect, natural D cup tits. With the girls out of those pesky cloths, the girls show Jack some love, then Jack has Samantha stand up and band over so he could tap her pussy with Sindee doing the PTOGM action. Cutting away, Samantha rides reverse cowgirl, then Sindee rides cowgirl while eating Samantha's pussy. Taking Sindee to missionary, he continues pummeling her pussy while Samantha sits on her face. After another cut, Jack keeps with Sindee as she rides reverse cowgirl, then both girls get into doggy as Jack switches between fucking each of them. Both girls then get on their knees as he strokes out a load that lands into the girls mouths'. Each spit the remains onto their tits and the scene concludes. A very solid scene here, although I think Samantha was under used. Although the girls seemed more into it than the last scene, I still felt they would have been better off separated.
Scene 3: Cassandra Calogera,Sierra Skye (with Jack Napier)
Rating: 9.00/10
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Cassandra is a sexy looking girl with long brown hair and natural F cup tits. Sierra is also a sexy looking girl, but with long red hair and natural F cup tits. Jack opens up with some dialog that gets Cassandra talking about the scene. Apparently this is her first "DVD" interracial scene (second ever) and she's going to do a cream pie! Sierra shows off those great tits of her, and Cassandra isn't out shown one bit as she whips hers out, then we cut to them all on a couch as they focus on Jack and his member. We get some POV shots as well, then Jack gets the aforementioned "scene" going with Cassandra taking his huge dick in her pussy. He gives her a good fucking while Sierra does the PTOGM, then we cut to Cassandra in doggy, getting fucked while eating Sierra. Finally Sierra gets her turn, riding cowgirl while Cassandra works the balls and does PTOGM. Cassandra gets back to getting her pussy taped, riding in reverse cowgirl, then Sierra lies on her back as Cassandra stacks on top of her. Jack gets their pussy juices swapped, taking turns fucking their pussies, then we cut to a great shot of their asses side by side in doggy. Jack dips in each one of them, then has the girls lie on their backs so he can get his dick between each set of their massive boobies. Wrapping the scene up, Cassandra lies on her back as jack fucks her pussy until he unloads inside it. We get to see some of it leak out, then Sierra gets NASTY with it! She licks and sucks it right out of her pussy! She pushes it out on to her tits and plays with it, then it's a wrap. Wow! Fuckin' AWESOME ending! There's not much I find hotter than a girl sucking cum out of another girls pussy... Anyway, the scene worked well too. Both seemed into it and enjoyed working together, which shouldn't be a surprise since Cassandra and Sierra have a "bond" outside of this scene; last I heard, they lived together. However, I wish the scene was longer and I wished that Jack would have fucked Sierra more.
Scene 4: Kirra Lynne,Violet Monroe (with Jack Napier)
Rating: 8.00/10
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Kirra is an attractive girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. Violet is a cute girl with medium length red hair and natural C cup tits. With everyone acquainted, a shy Violet shows off her very nice tits, then both show off their asses before the girls are introduced to Jack's dick. Violet gets on it pretty good too considering Jack's size. And as a reward for good dick sucking, Violet gets the cock first, in reverse cowgirl. Then Kirra gets to show off her fantastic ass in cowgirl, riding the cock like a pro too. back over to Violet, Jack gets her going in spoon and Kirra gets in there to suck on her lit as she gets fucked. Kirra keeps sucking on her clit as Jack moves around behind her (Kirra) to get fucked. Jack keeps with Kirra, taking her to reverse cowgirl. Violet rubs on Kirra's click and also does some sucking on it too, then just as Jack is ready to cum, he pulls out and shoots into Violets mouth. She doesn't give the camera much to see as she quickly gulped it down! I thought it was fuckin hot, but Jack wasn't so keen on it... So after a cut, we see Kirra back up in reverse and when it's time again, he cums and it leaks from the tip of his cock. Violet was tasked with cleaning it up, which she does, but shows it to us, then gulps it down again. A good scene here. Kirra is starting to grow on me. I really liked her chemistry with Jack here and her skills at working her ass are great. Violet, she seemed a bit new to it all still, but worked well with Kirra too. And the fact she loves to swallow cum is nothing but a huge plus!
Scene 5: Anita Blue,Proxy Paige (with Jack Napier)
Rating: 7.00/10
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Anita is an attractive girl with long blonde hair and fake D cup tits. Proxy is a very cute girl with short blonde hair and natural C cup tits. Once again Jack thanks the fans for all the support on the series, then tells us he's got someone for us, and calls in Anita. And she brings a friend along for the ride... Her big tits and Proxy. They all talk for a bit, then Anita and Proxy "nipple kiss" and suck on each other's boobs. Anita then takes charge, pushing Proxy onto the couch, eating her pussy while Proxy sucks on Jack's big stick. Anita soon joins, suckin' on the cock, but Proxy takes the cock first; riding cowgirl. Cutting away, Anita gets her strokes in while in reverse cowgirl while we get some nice semi-pov shots! Afterwards, Proxy and then Anita get fucked in doggy, but Anita really gets fucked hard and looked like she may have came. With Proxy going to her side, Jack slips back inside her while Anita laps at her clit. Eventually Jack's ready to pop, and does a rather weak one in Anita's mouth. She swaps it over to Proxy, and the two kiss some, then Proxy swallows the little cum she received. The final scene was a pretty solid one, but again, I felt like the separation may have been better. Proxy shined for me, looking great and looking pretty into it. Anita had a great ass, but she looked like he had the shakes; most notable her hands. A bit odd to me, and she didn't seem all that into it honestly. Her performance was fine, but Proxy worked better overall.
The extras on the disc were some behind the scenes (29 min), pictures, web access info and a bonus scene (29 min; From "It's Big It's Black It's Jack #6" with Jack, Mina Leigh and Cyle Curvee). Additionally, there were some trailers:
It's Big It's Black It's Jack #9

Jack's Giant Juggs #3
Jack On Moms
All in all, the BTS were as fun as the movie and they were long enough to squeeze an extra +.25 from me.