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Platinum X Pictures
Interracial Lust
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Interracial Lust (2003)

Co-starring: Brian Pumper, Darren James, Mark Anthony, Sean Michaels

Directed by Jewel De'Nyle

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Interracial Lust
133 Min ( 2 hr 13 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one an 8. Platinum X brings us yet another solid title here, along with over an hour of extras (on the DVD) and Jewel's FIRST time working with Sean Michaels. Of course Jewel's scene was the best of the group, but Alicia Rhodes and Rio Mariah deserve some mention too, as they provided the two next best scenes. I really liked the idea of each and every girl doing anal, but there were some spots that fell short of good action when the female talent didn't look into the action. Anyway, interracial fans will like this, hence the title, but fans of Rio Mariah, Alicia Rhodes and especially Jewel De'Nyle should see this. Also fans of anal and one-on-one sex will be pleased with this title as well. Nice work Platinum X.
Scene 1: Jewel De'Nyle (with Sean Michaels)
Rating: 9.50/10
Starting off, we have Jewel and Sean. Jewel is a very attractive girl with medium length brown hair and fake DD cup tits. As we open up we see her from an interesting angle, playing with herself, eventually we see her and Sean on a couch as she sucks his dick. Soon Jewel moves up to cowgirl for a bit of riding, then moves to reverse cowgirl, taking Sean up her ass with no problem! Un-mounting, she does some ATM, then lays on her back as Sean works each of her holes again, then Jewel moves to doggy so he can do the same there as well; Jewel shows us an interesting position also. Progressing, cut to Jewel in a pile driver, with Sean once again stretching both of her holes out before we see her on her knees blowing Sean. Jewel does so until he cums, providing her with an open mouth facial; she pushes the cum out. This was a very good scene, for a few reasons. One being this was the first time Sean and Jewel have worked together and the chemistry was GREAT! two would be the fact Jewel cums like two or three times and the final reason would be the scene was over 30 minutes long, and NEVER got boring or too repetitious.
Scene 2: Lauren Phoenix (with Darren James)
Rating: 7.00/10
Next up we have Lauren and Darren. Lauren is a very pretty girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. Once again we open up with the lady playing with herself, and Darren eventually appears and starts lapping away at her pussy. Lauren returns the favor, then lays back so Darren can get to the action. Moving along, she positions her self in doggy as he pounds for a bit, then she moves to a spooning position. After some pussy pounding, Lauren leads him into her ass to get the ass pounding underway while still on her side. She then moves up to continue riding him in reverse cowgirl until he's ready to cum, then she hits her knees and take the pop in her mouth; she pushes the cum out. This was a decent scene, Lauren looked good, but just showed very little authentic interest to me and the fact she never lost the dress she had on was annoying.
Scene 3: Katja Kassin (with Brian Pumper)
Rating: 8.00/10
Here we have Katja and Brian. Katja is a very attractive girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. After the tease we see Katja getting down to business with Brian's cock, sucking it. Brian then returns the favor then slides up to begin fucking her in doggy. Katja soon moves up to ride Brian in cowgirl, then Brian picks her up for some flying cowgirl before settling back down on the couch resuming the riding. Cutting away we see Katja lower her ass onto Brian in reverse cowgirl, eventually moving to doggy to continue the action. We then see Katja on her back with Brian pumping away at her ass until he's ready to cum, then delivers a open mouth facial. This was a pretty good scene, but once again we had a lack of chemistry and this was the quietest I have ever heard Brian in a scene.
Scene 4: Alicia Rhodes (with Mark Anthony)
Rating: 8.50/10
For this scene we have Alicia, box cover girl, and Marc. Alicia is an attractive girl with medium length blonde hair and excellent, natural DD cup tits. After the tease, Marc comes in and starts sucking her tits, then moves down to eat and finger her. Marc eventually moves up to begin spooning her, then she un-mounts to return the favor, su cking his dick for a bit. Swinging her leg over him, she begins riding in cowgirl (giving us a great shot of the action), then she moves to missionary. Bending over in doggy, Marc slides into her ass, pumping for a bit before moving to spooning. Rolling over Alicia continues to take it up the ass in reverse cowgirl, then lays on her belly as Marc pumps her ass, then she does some ATM before we cut to Mar dropping his load into her open mouth; she pushes the cum out. This was a good scene, the chemistry between these two was great, plus Alicia was her usual self which helped out.
Scene 5: Rio Mariah (with Darren James)
Rating: 8.00/10
To round out the movie we have Rio and Darren. Rio is a sexy girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. As with all the scenes we get some tease, but this time we get some great shots of Rio's mouth in the tease as well as her fucking herself in the ass with a toy. Anyway, Darren makes his way into the scene and she blows him some before he heads down to return the favor. Darren then has her move up to doggy so he can get the action started before turning around (Darren still in her pussy) and continuing the action in cowgirl. Rio moves to a spooning position as Darren pumps her pussy a few times before sliding into her ass. Cutting away we then see Rio in doggy as Darren pushes into her ass for a bit before we cut away again. This time Rio is in reverse cowgirl, still doing anal, with Darren pumping her ass and eventually we cut to Rio taking the open mouth facial; she pushes the cum out. This was a good scene, Rio and Darren seemed to have a little chemistry kicking between them, which was nice. Rio also looked sexy as ever.