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(click to enlarge) Twerk Class With Ass! (2019)

Starring: Savana Styles
Co-starring: Brad Hart

Directed by Wrex Oliver

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
32 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: I am back again, and viewing yet another scene from male performer Brad Hart, and his new website I HART BRAD. As with the previous scenes that I have reviewed for the website, this scene titled. "Twerk Class With Ass!" is somewhat of a vignette scene. This time it's a scenario that involves Brad, as he portrays the step brother of Savana styles, who just so happens to teach a class on the art of twerking. And as the story tells us, it is something that Brad has his eye on, as there is someone that he wants to impress at the next school dance, which he says is upcoming. Brad happens to miss Savana's class of the day however she happens to make time for him and agrees to teach him a few things. However, as they find out Brad isn't exactly cut out for the art of twerk. However that's ok, because something else soon gets the attention of the naughty step siblings, as Brad finds himself very turned on by what his sister is doing in front of him. As far as storylines go for his scenes, Brad continues to bring us undeniable comedy beforehand. Brad is especially hilarious because of his delivery and natural charm. I truly do laugh out loud with all of these. It's just great stuff. It is well worth the price to join his site for this alone(but of course there is also the sex). This of course launches things into the sexual content of the scene. During this sexual content, I was happy to discover that it is more exploratory than that of the previous scenes which I have taken a look at. What follows is a very nice scene between Brad Hart and savanna styles, one that wisely puts emphasis on Savana's incredible ass. Let me tell you -that Savana Styles, it has been a while since I last reviewed her, but I have absolutely no doubt that she has one of the finest asses I've ever seen. It is not big. However, it is instead tight and round. In fact, it is one of the roundest asses and I have ever laid eyes on. But enough of my drooling. The action here is both solid and fun. Solid, because the work by both performers is consistent of passionate. And fun because both of them remain in character for the scene's entirety. I know that previously, one of my main gripes was of course the camerawork, including the lack of penetration and display of such. This time around, it seems as though my words were taken to heart, because there is some improvement in this area. As for this scene's individually it truly benefits from the variety of sexual positions seen within. There is a lot that I can say about this. First of all, I loved the fact that Savana here displays her flexibility, as she splits on the cock in a variety of ways, and variety of manners. I also liked the positioning of the upright missionary, piledriver, and of course, my favorite moment, possibly of the entire scene, the moment in which Savana props her feet up against the wall to essentially stand on her head to get plowed from behind by Brad. This was really great looking on camera, and it was also very hot to see as well. Yes, as far as sexual positions go, there's a lot of ground covered in the scene which runs over 32 minutes in length. Overall this is a much better scene than what I have seen previously when it comes to the more on-the fly gonzo scenes produced by Brad Hart and Wrex Oliver, the Director. I am happy to see that things are improving for the better, as this was a really great scene. One that made not only Brad look great, but also his female counterpart Savana Styles, whom is indeed sexy. Here we have a very fun setup, one with some laughs, which you should come to expect from Brad Hart. This coupled with very nice sex, which includes an ideal display of assets, collectively makes this a scene that is well worth the time taken to view. I do recommend this scene. Not only that but I also recommend you taking the time to check out Brad's site as a whole at
Cast: Savana Styles (with Brad Hart)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, 69, Missionary Piledriver
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In this scene titled “Twerk Class with Ass!”, Brad Hart catches up with it stepsister after her twerk class is finished. He says that he knows that he missed her class, however he still wants to know if she can teach him a few things. He says that he has a school dance coming up and he wants to learn how to twerk. He says that he wants to get same clout. First Savana is a little bit iffy at the notion of teaching her stepbrother how to twerk. But with her dinner plans canceled she now some extra time on her hands and does not see any harm in it. Savana then goes into some of the techniques of the trade. She gets out her yoga mat, as Brad sits positioned behind her. Savana is first on her knees as she pops her ass. She says to execute properly you need something back there Brad answers that one needs to junk in their trunk. Something that he feels that he might have. It's then that Brad gives it his best shot to mimic what savanna had done, unfortunately Savana tells him that his technique looks kind of "gay". And so, on to the next technique. Savanna shows Brad a technique which involves a hips moving from side to side motion. It is after that Savanna decides that her tight yoga pants are getting in the way of her properly displaying what she is trying to teach Brad, and so her pants are then removed, none to the concern of Brad. It's after this that, in her thong, Savana continues to make her ass pop, following this up by bending over and making her ass clap. This is something that Brad says that he does not think that he is capable of doing, and so, Savana agrees that maybe she can teach him something else. However before she can do so, she unexpectedly pulls a muscle, which requires immediate stretching on her part. Brad decides to take part, as both of them do a split stretch. But it is after this that Savana wants Brad's assistance. Assistance of the hands-on kind. From there, Savana stretches in several positions, as Brad helps push on her tight ass. It is when Savana is stretching on her back, when something unexpectedly again happens. Savana just so happens to rub against Brad's hard cock, which is hiding underneath his shorts. All of this stretching has Brad aroused and he is standing at attention Much to the surprise of his startled stepsister. As it turns out it appears that though the step siblings used to play naughty truth or dare when they were younger. Savana confirms by saying that her brother has “grown” since then. It is then that Brad proposes that he show himself to her. Savana initially hesitates, but her curiosity gets the better of her, as Brad soon pulls down his shorts and lets it all fly, so to speak. A mesmerized Savana is quick to get her hands on it, but initially, only allows herself to kiss, and suck on the tip. She then sucks it, both as Brad stand, and while he is on his back. Following this, Savanna says she is suffering from dry mouth and Brad says he has the remedy - this, as he fucks her face for a time. Savanna follows this up by saying that she wants to show Brad something of her own. This as she strips out of her panties, further revealing her tight ass as well as a nicely trimmed bush. From there, Savana assumes the position on all fours facedown and ass up as Brad takes her from behind for doggy. From this position Brad continues at a steady pace, slamming his cock into Savana's pussy, as her ass bounces off of him during each stroke. From here, we also see Savana twerk her ass on Brad's cock, as well as take a splitting position as Brad bangs away at her. Brad then tried to call out the next position, however, following this, Savana takes charge and she says that it is her class to begin with, this, as she instructs Brad to lie on his back, as she then proceeds to sit on his cock - again split-legged, as things essentially go to reverse cowgirl. From this position that we see Savana bounce and grind on Brad's cock for a time, until she leaned back, and Brad takes charge, fucking the pussy nice, and hard at a quick pace. It is then after this that things go to 69. This, as Brad eats Savana's pussy as she simultaneously twerk on his face, and work over his cock with her mouth at hands. The action then carries over to cowgirl, as Savanna reverses her positioning. Initially, she again splits on to Brad's cock. Prior to getting up on her feet to bounce, followed by more grinding. After this, Brad takes things into a seated missionary position, as he goes on to hit the pussy nice and hard, again at a quick pace. Savana then eventually lies back to give the camera a better view of the penetration at hand. Next up, we see Brad get a little creative, as he says that he wants to try something. This as things go to the piledriver position, as Savana has her legs well above her head. From this position, it is briefly that Brad pound it to her hole. That is because, soon there is another position change which for a time sees savanna propping her legs up against the wall near the blackboard, as she basically stands on her head while Brad takes her from behind in doggy. From here, Brad fucks steadily only pausing to take a piece of chalk from the chalkboard to write check marks on each of Savana's firm ass cheeks. This being just prior to things going to more standard doggy formation, as Savana stands with her legs spread far apart. It's from here that Brad fucks nice and hard, until he builds himself up to climax. The scene finally comes to an end when Brad pulls out to shoot his load onto Savana's ass for the finish.