IHartBrad.com - The Pipes Don't Work But Mine Does!
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IHartBrad.com - The Pipes Don't Work But Mine Does! (2018)

Starring: Sarah Jessie
Co-starring: Brad Hart

Directed by Brad Hart

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
22 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Today I'm back again, reviewing another scene offered by male pornstar Brad Hart and his new website I HART BRAD.COM. Previously, I had reviewed for Brad, a scene that was more along the lines of a pro-amateur production. However, this scene, the comical "The Pipes Don't Work But Mine Does!, Is a scene that is more along the lines of a commercial porn release. For this scene, at the helm behind the camera is SPIZOO's Mark White, someone who is well-versed in shooting an appealing adult scene. In the case of this scene, we begin with the setup. A set up, as I hinted is rooted in comedy. It's a simple one, and to tell the truth, it is one to just get us to the sexual content. However with that said, it is one that works, due to the fact that it is entertaining, because Brad is charismatic and has a natural wit to him. Now, while this storyline isn't as funny as his Christmas video - one that you must check out, if you haven't already seen it. It's still funny nonetheless. In this storyline Brad portrays a plumber, however not just any plumber, a plumber that seems to not know what he is doing. This is because he is assigned to fix a small leaky pipe for Sarah Jessie, however when he makes a mistake, he ends up making a big mess. The funny thing is that he knows that he messed up, yet instead of taking the blame, he puts it on Sarah, as to say that the damage was already there when he arrived. Yes a $1,000 job swells to a $6-$10,000 job, all due to Brad's incompetence, yet Sarah would never know. Instead Sarah is faced with a hefty bill, one which she cannot pay. Stuck in a predicament, Sarah does not really panic, as she has a plan to get Brad out of his coveralls, and to give him something that will surely make him forget about the high cost. After the setup, we move into the sexual content of the scene. For those wondering, in contrast to the previous scene that I reviewed, I hate to be sort of brash here, but what a difference a director makes. Here Mark White directs with confidence, precision, and know-how, as he captures the action via his lens. He is one that seems to know exactly what he is looking for with each position and in each of his shots choices. Not only do we have the action from long view, there are plenty of close-ups, and various forms. There is never a time within this 22 minute runtime, that we truly feel as the viewer that we have been taken out of the action. The production values here are top-notch. To talk about the performance itself between Brad Hart and Sarah Jessie, both of them create a lively chemistry here. Sarah is really sexy too, in particular. There are moments where Brad really gives it to Sarah, nice and hard, as she and her pussy eagerly absorb it. Personally, I loved the nice, solid banging throughout, which occurred seemingly from the beginning until the end of the sex. Overall, in my opinion this is a much better scene in the one that I saw prior to this. It is more polished and more pro. And as a showcase for Brad Hart, he shines well. This is something that I usually don't hang on, however I feel that the previous scene lacked quite a bit. But here with this scene, we have what I was missing before. This of course, has me looking forward to upcoming scenes, especially if they are going to involve Hart teaming with a White. If you have not already, be sure to check out, I HART BRAD.COM. If you happen to be a fan of Brad Hart, then there just might be something that you will enjoy via his website.
Cast: Sarah Jessie (with Brad Hart)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse cowgirl, Doggy
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In this scene titled, "The Pipes Don't Work But Mine Does!" Brad Hart is a bumbling plumber who has been tasked with fixing a leak in one of Sarah Jessie's pipes. Sarah is under the impression that it is a small leak, and should only cost her around a thousand dollars or so to repair. Unfortunately, though, the incompetent Brad botches the job, causing way more damage than estimated, resulting in Sarah being faced with a bill that will equal 6 to 10 grand, far more than originally thought. With this in mind of course, Sarah does not have that kind of money to pay for the extensive damage, so in the end, she hopes to make a one-on-one deal with Brad. One that involves she, he and her pussy!

Passionate kissing between the two, soon leads them to the living room, where the sex begins. Brad, in full character, strips her of her top, prior to she going on to suck his cock. This would also include Brad fucking her face as well. However next, the action takes to missionary. Here, we see Brad fuck at a quick pace before going into pound mode, and then slowing it down, with long strokes, prior to returning to the fast pace which he began with. This is followed up by more cocksucking, and face fucking by Brad, prior to Sara climbing on for a round of cowgirl. From this position, we first see Sarah bounce on the cock. However, after some time, Brad takes over to fuck her pussy hard, and fast. This being before we see Sarah go to a grind on Brad. There is a pause in between for more cocksucking, prior to the position reversing to reverse cowgirl. From this variation, it is Brad who has majority of the control as he continues to pound away at Sarah's opening. During this, as the camera has very nice focus on both the subjects as well as the penetration, and never wavers. This is followed up by even more face fucking and sucking, however soon the action takes to doggy, as Brad takes Sarah Jesse from behind as she is on all fours on the couch. Straightaway Brad maintains his fast and quick pace as he hammers his cock into Sarah. It is a steady pace that continues until Brad works himself up to cum. The camera then zooms in on Brad, as he jerks off to shoot his load, aimed at Sarah's mouth. This, which brings the scene to an end.