IHartBrad.com: Brutal Casting of Nora
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IHartBrad.com: Brutal Casting of Nora (2018)

Starring: Nora Ivy
Co-starring: Brad Hart

Directed by Brad Hart

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.00 / 10)

29 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Today, I review a scene from the brand new website for male performer, Brad Hart - IHartBrad.com. Yes, after taking a year off after serving three years in the industry, Hart is back performing, and additionally, he has opened a website for his fans. It is via this website that Brad aims to present scenes in the way that he would want them to be presented. As he puts it - "nice and hard". Today we take a look at a scene titled, "Brutal Casting of Nora". The scene, which features industry newbie, Nora Ivy, as she auditions for director Wrex Oliver, and subsequently performs with of course, Brad Hart himself. After a brief interview segment which gets the basics on Nora, such as her experience, as well as what kind of sex she enjoys the most, we go into the sex scene, after learning that Brad Hart has had a rough day, as he had been in a car wreck earlier in the day. In the interview, Nora explains that she enjoys the rougher side of sex, and so with that, that is what both Rex and Brad want to give her, as part of her "audition". With this in mind, one goes into the scene expecting something really rough, naturally. With that said, while it is a little rough, consisting of slapping, and spit play, the promise is truthfully not all that it's cracked up be. What we do have, however, is a semi-rough affair in my opinion. Obviously,y during the scene, it's Brad who is in control, which is definitely a good thing. Brad is a great performer and is passionate about his work, and we see that here as he commands his performance. Brad does Ivy good on his part. Unfortunately though however, it's the camerawork that kinda hinders the scene a bit, especially during certain moments during the action. What I'm talking about is, after we get off to a good start, showing Brad straddling Nora's face to fuck it nice and good, the action eventually goes to doggy on the bed. Here lies the problem. While Brad here fucks Nora's pussy nicely from behind, the camera remains in front, and is mostly concerned with Nora's reaction, rather than the penetration occurring. This, including a moment in time in which Brad is absolutely pounding Nora. This is a problem that I have brought up to Brad already, as I watched his Christmas video beforehand, and noticed the same problem. It happens to not be a coincidence, that both scenes were handled by the same director behind the camera. With this complaint, it's a good thing however, that once the action moves to cowgirl, we do actually get to see the penetration at hand as Nora's ass bounces on the cock, and Brad himself keeps his pace up, as he is in and out of her love hole. The same can be said when the action moves to missionary afterward - this which leads the scene to a very strong finish. Overall I would call this a decent scene. Brad is a very good performer and I love watching him work. Here, he puts in very nice work with an attractive industry hopeful. Yes, Nora Ivy herself is enjoyable here. However, with that said, again one can't really gauge her potential via this scene, as it merely skims the surface, if you will. The action provided by these two performers is well enough - however, the scene itself lacks from sufficient camerawork. While it does a good enough job, during certain moments, there other moments where I feel that shot selection wasn't the correct choice, and should a focused elsewhere. I mean, during the doggy position we're missing some great footage there, as we don't see what's going on. I would have much rather seen that, or at least a balance between the two, instead of solely seeing Nora's singular reaction. The camera was too much on her face, and not enough on where Brad's dick was going. As a whole, the camerawork also lacked variety, as it was always on one thing or the other, and not a mix of angles. As I said, Brad is a very good performer. He's passionate, and I want to see his work in full detail. Personally, Brad Hart is a very good friend of mine, but of course when it comes to giving my honest opinion, that's what I must do at all times, and what I have said here, is just how I view this scene. It is a scene with some very good moments. However, it suffers in other aspects. It could have been better, but it is good nonetheless. And saying this, I still fully endorse signing up at IHartBrad.com. I myself will be reviewing the content from the website regularly.
Cast: Nora Ivy (with Brad Hart)
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Missionary
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This "audition" scene opens as we are introduced to new young starlet Nora Ivy, who has spent the last year in Florida doing fetish type material. She tells the director, Wrex Oliver, that she is here for porn opportunities. Wrex asks her what she is into, and she says that she is into the more "brutal" side of sex, including things such as bondage, being slapped, as well as being choked out, and stepped on. Wrex also asks if she would be up for a gangbang opportunity. She says yes, but clarifies that she would rather it be a scenario that played along the consensual/non-consensual boundaries. She says that she has not been with more than one partner at a time, when it comes to guys, but she has been with a guy and a girl on one occasion. Wrex then moves on to talk about today's scene, saying that he believes that he has someone who up to the task of her desires. He says that he is running late, because on this particular day someone hit his car. And so with that, Wrex says that the male talent, Brad Hart, will likely have a lot of and anger to take out on her, which to her, is obviously a good thing. Before we go into the scene Wrex has Nora strip down from her dress, as well as her bra and panties underneath. It is then his surprise that it is revealed that Nora is a natural redhead, as she sports a very nice fire crotch.

In comes Brad Hart, and he is quick to introduce himself. He shakes Nora's hand, but he is visibly eager to get things started after the rough day that he's had. Brad strips down, and it isn't long before his cock in the Nora's mouth. Here, Nora takes Brad cock deep into her throat, as she demonstrates her skills. This is followed by Brad slapping her face as well as fucking it. As the blowjob continues, there are more slaps from Brad, as well as throating from Nora - Soon Nora has Brad's cock covered with split. It is spit which Brad also smears on Nora's face. Next up, the pace of the fucking continues, as Brad positions Nora on her back and comes around the side of the bed to straddle her face, and to fuck it, as she is upside down at the edge of the bed. Brad plants a foot on the bed to gain leverage, as he fucks Nora's face. He does so nice, and deep at a steady pace. There is also a time when he takes his foot down from the bed, and just straight fucks Nora's mouth. This, as he also fingers her pussy. Next up, both Brad and Nora take to the bed. Brad first sucks on her tits, and slaps her face, this before repositioning her for doggy. With Nora's face down and ass up, Brad takes her from behind, and begins to fuck her steadily. During this, we see Brad pull her close, as well as pull back on Nora's chin in order to hammer his cock in deep - this being at a pace that is both deep and hard. Nora then cleans Brad's cock after. This is before things come to cowgirl, as a Brad is on his back and Nora climbs on. Brad wants to see what Nora's got, and so he allows her to bounce on the cock, for a time which she does so fast and hard. This, being before Brad takes over. It's from then that Brad comes in with a fast and hard pace of his own, as he goes deep into her pussy. During this action, Brad also slaps Nora in the face. For the remainder of this position we see Nora further bounce as well as being slammed on the cock. Next up, the position is missionary, with Nora again on her back. From here, Brad maintains an increasing pace, which seemingly gets harder and faster as he goes on. After a while, this position finishes out strong with Nora's legs held up and close together, as Brad rams her pussy hard. This continuing until Brad must come. The scene eventually finishes out with Brad jerking off to spray Nora's tits with his cum.