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(click to enlarge) Rocky's First Anal (2019)

Starring: Rocky Emerson
Co-starring: Bryan Gozzling

Directed by Bryan Gozzling

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.50 / 10)

67 Min ( 1 hr 7 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Well it has been a while, but here, I meet up again with Bryan Gozzling, and HOOKUP HOTSHOT, as I take a look at a first time anal scene featuring one, Rocky Emerson. The setup here is simple, and is typical of the HOOKUP HOTSHOT brand. A girl texts Bryan, and they discuss things - a conversation with we see on screen in word bubbles - the girls agree to come over, and the deed is eventually done. And of course, the girls do not go home looking the way that they did when they arrived at Bryan's place. In this case, Rocky Emerson, had already had a scene with Bryan previously. However, on this occasion, she makes a return, because she trusts Bryan to handle her first anal experience with care, and of course, to be thorough. The sex scene begins, prior to the anal sex, by including some rough preparation by Bryan. This including, spiting, pussy and ass fingering, as well as gagging on cock. The latter with slobbery results. By the time that the action reached the actual anal sex, Bryan had already fingered, pried open, and tongue-punched the hole. Yet, even still, it was still a tight entry for Bryan for the most. As the action went on, things did become a little bit easier for Bryan, but yes, that hole stays clinched, only becoming more puffy, and never fully gaping. Rocky has such a tight little ass on her slender frame. It's pretty amazing. Bryan himself is even amazed by just how tight it is, as he mentions that several times throughout the scene. As for my general assessment of the scene. If you have never seen a HOOKUP HOTSHOT scene before, they are a little more rougher than your average porn scene. Personally, I love them. That is why I spent so much time seeking out access to the site. I want to review this stuff regularly, and I will. Well back to this scene. This scene is rough from the beginning, as I expected it to be. It does have a build up to the main attraction, which is of course, the anal sex. Of course, that is the main reason for this scene to begin with. Personally, I felt that this scene was good. However with that said, I have happen to seen better content from Bryan. I just have to be perfectly honest with you. Now I'm not saying that the scene is bad in particular, I'm just saying that there have been scenes that I have seen from HOOKUP HOTSHOT that present to us more of a variety of action. That's all. Now, with this in mind, there are some things that I did like quite well about the scene. If you read above, then you should take note that there is an instance where Bryan pees into Rocky's eager, and awaiting mouth. This, as she herself pees into a bowl. Some people do not like this type of material. However, me on the other hand, I don't mind it, and I think that it basically adds to the overall impact of the scene. But that's just me. Another thing that I enjoyed is of course, the times that Bryan really gets in that ass with his cock in doggy, as he straddles from behind. It's such a tight squeeze, but he goes deep. So yes, these things about the scene I really enjoyed. As for Rocky Emerson, I really like her. She's hot. Not only does she possess a unique look, on account of her very nice tattoos, she is also very tall(in high contrast here with Gozzling, I might add). If you happen to be a fan of Rocky, then I do recommend this as being worth a view. However,as I mentioned, in comparison to some of the other content on the website, it is in my honest opinion that there have been scenes that are just more affective. But again this is just me giving my opinion. That's my job. Check out more at Hookup
Cast: Rocky Emerson (with Bryan Gozzling)
Rating: 6.50/10
Positions: Doggy(anal), Missionary(anal)
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This scene opens with the tall, tattooed beauty, Rocky Emerson reconnecting with Bryan Gozzling, following their last adventure. It turns out that Rocky enjoyed herself so much last time, that she wants more - only this time a little differently. She says via text conversation, that she has always been curious about anal sex, but has yet to find the right guy to trust. Which is exactly why she has called upon "Daddy". Of course, Bryan says that he can help, so from there, Rocky soon makes her way over, soon showing at his door. It's at the door that Bryan happily greets Rocky. He looks her over, as they recount their last meeting, this as he checks out her pussy, and asshole from the doorway. Bryan then guides Rocky inside by pulling at her choke chain. Once inside, he strips her of her tight black shorts. He makes her recite that she wants to be his "fuck doll". This prior to he spitting on her pussy, and going on to feel up, and suck on her tits. He then has her kneel on the couch, and eventually get on all fours. Bryan spanks that ass, prior to going on lightly kiss, suck, and otherwise tease Rocky's pussy and ass, before he instructs Rocky to spread her ass with both hands. This is followed by more licking and tongue-punching. Next, after oiling up the ass, Bryan goes on to deeply finger Rocky's pussy, prying it open with both hands, and spitting in it. It's this action which causes squirt to drip from Rocky's opening. Following this, Bryan then instructs Rocky to squat on the floor. From here, Bryan proceeds to finger Rocky's pussy until she squirt. He also gags her with his fingers and then his cock, as he fucks her face deep. In between things, there is a moment during which he and Rocky both piss simultaneously. Bryan into Rocky's mouth, and she into a bowl beneath her. A short time later, Bryan also straddles Rocky's face to fuck it, both straight away, and in reverse. After, There is more gagging on the cock. This prior to Rocky being face down and ass up on the couch. It is here that Bryan, again oils up her ass, this time before easing his cock into the tight space. He is in and out slowly from here, before having her take the position on the floor. Bryan then straddles the ass, to plunge his cock in, both from here, and from a side mount. Rocky is next on the couch with her legs high, and pinned back, as Bryan continues to penetrate her asshole. Following this, he again straddles her face to fuck it, as she remains on her back and upside down. Next, we see Bryan sit back as Rocky goes on to lick his asshole, and otherwise, bury her face in. It also continues as Bryan stand up on the couch, and bend over. Next up, Rocky is further gagged by the cock, just prior to Bryan jerking off to shoot his load all over her face for the finish.