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(click to enlarge) Chloe Cherry Anal (2019)

Starring: Chloe Cherry
Co-starring: Bryan Gozzling

Directed by Bryan Gozzling

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

84 Min ( 1 hr 24 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: For this HOOKUP HOTSHOT scene, it is a return visit between Chloe cherry and Bryan Gozzling. Yes back in 2016 Chloe appeared on the website and in a scene with Gozzling, which she was a fresh 18-year-old. This time around however three years later, Chloe is much more experienced however it is this time around that Bryan wants to change things up. As it were last meeting, Bryan having his way with Chloe's young pussy. However this time around, he makes it clear that he wants to focus on not the pussy, but Chloe's asshole. It is an invitation which the 21-year-old Chloe, eagerly accepts no questions asked, as she shows up at Bryan's door and is ready to go. The initial observation of this scene, is that it just might be a stretch for the casual porn viewer, this particular scene is a rather lengthy one, clocking in at just over 84 minutes. Also with that said, as I found it is a scene that takes a while to get off the ground. Yes it's true that the first half hour of the run time, is rather slow and building. Yet at the very same time this in itself is very ominous, as it tends to what is to come. You just know that it is going to get far more involved. Far. And the that it surely does. Things here truly pick up, once the puking starts. Yes for the squeamish, there are multiple instances in which Chloe does puke on the cock, as well as a result of throating said cock. Some will not like this, as I have witnessed on social media. Yet some fans are sick fucks, that were absolutely relish it. As for me I would say that I fall a little bit in between. While it is not exactly my favorite act to witness, I'm not exactly appalled by it. In fact I love that it happens here. I really enjoyed the fact that Bryan Gozzling has absolute freedom to display whatever acts that he wants on the content which is featured on his website. With all this said, this is quite the scene as Chloe, cute little Chloe, who in my opinion is one of the cutest girls in porn ever, is put through the ringer so to speak. After the scene, Chloe looks like a warrior that has been through battle with half of her armor hanging off of her. She goes into the scene looking as cute as can be, however she leaves that looking highly wrecked. She's covered and spit, cum, and her makeup and fake porno eyelashes since gone. She looks thoroughly fucked - and that is exactly what happens here. Altogether, as I mentioned earlier, the scene itself gets off to a rather slow start, however soon picks up once things begin to get much more messier. It is almost as if the scene itself exists in multiple stages. In my opinion, it finishes rather strongly, as Chloe by that time, has her tight ass open wide, at Brian goes on to pound hard as his cock's balls and the engine Chloe's ass as he slam it hard. Overall again this scene will not be, and is not for everyone, yet for those who enjoy this sort of thing, it is quite messy and again thorough. I enjoyed it for what it is, and perhaps you will too. The strongest portion to me, is definitely the finish. It's nice and hard amidst all of it's dirtiness.
Cast: Chloe Cherry (with Bryan Gozzling)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary(anal), Doggy(anal)
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This scene opens up with Chloe Cherry, who is wearing yellow shorts over a blue leotard, and silver belt, who decides to contact Bryan Gozzling for the first time in awhile. It has been years since the two last met up and fucked - 3 years to be exact. Chloe's reasoning for reaching out to "Daddy is that she wants more. The two of them engage in a text convo that results in Bryan agreeing to, but one stipulation is that this time he get to fuck Chloe's ass. Chloe readily agrees, as she says that she really enjoys anal sex, and has since excelled in the act. A short time later, Chloe shows up on Bryan's doorstep, and after taking some time to check out how she has "grown into herself" in the past few years, he invites her inside. It's then that the obedient Chloe agrees to obey Daddy's every demand.

Things begin with Bryan having Chloe close her eyes, as he apply a choke from behind, and then feeling up her body from over her clothes, prior to he wedging her leotard, between her pussy lips. Her yellow shorts then come down as the leotard is moved side, as Bryan feels up Chloe's furry pussy. He then turns her around, as the ass is the next focus. Bryan spanks her fat ass, before having her spread it for the camera for all to see. What follows, is Bryan peeling down Chloe's blue leotard to feel up, and spank her tits as well. Next, Bryan gets his cock out, as the two play with each other. This prior to Bryan instructing Chloe to get on her knees on the couch. It's here that he has Chloe wink, and push out her ass. Bryan is impressed with the strength of her asshole, this just prior to he going on to punch it with his tongue. Next up, he has Chloe crouch down and close her eyes. This, as he has Chloe search for his cock with her mouth. After he allows her to open her eyes, as Chloe proceeds to throat his cock. As the spit piles however, Bryan fucks her face, as he holds on to her blonde pigtails. This continues as Bryan then gets out the infamous slop bucket, to collect Chloe's spit, and more. Bryan then follows this up by climbing on the couch to straddle Chloe's face to fuck it hard, and deep. This cause Chloe to gag, and puke into the bucket, Chloe is then back on her knees for a brief while, before she's on the couch, and on her back, with her legs held high, and back, as we she Bryan finger her tight ass, this, as she simultaneously stroke his cock. This is eventually followed by Bryan having Chloe ease his cock into her asshole. This continues, until Chloe says that she wants it deeper. Bryan then oils up the ass, and obliges, proceeding at a quicker pace. During this, Bryan says that Chloe has been good, and wants to reward her by fucking her pussy a little - yet to his surprise, Chloe says that she would much rather have it in her ass. Following this, Bryan pulls out to have Chloe push the compacted air out as she fart multiple times. Bryan then pulls Chloe to the side edge of the couch, as he step over to straddle her face to fuck it. This, as for a time, he makes trips to both ends - ass and face. There is then more throating as Bryan sits back on the couch. This, as Chloe both gag, and puke on the cock multiple times, before she goes on to lick Bryan's ass. This continues as Chloe licks ass, and then Bryan makes her bury her face in his ass for a time. The dirty cock sucking continues as Chloe is up on the couch. Chloe throats deep until she again pukes. This followed by Bryan positioning Chloe on the floor, face down and ass up, as he proceeds to "mop" the floor with Chloe's face. What follows is more face fucking, as well as Bryan bending Chloe over the couch, and straddling her ass to hammer it hard, during a few instances. After this, Chloe says that she wants to be fucked in the ass again. This as Bryan shoves Chloe down on the couch, and has her lie flat on her stomach with her legs held tight, as he straddle her to pound the ass nice and hard, as he both pull back on her mouth and pigtails. This soon driving her to an exploding orgasm. Thinking that she has been then thoroughly fucked, Brian then goes on the jerk off to shoot a big hot load across Chloe's wrecked face for the finish.