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A part of the network Down the Drain
(click to enlarge) Down the Drain (2018)

Starring: Tiffany Watson
Co-starring: Danny Mountain

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(5.45 / 10)

Where to get it
40 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This anal-centric scene from the anal sex themed site, HOLED.COM, here presents to us a scene featuring the beautiful Tiffany Watson, which begins as a peaceful solo session outdoors, however soon becomes a round of sex, which includes anal, which at times, is literally in-your face. I emphasize this. because that is the website's style, as it aims to capture this type of up close anal exploration. Overall. I felt that this was a fairly decent scene featuring Tiffany Watson and Danny Mountain, and for the record I do like both as performers. The action itself is good, especially when it comes to the extreme close-up action. I really enjoyed that aspect. However, I must admit that some of the POV stuff, just goes on a little bit too long for my liking. To be honest, I kind of got bored with some of the positions. This, as the scene aims to be, like sort of half-and-half. Part traditional sex scene, and then part virtual experience for the viewer. So yeah, I felt that some of the positions got a little stale over time. Now this is nothing against the performances by the performers, they do their jobs and they do them as they should. It's just that the setup itself is a little bit tedious in my opinion. That is all. However as far as technicals, the scene itself is executed and presented well. The visuals are well captured and well displayed at times. With me saying this the scene does however have its standout moments. Personally I felt that the key moments here were the ones that see Tiffany Watson make eye contact with the camera. Those moments to me are really hot. But again, it's those POV moments that make up the majority of the scene's content, and overall they drag the scene in its entirety down a bit, so this would explain how I feel about the outcome. But, if you are a fan of either performer Tiffany Watson or Danny Mountain, I would not discourage you from seeing this scene be sure of that, however be aware that this scene is not as intense as one may be expecting it to be.
Cast: Tiffany Watson (with Danny Mountain)
Rating: 5.45/10
Positions: Missionary vag, Missionary(anal), Cowgirl(anal), Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Doggy(anal)
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We are outdoors as Tiffany Watson walks around in shiny green bikini as she shows off her body for the camera. However there is little time before it all comes off. It's then that Tiffany lies back to touch her pussy, prior to putting a pair of butt plugs to work as the camera goes into extreme close-up of the penetration ongoing. It is after that, that we then see Tiffany lie back in a chair with her legs held high and spread, as she rubs her clit and fingers herself to climax. It is after that she is joined by Danny Mountain, who goes in straight in for the clit as Tiffany is still on her back and spread. Next up, the tongue lashing continues as Tiffany is now on all fours. It's from here, that Danny licks and tongues at Tiffany's pussy and ass. Following this, Danny then works over Tiffany's ass with a butt plug as she is both positioned on her side and back. It is after this that we are brought inside as Tiffany administers a blowjob from POV camera view and then side. The same views are used next as Danny fucks the pussy in missionary, He then inserts into Tiffany's ass, as we continue in side view, and then overhead. Following this, the position is cowgirl in closeup. This, as Tiffany bounces on the cock, as she looks back at the camera, and effectively at us. The position then reverses, as she has her feet planted on Danny's legs as she bounces. It is then to doggy, and it's in overhead that we start. After some time though, it's to a close view before we go back to missionary for the anal to continue and eventually conclude, as Danny cums into Tiffany's open mouth.