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A part of the Blazing Bucks network Tiny Anal Spinner
(click to enlarge) Tiny Anal Spinner (2018)

Starring: Goldie Glock
Co-starring: Ramon Nomar

Directed by Mason

Reviewed by Mutantmo

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
33 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Hard X houses some of the hottest new scenes with usually newer talent to display to fans. Yet they are also known to display performers who have been doing their thing in this industry for quite some time. Goldie Glock is a prime example of that with the help of this Hard X scene to remind you. A versed performer in her own right she now has this anal arena set up by Mason’s slamming style of filming. The male performer tag teamed with Goldie is a perfect fit. Ramon Nomar will take it to high flying levels for a scene that is at a proper length to get all of the action done in one place. Networks like Hard X deserve performers like Goldie Glock to bring out the best in herself and the butt banging brand. The standard interview will get the scene going at the start. After the investigative reports of early anal history and the secret pleasures of anal sex, the real contact starts up. For this scene, Goldie Glock is in a candy-colored bikini ensemble with matching jewelry to add to this jubilance. Bracelets of the same color coordination and a choker necklace round out Goldie Glock’s sexy look. The perfect prelude for a meeting between Goldie Glock and the X Empire's scenery.
Cast: Goldie Glock (with Ramon Nomar)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Standing Cowgirl, Cowgirl Anal, Reverse Cowgirl Anal
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Goldie starts the interview by explaining that she is thankful it is an "anal day". She goes on to tell Mason behind the camera that she has been putting her pussy to work recently and she is sore. Mason giggles along with her starlet after the revelation that Goldie is more than happy to give up one of her three holes for the lens of Hard X. So her pussy gets a rest today. Goldie Glock goes on to explain why she thinks anal is special to her. It enables to give her partner "everything".

It is truly special to her because Goldie Glock is a pleaser and she knows how beloved the act of anal can actually be. Goldie then goes into a detailed description of how the sensation of anal hits her pussy from behind. "Behind The Pussy" she claims as she elaborates the stimulation of the g-spot while dicks pierce her anal entrance. Going to into her anal history they reveal she’s not that much an expert at it but she is definitely learning. She even started anal early in her personal life. The interview fades out right into Goldie Glock being held in Ramon’s arms for the start of sex.

Ramon digs his face into Goldie’s as he holds her up close to him. This grapple starts off the contact for this Hard X anal scene. He’ll proceed to smack Goldie’s ass while fingering her pussy. "Do you want a cock in you?", a resounding "Yes!" is Goldie’s answer to the insertion of Ramon’s wiener into her pussy. The humps get hard as Goldie Glock is pounded in this lifting position of standing cowgirl. Ramon still wearing his black pants but no shirt as the sex is already sailing along. Next, You’ll see Goldie leap to her knees to get some oral sex off the ground. This has her swallowing Ramon’s dong whole. She’s lifted up to be stripped of her skimpy outfit which will allow Ramon Nomar to finger Goldie’s naked ass.

Anal insertion begins with an erected sexual position of anal cowgirl. Goldie Glock will ease Ramon’s large wiener into tight butt cheeks for the setup. After that ass blasting bounce Goldie will straddle Ramon in reverse cowgirl for more thrusts into her butthole. The scene captures these two performers tumbling in top speed for this butt fuck vignette with plenty of position changes. Noticeably one position where Goldie is sitting down on Ramon’s lap like a chair to get her pooper piston pumped open. The penis pounds here are rapid as Goldie Glock fluidly flies around like the true spinner she is in these fuck positions. A splitting scene of the open anal missionary has Goldie rested atop the couch’s armrest. The camera dancing around the penetration here precisely. These penetrations carry over to Goldie’s face once again out of an ass smashing spoon session with the spinner. The pop drop happens after Ramon fucks it out of a lifting standing cowgirl position. The semen is inserted into Goldie’s agape mouth for a swallowing finish. The performers play around a little bit before the scene ultimately fades out.