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A part of the Blazing Bucks network The Butt Slut Is Back
(click to enlarge) The Butt Slut Is Back (2018)

Starring: Emily Willis
Co-starring: Danny Mountain

Directed by Mason

Reviewed by Mutantmo

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
34 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Emily Willis stands before Mason’s camera ready to be a butt slut for her again. This is Emily’s second time back to perform anal for the House of Hard X and she’s kept busy since her first anal. “This backdoor has been opened up for business ever since..” Emily Willis admits. Her adorable outfit fitting the theme of a teen here today to get her booty hole wrecked. Danny Mountain is the lucky male talent ready to deliver the rump reaming that is about to happen with this tart. Her excitement shows through the brief few questions revolving around anal celebration that Mason feeds her. Keeping on par with the digestible anal vignettes the scene goes right into the sex. Skipping any type of dancing tease intro we get down to business with these two performers that will sexually tear into one another.
Cast: Emily Willis (with Danny Mountain)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
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They latch on to each other instantly once they step into frame. Heated kissing happens when they are locked together in this passionate porno pairing. A blowjob starts up as Danny Mountains cock is flung out of his pants for Emily to start the devouring fellatio. This includes saliva being ejected from Emily’s mouth to cause hanging strings of spit. Danny Mountain furthers the sloppy of fellatio formula by pumping Emily Willis’ mouth repeatedly and rapidly with his wiener. As she arches out while inhaling Danny’s dick you’ll see him reach over and finger her ready asshole.

Emily Willis will sit on top of Danny Mountain’s dick in cowgirl to start the fucking process. She’ll squeeze Danny’s erect member into her tight pussy. Danny Mountain furthers the intensity as Emily is bouncing on top of him. He will institute some choke play which is brief. The fast scene then takes it to an arching Emily Willis ready for anal insertion from Danny Mountain. The pounding anal lifts off the ground like a rocket. Soon enough Emily is lifted into a reverse cowgirl for continued anal thrusting. Danny Mountain travels between Emily’s holes rapidly in these pretzel positions he’s carrying her in. Which simply means he’s poking in and out of her pussy and asshole in varied insertions.

“I can feel it in my fucking stomach it’s so deep in my ass..” Emily’s revelation is believable because she has that subspace orgasmic look. Danny Mountain continually railing away with a mission to fuck her teen asshole. She is face down, ass up with her accepting arch taking every ramming blow of anal. A few cute gapes happen as you hear Emily’s asshole do a little talking as well. Air will attempt to escape her open ass as Mountain furthers his plowing. The swinging speed of the scene cums to its finale when Dan launches his penile projectile right into Emily Willis’ open mouth and welcoming hands.