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A part of the Blazing Bucks network Alexis Fawx's First IR Anal
(click to enlarge) Alexis Fawx's First IR Anal

Starring: Alexis Fawx
Co-starring: Prince Yahshua

Directed by Mason

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.50 / 10)

Where to get it
39 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Taken from a showcase from HARD X, titled "Alexis", which features performer Alexis Fawx's first anal, girl/girl interracial anal, and a double penetration scene - today I focus on said interracial scene from this collection for review. As I said this scene is one of two first-time anal scenes. For me personally, this is the first time I am seeing Alexis Fawx participate in anal sex on camera. For me, this is sort of a dream come true, as I am a big fan of Alexis'ass most in particular. Her ass is just incredible. To see it open wide and fucked, is something that I have kind of anticipated, and in the fact that it is with someone like Prince Yahshua, is an absolute plus. First things first the scene itself again with a little tease segment involving Alexis. I have to say that this particular segment was well done in itself. As it showcase Alexis rather perfectly showing off all of her divine assets. I also like the fact that it was rather seamless as it followed Alexis from point A to point B via tracking shots. It is really nice and put together. Well, after the tease segment in question we move into the sex scene this Prince Yahshua. The sex scene which is anal exclusive, gets off to a rather quick start. Yes, Prince does a little licking of the pussy and ass. However, it isn't long before he takes focus of the latter itself, as he insert his cock in to fuck it. From here, the feeling of the scene is one that is rather increasing. Prince initially paces himself but later on, he notice that the action takes on a much quicker pace and before we know it Prince is fucking harder and Alexis is begging for more and more of it. It is near the end of the scene that the action itself is at a fever pitch, as Prince seemingly tries to take Alexis to her limit. It is pure excitement from the performers, and likewise this is also how it ends, as Prince unloads into Alexis' mouth. After which, Alexis enthusiastically declares her enjoyment. And speaking of enjoyment. I myself enjoyed this scene. First of all, I was first attracted to this scene because I just love Alexis Fawx, she is sexy as hell. Honestly, I think that she is one of the most beautiful women in the industry. She just has so much sex appeal about her. Not only that, and if she wasn't already hot enough, she is even more sexy as a brunette. And to top it off, her personality is quite infectious. Here, Prince Yahshua, the two of them bringing the energy to the scene that just makes the scene itself a lot of fun overall. We have Alexis who begs for Prince's thick cock, as she on multiple occasions throughout the scene that this allowed that's how good it feels. In addition to this, we also have Prince, who enjoys himself. An hilarious moment in the scene, comes near the end, as Prince is fucking Alexis from behind, when he's screams out "give me that ass!" As he is absolutely plowing it. I don't know why, but I found it to be really funny. It is just this enthusiasm from both performers, that makes this scene an easy one to enjoy. As I said I really liked this scene - especially near the end as things got a little harder. So with this, Alexis' first IR anal scene is in the books, and it's a good one. I highly recommend checking this out, Kudos to the scene's Director, Mason, for just letting these to go at it naturally.
Cast: Alexis Fawx (with Prince Yahshua)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Missionary(anal), Side Fuck(anal), Doggy(anal), Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Cowgirl(anal)
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Our scene begins with a tease segment featuring Alexis Fawx. Initially, we are in an isolated room. This as the camera pans across Alexis' body at close range. During which, the primary focus is especially upon her nice big, round tits. Alexis then goes on to further tease outdoors by the pool, removing her bra, thus unleashing her breasts as the camera again zoom in on them, only this time with her nipples fully erect. Following this we see Alexis walk inside the house, and up the stairs before we cut to the bedroom where the sex scene soon begins as she is joined by Prince Yahshua. Both she and Prince begin kissing passionately, with a lot of tongue. Also in between this, Prince also take the time to suck on Alexis' nipples. Following this, Prince gets his cock out and Alexis is sure to quickly go to work on it for a time. However, next we see Alexis lie back on the couch, spreading her legs to playfully invite Prince over with glee. Prince is then quick to go in between her legs, removing her panties to proceed to tongue and suck on her pussy. This being before Prince's focus turn to Alexis' butthole, shortly before his cock goes in. From here Prince continues at a steady pace of in and out, as his cock plows Alexis' ass, this as she literally begs for it. The action from here continues from side fuck, both with Alexis legs open and closed tightly as Prince continues to to go balls deep. Next, it's ass to mouth, as Alexis sucks and licks Prince's cock and balls. After this Alexis assumes the position facedown and ass up as Prince takes her from behind in doggy. From here Prince employs a fast pace of fucking, while additionally, we see Prince half straddle the ass to plunge even deeper, as well as Alexis bounce her ass on the cock. This is then followed up by Prince sitting back to allow Alexis to once again suck him off. It is during this that Alexis also slips the cock between her big tits to fuck them. However next, we see Alexis straddle the cock of things go to reverse cowgirl. Initially Alexis bounces, but soon she lies back as Prince plunges his cock up into her asshole hard, and steady. Next Prince gets sucked off once more, but this time he sees them forcefully cram his cock deep into Alexis'throat. We then move on to the next position, which is cowgirl as Alexis climbs on and Prince continues to fuck the ass steadily. After a time here, Alexis briefly again sucks on prince's cock. This before again climbing on for cowgirl, this time planning her feet to elevate herself to allow Prince to drill her ass hard. Following this up, Alexis straddles Prince's face, as he then proceeds to laugh his tongue quickly along Alexis' clit eventually making her climax. The next position sees Prince taking Alexis from behind as she props her left hand over the back of the couch allowing wide-open access to her ass. It's from here but Prince continues to fuck deep at a steady pace this position lasting until he must cum. The action comes to a close as Prince jerks off to shoot his load into Alexis' awaiting mouth.