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Good Girls Gone Black
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Good Girls Gone Black (2005)

Co-starring: Sean Michaels

Directed by Sean Michaels

Reviewed by PL

(6.60 / 10)

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139 Min ( 2 hr 19 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Well I can honestly say I was disappointed in this... And my disappointment started with lighting. Lots of shadows in this title, maybe it was my monitor or something but the picture just seemed a little darker than normal and the action was completely in shadows at points making it totally un-viewable. The camera work could have been a little better as well, although it wasn't bad. Outside of that my other disappointment was Paris Lee, I hope to see her in the future, but I certainly hope she can refine her performing skills. Ok, moving on. As far as the best scene, I think it was Hillary's, which was held to the end and I thank Sean for that because I like the best scene to be last. Now I also really dug Deja, I have discussed her with some people and have seen her on sites and stuff, but this was the first time I have heard her talk - WOW, the voice with her look is DAMN SEXY! I very much look forward to seeing more of her! Now as far as the movie as a whole, I wouldn't recommend it. However I would recommend a rental before purchase if that's the route you are planning to take.
Scene 1: Paris Lee (with Sean Michaels)
Rating: 5.00/10
Paris is a sexy looking girl with long black hair and natural A cup tits. The scene opens with Sean asking her the things she don't do, so she goes on and lists which consisted of no cream pies, no anal and no smacking. Too bad on the cream pies... Anyway, he starts rubbing on her and playing with her pussy, then he has Paris spin around and sit on the couch as he pulls his cock out for her to start blowing him. Sean then has her sit back on the couch as he moves in to fuck her in missionary, then he takes a seat as she moves up to ride in cowgirl where we get some nice shots of the action. Un-mounting she strokes him off a little and then heads up to ride in reverse cowgirl before moving on to doggy where the camera catches some more nice shots. Sean then takes a seat as she heads back to cowgirl again, then as the scene comes to a close, Paris goes to her knees as Sean strokes off on her tits? After that we cut to her plugging his site... This is not the way to end a gonzo scene in my book, well there are some exceptions, but this isn't one. Paris looked really good though, however she was on the dead side of a fuck.
Scene 2: Ariana Jollee,Lyla Lei (with Sean Michaels)
Rating: 7.50/10
Lyla is an OK looking girl with medium length black hair and natural B cup tits. Ariana is a sexy looking girl with medium length black hair and natural C cup tits. The scene begins with Lyla walking down a set of stairs, doing tease along the way, then we cut to Ariana doing the same thing; we get some nice shots of her ass too! Anyway, once she gets to the bottom of the stairs she makes her way over to Lyla and stuffs her panties into Lyla's mouth. Eventually Lyla loses her panties as well with Ariana moving in to eat her out briefly before Sean makes his presence known; having both girls suck and deep throat his cock. As they blow him they spit back and forth between each other's mouths (the girls do), then Sean takes a seat as Lyla moves up to ride in reverse cowgirl with Ariana guiding his cock in her. We get some nice shots of the action and then Ariana goes up to take her turn in reverse cowgirl as well, again with some nice shots. Cutting away we then see Lyla back in the saddle, in cowgirl this time with Ariana fingering her ass, then after some PTOGM from Ariana we cut to both girls in missionary. Seat starts on Ariana, making her squirt and then moves over to Lyla. Both girls get fucked in doggy, then Lyla leans over to rim Ariana a little before Sean pushes into her ass, showing off small gapes while Ariana eats and fingers Lyla. Moving on and getting to the anal we see Lyla up in reverse cowgirl anal, with some nice shots of course, then she un-mounts for both girls to do ATM before Ariana moves up to take her turn; squirting as she does. Afterwards the girls then take turns riding in cowgirl anal, eventually leading back to Ariana riding in reverse cowgirl anal and squirting again. Ariana gets off as Lyla does some pseudo ATMOGM action, Ariana takes a taste too, then Lyla heads up to take more anal in reverse cowgirl too. The scene then winds down as Sean has them go down to their knees to fuck each of their mouths before jerking off and delivering an open mouth facial to each. They push the cum out, but do some cum kissing. This was a solid scene, could have been better though. The lighting wasn't so good and I wasn't fond of the pseudo stuff Lyla was pulling.
Scene 3: Deja Daire (with Sean Michaels)
Rating: 7.00/10
Deja is a very sexy looking girl with medium length black hair and natural A cup tits. The scene starts off with some tease action from Deja, then she crawls over to a bed where we get a nice shot of her ass before we cut to her blowing and deep throating Sean. He then has her stand up so he can play with her pussy a little before having her sit back down so he can briefly eat her out. Sean then moves on up to fucking her in missionary where we get some nice shots of the action, then lies down and has her do some PTM on him before having her head up to ride in cowgirl. She rides for bit and then remounts in reverse cowgirl to keep riding, where we get some nice shots of the action, then she un-mounts for more PTM action and gets into doggy where he continues to fuck her; again the camera catches some nice shots. She then eases down to her belly as Sean moves into her ass, fucking her there for a bit, then he takes a seat as she does some ATM on him before we cut to her easing her ass down on his cock in reverse cowgirl where we get some nice shots of the action. Deja then un-mounts for some ATM action and then gets into doggy as Sean continues to her ass a workout, then afterwards we cut to her in missionary; anal of course, but we get some really nice shots. Deja then moves down to her knees to take where Sean strokes off into her open mouth. I'm not sure what happened to the cum, but she may have swallowed it. This was a solid scene, Deja did a lot for me and I can't wait to see her again. Once more the lighting could have been better.
Scene 4: Kandi Ellison,Tyla Wynn (with Sean Michaels)
Rating: 6.00/10
Kandi is a good-looking girl with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup tits (pierced nipples, clit and under her eyes!). Tyla is a sexy looking girl with medium length brown hair and natural C cup tits. The scene opens with Kandi walking into the scene and stopping in front of a couch, dropping her shorts, then takes a seat and drops her top to lick her nipples. She then sits back and begins playing with/fingering her pussy as Sean enters. He takes a seat next to her, having her continue while he pulls on his gloves (??), then eventually Tyla comes into the scene to join them. Sean starts sucking on her tits and then she moves down, pulls his pants down, and begins blowing him. He then stands up, slapping Tyla's ass as she deep throats him, then has her stand and remove her panties. He rims her a little and then Kandi gets back to sucking him off as Kandi soon joins her. Sean then has Kandi stand up and remove her panties too, then we cut to Tyla riding in cowgirl. She un-mounts and both do some PTM action before Kandi moves up to take her turn in cowgirl with Tyla doing some PTOGM action. Cutting away we see Tyla and Kandi taking their turns in reverse cowgirl, with us catching some nice shots on Kandi's ride, then we cut to Sean fucking Kandi in doggy with Tyla doing the PTOGM/deep throat duties. He then moves over to Tyla, fucking her in doggy as well for a little bit, then we cut to Tyla in a pile driver and taking Sean in her ass. Moving on he then takes a seat as she does ATM on him and then moves up to riding in reverse cowgirl again, but of course taking anal this time. Once again she breaks for some ATM action and then moves to her side for more anal action before we cut to Sean giving them both an open mouth facial. They push the cum out and kiss as the scene fades. This was an OK scene, nothing great but a better score would have been in order if the lighting would have been better.
Scene 5: Hillary Scott (with Sean Michaels)
Rating: 7.50/10
Hillary is a cute girl with medium length blonde hair and natural C cup tits. As the scene gets rolling Sean has her introduce herself and then she tells us today is her first interracial scene, is 21 years old and loves anal! He then has her proceed to showing off her tits and pussy, then after a little more chit chat we cut and Sean has her get into doggy where he rims her and rubs her clit. Soon she takes over the action, she fingers her pussy too, and then Sean jumps in to eat her out. Hillary then brings her ass to the edge of the couch as he teases her ass with his cock and then fucks her on her side/back (vag). Sitting up she does some PTM and deep throat action, taking almost all of his cock down her throat! Sean then sits on the couch as she moves up to ride in reverse cowgirl as we get some nice shots, then we cut to her in cowgirl where we get more nice shots. Once more she un-mounts for some PTM/deep throat action, but then heads back up for some cowgirl action, this time taking anal. Taking a break she stops for some ATM and then heads up to ride in reverse cowgirl again, but of course take the cock up her ass this time around. Moving into doggy, Sean continues to fuck her ass until he's ready to cum. She then drops to her knees and he jerks off into her open mouth (small load), and she swallows it down like a hungry girl. This was a solid scene, Hillary looked good, but the lighting...
The extras here were very light. There were the normal cumshot recap, photo gallery, trailers and web access info, but behind the scenes was the only bright spot - and it wasn't that bright... The BTS were only 6 minutes long and were basically an interview with Tyla and Kandi, but as an interesting side note, both expressed a liking for choking. Anyway, nothing here to get merit for a bonus, so +0.