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Give Me Gape
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Give Me Gape (2004)

Co-starring: Lee Stone, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes

Reviewed by PL

(7.33 / 10)

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156 Min ( 2 hr 36 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: This one get a 7.33. As I watched this movie I often thought of the 90's commercial for Wendy's - "Where's the beef??" - but in this case came up with "Where's the gape??". You would think a movie called "Give Me Gape" would be packed with gaping action, but not here. Yes we did get some gaping, but not the amount I was expecting - I mean hell I have seen more gaping in movies that didn't "specialize" in that area! So I deducted an additional .25 because I feel the movie didn't deliver what it should have based on the title. With that aside, which was my biggest gripe, the other gripe I had was the fact that Vicky, Stephanie and Brijaye wasn't into their scenes, that's half of the cast here! Stephanie was the worst though, she was so dry, it looked painful... I did like some of Paulo's outfits he put the girls in as well as some of the setups for the scenes. Although not a bad title, this one can use quite a bit of improvement, and personally I would like to see more pussy gaping than ass gaping - ass gaping is a bit abundant. Now let see how the next volume comes out...
Scene 1: Shayna Knight (with Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes)
Rating: 7.00/10
Shayna is a sexy looking girl with medium length red hair and natural A cup tits. The scene opens with her outside, doing some tease action with lots of nice ass shots, then we cut inside to see Steve and Manuel talking. They catch Shayna peeking in and invite her in, having her sit between them, and Steve quickly moves her panties to the side then moves to the floor to start eating her out as she sucks Manuel's cock. Shayna then makes her move to the floor with a little coaching from Steve and begins sucking/deep throating both of their cocks. Cutting away we see her riding on Steve in reverse cowgirl while continuing to suck Manuel, then he pulls her over to him so she can ride cowgirl and can suck Steve. As she rides, Manuel shows off some nice pussy gapes, then hopes over to Steve for more cowgirl action. While she bounces on his cock, Steve works a couple fingers into her ass to warm it up, then soon the cock goes in, and he quickly shows off some small gapes for us. Once more we cut away, and this time she's on Manuel in reverse cowgirl anal as she sucks and deep throats Steve with Manuel rolling her up so Steve can get some of her ass also. Eventually Shayna stays on Manuel and Steve steps in to DP her, rolling her up so Steve can get more of her ass. Moving over to Steve, she continues to ride in reverse cowgirl, showing off a few gapes, then Manuel comes in to DP her some more. Un-mounting Shayna does ATM on Steve and then rolls her side as Manuel starts pumping on her ass as she keeps on sucking Steve. The guys switch back and forth fucking her ass while on her side, showing off some gapes too, then Steve eventually rolls her up to reverse cowgirl with Manuel coming in to do more DP action. Cutting away, we see her in reverse cowgirl anal on Steve, showing off some gapes too with Manuel also stepping to take a few strokes in her ass too. Once more we cut and see her in a reverse cowgirl before dropping to her knees to take two open mouth facials, which she pushes from her mouth. This was a solid scene. Shayna's energy seemed a bit low and she didn't seem all that into it, but did warm up a little at the end. However, her out fit was hot!
Scene 2: Vanessa (with Manuel Ferrara)
Rating: 8.50/10
Vanessa is a cute girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. The scene begins with Vanessa walking outside, telling Paulo she has a surprise to show him. She walks into the bedroom, and we follow, then we see Manuel handcuffed to the bed with his mouth covered in duct tape. Paulo is a bit stunned she has Manuel Ferrera tied up, then she looks at him and says she has a proposition. If he behaves himself, she'll let him loose. Well Paulo strong advises against this, but Manuel promises and she lets him loose... He grabs her, bends her over his lap, spanking her and rimming her, then rolls her over to pull her hair and suck her tits. Manuel then sits her up, chokes her and then lays back so she can lean over to suck and deep throat his dick. Vanessa sits up, sucks his toes, then he moves them down to her pussy, actually fucking her with his toe, then has her do PTM on his toes!! Anyway, she gets back to sucking, taking a short recess to rim him, then we cut to her riding in cowgirl with Manuel showing us some nice pussy gaping. Vanessa then moves into reverse cowgirl, un-mounting and doing PTM/deep throat, then her rolls Vanessa to her side to spoon her. After a cut we see Vanessa still on her side, getting spooned, but taking it up the ass; showing off some small gapes as well. After ward we cut to her riding reverse cowgirl anal, showing off nice gapes, then cut again to her in cowgirl taking more anal and showing off more gaping. The scene comes to a close as Manuel fingers her to an orgasm, then she drops to her knees to take an open mouth facial which she pushes from her mouth. This was a good scene, at times Vanessa looked to be in pain, but at others she looked to be enjoying the action. With that said, the over all could have been better with a little stronger sex and some better over all gaping. Once again we get a nice outfit.
Scene 3: Vicky Vette (with Lee Stone)
Rating: 6.00/10
Vicky is a sexy looking girl with long blonde hair and fake DD cup tits. The scene opens with her walking around outside, heading inside to her "private" bathroom, but finds lee using the sink as a bidet' (haha!). They argue a little then Lee gets all aggressive and begins gnawing on her neck as he gropes her. Soon, Vicky drops to her knees to begin sucking his dick, then she takes a seat so he can return the favor by eating her, rimming her and fingering her ass - declining on the ATM when Lee presents it to her (on the fingers). Cutting away Lee pumps away on her pussy in missionary, then cut to him fucking her in standing doggy. After a bit we cut to Lee pushing into her ass, pumping on that for a bit before we cut again to her riding in reverse cowgirl anal. Yet again we have a break (cut)in the action, then see her working a toy in and out of her pussy (DPing herself) while Lee keeps in on her ass in reverse cowgirl, then cut again to her in missionary. He thrusts in and out of her ass, chocking her along the way as well as showing gapes from the side (??), eventually delivering an open mouth facial which she pushes from her mouth. This was an OK scene, Vicky has much better scenes out there. This seemed a bit off, all the way around - she didn't seem really into it.
Scene 4: Brijaye (with Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes)
Rating: 6.50/10
Brijaye is a bit of a sexy looking girl with long red hair and natural A cup tits. As the scene opens we see Paulo outside checking out a suspicious trash can. Upon opening the lid he finds Brijaye inside of it, handcuffed and with a ball gag in her mouth, then he promptly calls out Steve and Manuel to check out his find. Steve and Manuel lift her and inspect her, finding a butt plug in her ass already! They all head inside, then we cut to the guys sucking and tugging on her nipples, eventually finding the keys to the cuffs in her pussy! They let her loose, then we cut and see her in doggy. Manuel works the plug in and out as we all doing ATM on it before Paulo adds a string of anal beads into the mix. Steve gets fully naked and takes one end and shoves it into her pussy and then takes the other end and inserts it into her ass, all while she blows Manuel. After doing some ATM/PTM on the beads, in goes up to doggy so Steve can begin fucking her as Manuel fucks her mouth. Moving along, in takes turns ride the guys in cowgirl while sucking the other, then we cut to her on her side as she sucks/deep throats Steve while Manuel works 3 fingers in her ass before putting his cock in - slowly. As he shows off some gapes, Paulo gets involved, finger her ass a bit and having her do ATM on it before we cut to Manuel pounding her asshole. Afterwards, in moves up to reverse cowgirl anal on Steve and shows off some aping before Manuel steps in to DP her. After a somewhat brief DP, we cut and see Brijaye with her head hanging off the edge of the bed as Steve and Manuel deliver open mouth facial, which she pushes out of her mouth, but Steve hit a bull's eye on her. This was a solid scene. I loved the beginning of this scene, but Brijaye seemed to be in more pain than pleasure through out all the anal and DP action, not to mention the sex was dry which could have contributed to that pain.... A shame really.
Scene 5: Stephanie Tripp (with Lee Stone)
Rating: 6.00/10
Stephanie is a pretty and sexy looking girl with medium length brown hair and natural A cup tits. The scene opens with her sitting on a bed and Paulo has her show off her outfit for us and tells us she's 21, then has her sit again. He reaches over and grabs a dildo, then hands it to her. She sucks it a little then sets it aside to slip out of her outfit, then Paulo grabs the dildo, has her suck it then he puts it in her pussy. Eventually we cut to her fucking herself with the dong and holding a pocket rocket on her clit. Afterwards we cut and see her in doggy where we get more dildo action and some small pussy gapes before we eventually cut and Lee enters the scene. Stephanie's sitting as he enters and walks over to her, then she pulls his cock out and begins sucking/deep throating it. Lee then has her sit back so he can eat and rim her a little before moving up to fuck her in missionary. Picking her up, he fucks her in flying cowgirl, then sits down as she continues to ride in cowgirl. Un-mounting, she does some PTM on his cock, then remounts in reverse cowgirl, again un-mounting and doing PTM/deep throat. Cutting away we see her in cowgirl again, but this time Lee attempts to show some pussy gapes, but only comes away with OK results. Lee move from under her and then fucks her in doggy for a little bit, then cut once more there's a cut and Stephanie is sitting on a chair with her ass hanging off the edge as Lee fucks her; we get some nice shots here too! Anyway he fucks her with her still on the chair and facing him too, then gives her an open mouth facial to end the scene, which she pushes from her mouth. This was an OK scene. Yes, Stephanie is hot, but there was no real heat and the sex was bone dry, even when fucking the dildo!
Scene 6: Jamie Brooks,Pason (with Steve Holmes)
Rating: 8.50/10
Pason is a cute girl with medium length dark red hair and fake C cup tits. Jamie is a sexy looking girl with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup tits. As the scene opens we see Paulo (from his POV) walking over to the girls who are sitting on a couch. He introduces himself and says he's throwing a "special" party for his friend from Germany. He pays them and has them show off their "product", then eventually cut to the two playing with one another's pussy as they kiss. Soon Steve shows up, he too introduces himself, then quickly gets to know Pason by eating her out before moving over to Jamie for a taste of her ass, then back to Pason. As Steve gets undressed, Jamie moves over to take Steve's job (licking Pason's pussy) as well as leaning over to suck his cock as well, then Steve has them get into doggy on the couch so he can rim and spank their asses! Eventually Steve moves up to fucking Pason in doggy for a bit, then both do PTM on the dick, then Steve has them sit on the couch, spreading their legs. He takes turns eating their pussies, soon moving up to fuck Pason in missionary as Jamie sits on her face. Jamie moves off and Steve picks Pason up for some flying cowgirl fucking with Jamie staying low and doing the PTOGM action. He sets her down and Jamie gets into doggy, so she can get a little cock as well as Pason helps out by playing with Jamie's pussy. Keeping a hold of Jamie, Steve takes a seat as she continues to ride in reverse cowgirl as Pason licks her clit. He then picks Jamie up for some brief flying reverse cowgirl, then sets her down and has the girls stick up in doggy. Starting at the bottom (Jamie's pussy), Steve licks from the bottom all the way to the top and then begins taking turns fucking them as well. Cutting away we see Jamie in doggy with Pason rimming her as Steve rims her (Pason), then cut again to Jamie riding in cowgirl as Pason licks her asshole. Jamie hops off and Red hops on to take her ride in cowgirl, then in an odd move, Steve tells Jamie to lean toward him so he can lick the sweat off her. I found this a little odd, but damn hot! Anyway we cut to the girls in a 69, licking one another's clit as Steve fuck's Jamie, eventually delivering an open mouth facial to both girls; both push the cum from their mouth as well. This was a good scene, but no gaping... Anyway, Jamie wasn't as into the sex as Pason was, but she didn't do a bad job.
The extras here we good, we got a typical photo gallery, as well as web access stuff, some sex ads and 20+ minutes of behind the scenes. +.50. Now the BTS were a bit interesting, with lots of "accidents" as well as us getting to see some of the ladies refusing to do certain things - not that it's bad they decline, just interesting to see it on film.