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A part of the network Nerds Rule! - Fansexual
(click to enlarge) Nerds Rule! - Fansexual (2019)

Directed by Stills By Alan

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(9.00 / 10)

Where to get it
36 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Coming from the GIRLSWAY vignette series, "Nerds Rule!", this scene directed by Stills by Alan, titled "Fansexual", stars Jill Kassidy and Lily Ford, as two nerdy friends who do a little exploring, during sort of a "Netflix and chill" type of scenario. Yes during the scene, both Jill and Lily get more than a little curious, as they watch a movie from Bree Mills and company on TV. Curiosity leads to more, for the two, as they give into the longtime fantasy of being intimate with each other. As far as the story goes, "Fansexual" is rather simple in set up, yet at the same time it is really fun to watch unfold, of course especially leading into the sex, between these two hot young ladies. And let me tell you, this is some sex scene! I mean I come away from it, with so much excitement that I am not quite sure what to write down here. This is a scene, which begins at the typical pace, yet soon takes off, and becomes one of both, raw energy and passion. As for incorporating the story into the sex, the girls do well with this. Individually, they play up the aspect of their characters having never seen each other in the flesh, and in turn, are horny, and ultra-curious. This makes the sex scene at hand that much better. To me, this really amped up the sexual energy between Jill and Lily. This scene was basically pure fire in my opinion. Starting with the very hot passionate kissing between the two girls at the beginning of the scene. Boy was it hot! I loved the trading of tongue between these two girls. And then we get into the thick of the action, where this genuine passion truly never lets up. The girls were on each other from the very beginning. The way that Lilly fingers Jill's pussy, and likewise, how Jill goes after Lily's love hole, with both fingers and tongue, causing her to cum hard, keeps our eyes glued to the screen to witness all that occurs. And speaking of those orgasms from Lily Ford, oh my God - they are a spectacle for sure! Lily is one that is visible when she cums - meaning that her entire body trembles. It is so fucking hot. And lucky for us, we get to see this multiple times throughout the scene, with the most effective instance, of course being the scene's last, and final orgasm. As for the technical side of things, this scene is one that is well captured by the cameramen. A crew that includes adult industry legend, and AVN Hall of Famer, Mr. Ralph Parfait(Just mentioning his name, is all that really needs be said). The action here, is well captured as it puts us into the action, when we need to be most. There is never a time here, which we are taken out of the ongoing festivities. Overall, this is a scene that I genuinely enjoyed from beginning to end. With this said, when it comes to girl/girl scenes, honestly speaking, this is truly one of the best lesbian scenes that I have seen in some time. With this in mind, yes this is definitely a scene that I would highly recommend you finding that time to see. These girls, both Jill Kassidy and Lily Ford, here do an amazing job.
Cast: Jill Kassidy,Lilly Ford
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: doggy(fingering), 69
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In this scene, Lily Ford and Jill Kassidy are BFFs, who are chilling on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, as they watch FANTASY FACTORY: WASTELAND. While Lily is enthralled with the film, and it's stars, Jill on the other hand, would much rather watch FUTURE DARKLY, on the PURE TABOO channel, on ADULT TIME.COM. She says that she wants to see male star, Michael Vegas in action. Lily makes the argument that no one is sexier than WASTELAND star, Abigail Mac, not even Vegas. This, of course prompts an even deeper discussion, during which, Lilly asks Jill if she has ever thought about the same sex - of course, especially Abigail Mac. It is after some persuasion, that Lily finally gets Jill to open up about her intimate curiosities, and admit that she has indeed thought about Abigail when touching herself. Lilly, after this, asks Jill if she has ever kissed a girl. She hasn't. Not even at cheer camp! It is then apparent that Jill, however is open to trying things with Lily. This, as the two nerdy pals go on to kiss passionately.

The two girls embrace in kissing, as they also trade tongue. During this, their tops come off. Jill is wearing a maroon bra, while Lily is bra-less. They each go on to suck on their respective nipples, until Lily is the first to go down, as she is next in between Jill's legs. First, she playfully kisses and mouths at her pussy through he matching panties, before moving them aside to further go to work. After this, Jill goes on to return the favor on Lily, who then removes her blue jean shorts. Jill then follows this up by of course going down on Lily. This as she sucks and tongues at her pussy really good, subsequently making Lily cum. Lily then wants to do the same for her friend. So then has Jill ride her face as the action goes to 69. After this, Lily continues her pussy assault, as Jill takes to all fours. It's from here, that Lily finger bangs Jill's pussy, as well as briefly bury her face in. Next up, Lilt squats over Jill's face. This, as Jill tongues and sucks at Lilly's pussy, again bringing her to a shivering climax. She does so again a second time soon after this, as well. Following this, Lily then goes on to bury her face into Jill's pussy, as she lie back, just prior to taking the top position as we she tribbing from the girls, next. Here, Lily commands the lead, as she grinds away hard and fast. It's work that results in both of the girls reaching eventual climax. The girls then kiss passionately, as Lily remain on top. This is as Lily says that she wants to cum again. Lily then takes to the back of the couch, and spreads wide as Jill again goes at Lily's pussy with her mouth and fingers, which in turn brings her to eventual, hard orgasm. This additionally is what brings our scene soon to a close.