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A part of the network Leaving Nothing to Chance
(click to enlarge) Leaving Nothing to Chance (2018)

Directed by Stills By Alan

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
41 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Since the last girl/girl scene that I did, did so well, I went on to find other scenes. What I found is "Leaving Nothing to Chance", a new scene from the GIRLSWAY series, WEB YOUNG, which is directed by Stills by Alan. Coming from a GIRLSWAY fan called "Story Fan", the story here involves Chloe Cherry and Jane Wilde, whom are portraying 18 year old girlfriends. In the story, Chloe is the least experienced of the two, with Jane sort of serving as a teacher of sorts. Jane is only girl that Chloe has ever been with, which in turn, comes the object of scene. Jane's girlfriends are having a party. Jane wants to prepare Chloe, for other sexual experiences that are sure to arise, as a result of said party. As for the story, I think it is really cool that they took an idea from a fan, as the folks at GIRLSWAY often do. The story itself is sort of thin, but then again, it's serves it's purpose - it gets us from "Point A" to "Point B". Of course the real draw here is the sexual activity between these two. Going in, to be honest I really wasn't sure what expect. I mean I love girl/girl, however I have not seen a lot of it to be honest. Definitely not as much as I'd like. With that said, I have to say though, that I am kind of impressed with what I got here. The action between Chloe and Jane is ultra passionate at times. Of course I am a huge fan of Chloe Cherry, but when it comes to Jane Wilde, up until now I had only been an admirer from afar so to speak. I had never seen her perform - girl/girl or otherwise. Well, I saw her in this scene, and man, I am really impressed! This girl clearly loves girls - and sex in general. She eats pussy and ass, like no one's business. when she switched between Chloe's asshole and pussy - back and forth while tonging - that's when shit got real! The whole vibe of the sex got more intense. Jane also then eventually concludes the scene by riding Chloe hard and fast. I just love the sound of skin smacking skin! Chloe herself holds her own at times, but for the majority, sexy Chloe finds herself dominated. This fact, just so happens to be a very good thing. In the end, while the story itself is fairly basic, the sex on it's own, is very good, once it progresses. If you are a fan of passionate sex between girls, this scene definitely displays some nice chemistry.
Cast: Chloe Cherry,Jane Wilde
Rating: 7.00/10
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In this scene for the GIRLSWAY series, WEB YOUNG titled "Leaving Nothing to Chance", 18 year olds Chloe Cherry and Jane Wilde, are best friends. We meet the girls as Jane is introducing Chloe to the game, "spin the bottle". It happens to be a game that Chloe has never heard of, more of less, played. So with this in mind, Jane hopes to have Chloe prepared, as it is a game that she and her girlfriends will play at an upcoming party. Jane goes on to explain what goes on in a game of spin the bottle. This makes Chloe feel uneasy, as Jane is only one that she's ever been with. The shy and naive Chloe is not sure how she feels about the idea of being intimate with other people. However, with this, Jane does her best to comfort Chloe. This including having Chloe close her eyes and pretend that Jane is someone different. This leads to Jane kissing Chloe, as well as massaging her between her legs from over her pink and white panties. Kissing goes to Chloe sucking on Jane's tits. Jane then goes down on Chloe's pussy, licking, sucking and tongue punching her hole. Chloe then follows this up by having Jane on all fours as she takes her from behind. It's from here, that Chloe unleashes her own assault on Jane's asshole and pussy. Next, we see Jane return the favor as roles reverse. Jane then attacks Chloe's holes with her mouth, and tongue, and becomes more determined when she has Chloe reposition, and she straddles her. Here, we see her do work with her tongue, and bury her face in. At one point, she even alternates her tongue from Chloe's asshole to her pussy, cramming it in and out, Jane then asks Chloe what she would like for her to do next - without hesitation, Chloe says that she wants Jane to sit on her face and rub her pussy on her tongue. Jane does just that, first sitting, and subsequently grinding on Chloe's face - initially in the cowgirl position, and then in the reverse variation. It's from there, that things go to 69, as Jane goes back to work on Chloe's pussy, simultaneously. Following this, Chloe is on her back, as Jane top her for scissoring. In this position, Jane's pace is increasing, as she bumps and grinds against Chloe's pussy, Eventually going hard. She next would also do the same from a side mount, which soon brings the sex to a close.