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A part of the network Shut That Brat Up
(click to enlarge) Shut That Brat Up (2019)

Starring: Katya Rodriguez
Co-starring: Zac Wild

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.00 / 10)

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28 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: From the ADULT TIME original series, "Girls Under Arrest", comes this premiere episode of the series' second season, titled "Shut That Brat Up" The series, which closely emulates reality shows such as "Cops" and "Live PD" with of course a sexual twist, shows cops on patrol, handling various cases per each episode. In this episode featuring Katya Rodriguez and Zac Wild, Katya is a young, spoiled and rich teen who has been suspected of shoplifting and trespassing. Of course, these are charges which Katya denies being a part of and she does not go quietly. In the end, Zac Wild, who portrays the veteran Officer to his rookie partner(portrayed by Derek) gets fed up with her attitude. This is when we see a rather crooked cop takes matters into his own hands - giving her the dick treatment she doesn't expect. Going into this review, it was my first time checking out the "Girls Under Arrest" series, so I didn't know what quite to expect from it, other than sort've I guess you'd say a "parody" vibe(though serious in tone). As I'd find, this series is one that is more about the entertainment side of things, rather than aspect of sexual performance. In my opinion, this is fine as there is a place in adult entertainment for these types of scenes. As a whole, I found myself entertained by this story - the one that sees a bratty rich girl, punished by a crooked Officer of the law, As for the sex aspect of the scene, it's almost second priority to the setup and story told. . The sex of the scene - or I'd rather call it, episode, as I have, is brief. However, it's not without it's merits. Katya Rodriguez is a hot young starlet, and a key moment here is when Zac places her on the trunk of the car, eats, fingers and ultimately fucks her pussy. The squeals that Katya emits, as Zac penetrates her are indeed sexy. In the end, when it comes to both Katya Rodriguez and Zac Wild, it was my first time seeing both. Unfortunately however, this really isn't the type of scene that one can rightly judge performance skills from. Though it is fun. So with that said, I hope to see them more in the future. I have especially heard great things about Zac Wild. But to close here, yes I would recommend this scene if you are looking to expect something that is more entertainment. If you are instead, looking for s drawn out sex scene however, you won't find it here.
Cast: Katya Rodriguez (with Zac Wild)
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Missionary
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This episode of GIRLS UNDER ARREST opens with Officer Carvelli(Zac Wild) and his partner, rookie, Officer Parker(Derek Davis) on patrol. And they had been told to be on the lookout for a young girl(Katya Rodriguez) suspected of shoplifting and trespassing on public property. Driving along, Cavelli and Parker spot a woman matching the description walking along the sidewalk, when they attempt to question her. They approach the young woman, but she is none too cooperative - in fact, they eventually detain her for touching an Officer. She is placed into the back of the cruiser after being handcuffed, all while Katya, the young woman makes it known that her father in rich. Her attitude continues on the way back to the station, to the point that Cavelli becomes annoyed, so much so that the Officer decides to take matters into her own hands. This, as he changes their destination, ultimately driving he, Parker, Katya, and the film crew to an undisclosed location. By this time, worried and confused, Katya is in hysterics as she says that she has a big social media following and is worried about word getting out. As a result, Katya asks Cavelli if he wants her to suck his dick? She says this half-sincere, but the Officer takes it to heart as he plans to to teach Katya a lesson, by having her suck the "long dick of the law".

This, of course as Zac gets his cock out for her to suck. Katya is hesitant as she proceeds to suck, yet does so, as she additionally stroke the cock with her hands. This continuing as the Officer's body cam give us an overhead POV. However, after this, Zac isn't satisfied with just a blowjob, this to Katya's surprise. Zac has Katya get out of the car and strip out of her clothes. Katya removes her plaid top and matching pants, as Zac then bends her over the trunk of the police cruiser, propping her left leg up, to first eat her pussy and then fuck her from behind. It's following this that Zac again has Katya gets on her knees again, as she once again sucks. From here, Katya sucks until her knees tire, that is when Zac places Katya on the trunk. Here, Katya has her legs spread, as Zac goes down on her to eat her pussy, as well as finger it. Both of which make Katya squeal with please. This to to point where she tells Zac to just fuck her, as she remain in character. It's from her that Zac plugs away at her pussy in missionary/side fuck until building himself up to cum. At this time, in character, Katya frantically, and humorously pleads with Zac not to cum on her lashes. And yet with out fail, Zac jerk off, to do just that. Thus shooting a nice load into Katya's face to conclude the scene.