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Full Anal Service #05 (2017)

Co-starring: Mike Adriano

Reviewed by PL

(8.13 / 10)

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In series: Full Anal Service
200 Min ( 3 hr 20 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: This title was high on my list for two reasons, Scarlet and Chloe, but walking away, I'm very interested in seeing more April and Adriana! Of course, I want to see more of Gina too, such a cutie! Speaking of Gina, she and Chloe put on the best scene of the bunch in my eyes. While Gina never took the cock, she did a great job as support and got involved in a few different ways to make the scene fun. Scarlet is a current fav and didn't disappoint at all. My biggest issues with her scene were expected based on Mike's style of shooting, but she's so fuckin' sexy, she overcame those easily. I really hope Scarlet puts the pedal to the metal and pumps the scenes out, she's so made for porno! Adriana's oral skills were amazing, she's clearly a dick sucking expert. April is as about as voluptuous as they come, but it seems she doesn't do much porno - a shame. Anyway, my biggest complaint was a reoccurring theme, Mike would push his cock down the girl's throat and "cum". While when done right, it works, but it just felt like a way to by-pass a pop shot. Overall though, it's a solid title and is right in line with all of Mike's other movies I have seen (in both content and score). If you aren't familiar with Mike's style, it's very much a keep the camera as close to the action as possible - lots of sustained close-ups. I happen to like this, but it's something I know some take issue with. So with that, I would still recommend it, too much good action here to miss.
Scene 1: Adriana Maya (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Side (anal), Cowgirl (anal), Doggy (anal)
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Opening with an interview, Adriana explain she's Black, White, and Columbian, and although she's been in the business for 3 years or so she's recently started doing anal! Mike focused on her ass, having her twerk it and spreading it, showing off her pussy pearls. After describing how she sucks cock, Mike put her to task. She did a good job with it, getting sloppy as fuck with it and getting it as deep as she could, which was pretty good in my book, but she admitted earlier big cocks are something she struggles with (deep throating). Mike didn't seem too concerned about the deep throat though, she got him close to popping a few times! I really liked how she played with the spit on her tits at the end, and she sure wasn't afraid to eat same either! After about 20 minutes of BJ action, Adriana laid on her side as Mike slowly pushed into her plump ass, having her do some ATM too. Adriana really has a great booty, and cowgirl was a great way to show off her deep cheeks! At one point he had her get off quick and suck him. You could see a little cum leaking from him as Mike said "You made me cum twice already" - wow, impressive in my book. Mike wrapped up fucking her in doggy until he came, one last time - down her throat. I wished he would have shot it in her mouth though... Anyway, Mike couldn't get over her oral skills, and I can't say I blame him, she looked like she really liked to (and really knew how to) suck some dick! I was wishing for more gaping though, we only a little when right before the anal action kicked off.
Scene 2: April Dawn (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Missionary (anal), Cowgirl (anal), Doggy (anal), Side (anal)
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April is originally from New York, but she's out in Cali to suck dick on camera - her favorite thing! Quickly Mike focused on her ginormous tits - for fuck sake, they are beautiful! Of course, he focused on her booty some too, getting her to gap using toys, but she didn't need much help, she was gaping before he even got started! Finally, it was on to her favorite thing - the blow job, and some ass eating. She got as deep as she could on it and generated a lot of slobber (and snot), which was perfect lube for tit fucking! She did eventually get it all the way down her throat, but Mike seemed like he lost a little of his edge, making it easier for her. Finally, with April in mish, with her legs pulled back, Mike slowly entered her ass. After plenty of lube and a few strokes, she was gaping. I liked how the lube would stream out of her ass when she opened up, and we also got some nice shots of her little pussy (and bush) too, but that wasn't taking cock today The sounds of April's lubed pussy squishing against Mike's pelvis was hot as fuck as she rode in cowgirl! Mike continued to stretch her "cum dumpster" in doggy, then destroyed it on her side before there was a weird cut to Mike "cumming" down her throat. April said she swallowed it and even apologized for it, but Mike's cock looked awful soft. While I was absolutely enthralled about April's tits, pretty bushy pussy and her ability to gape, the scene fell a little flat for me. I wasn't really turned on by all the snot. Also, Mike's erection problems seemed off to me considering I don't ever recall seeing this issue before, and finally, the popshot was pretty questionable.
Scene 3: Scarlet de Sade (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Cowgirl (anal), Doggy (anal), Missionary (anal)
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With a sexy look into the camera, Scarlet confirmed she's a very dirty girl - in fact, she's here to gag on his fat cock and ger her ass fucked! After working up some spit to make her beautiful tits glisten they talked about her (she's 24, from Cali and was a salesperson) and how she just felt she was right for porno. I couldn't agree more, especially since I really dig her! On all fours, she showed Mike where the cock was going to go, shoving 4 fingers up her ass too. Pretty impressive considering her nails With her hair back in a ponytail, it was time to take on the dick. Scarlet struggled working up the desired spit levels Mike wanted, but she sure as shit tried. Making herself tear up and even had snot running from her nose. Of course, being the super slut she is, Scarlet gave Mike's asshole a good lickin', along with using her big pretty titties to message his cock. Finally, it was on to the sex. With Scarlet kneeling in front of Mike, she eased her asshole back on his stiff cock; going balls deep! Her lube-up, wet ass looked fantastic bouncing on the cock, and I loved how her ass would drip lube ever time she would do ATM. Up in cowgirl, it was much of the same action, lots of close-ups of the cock going in and out of Scarlet's shithole, but we did get some gaping! Scarlet didn't seem to be a natural gaper though. They went on to doggy and then missionary where we finally got some good looks at Scarlet's beautiful pussy, along with some better gapes. Shortly afterward Mike came down her throat. Like the last scene, it felt odd... Post scene they talked some and Mike was impressed with how well she took the cock, then she let him know this was only her second anal scene, and only 6 times in her person life - WOW! She's a fuckin' natural - in MANY ways .
Scene 4: Chloe Cherry,Gina Valentina (with Mike Adriano)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Missionary (anal), Doggy (anal), Cowgirl (anal)
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Gina and Chloe are here today to have some fun, with Chloe taking the butt-fucking and Gina helping make sure it's all nice and sloppy to help it go in! The girls showed off their pretty asshole, pussies and bushes for the camera and Chloe told Mike she's been practicing gaping! On to a treadmill, the girls showed off their nice asses before letting Mike tongue-fuck their asses. I was happy to see Gina agree to getting her asshole tongue-fucked, and both of them gaped! The girls took turns sucking the cock and doing some tandem work on both the cock and his ass Finally, with Cherry on her back, Mike slowly slipped in as she and Gina made out - Gina helped with doing ATM, getting Chloe to gape, rimming her and measuring the gapes Bent over in doggy, Mike continued to fuck Chloe's 19-year-old ass while Gina helped. At one point Gina was given an Hitachi style wand, using it until she was ready to squirt, and doing so on Chloe's ass while Mike held her gape open! Chloe's wonderfully plump ass was then put on display as she went to cowgirl. There was lots of ATOGM and Choe gaping as she exclaimed, "I love getting fucked in the asshole!" With Chloe in pile driver, she got her pussy eaten from Gina as Mike focused on her ass, getting her to gape the best she had so far! When Gina used the wand from earlier on Chole's pussy, it was pretty hot how she was blowing bubbles from her ass from all the spit and lube Mike got creative, having a Chloe in doggy with speculum up her ass while Gina fill her ass with water (a douche) and tried to squirt it in It didn't quite work as desired, but it was fun watching it! When it came time to cum, Mike did the same thing he did in the other scenes, "down" Gina's throat. She swapped some it over to Chloe, but it was so clear, I would have guessed it was spit/slobber only.