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(click to enlarge) Maria Jade Didn't Let Me Pull Out! (2018)

Starring: Maria Jade
Co-starring: FreakMob

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

31 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: In this scene from FREAKMOB MEDIA, there is no storyline setup, or otherwise polished beginning which sets the stage for the scene that we about to see. No, what we have here, is a hotel room, two performers, and lots of dirty fucking. Going into this scene I truly did not know what to expect, as I had never seen any of the FREAKMOB MEDIA content, I had just known about them from following them on Twitter. However I'm an equal opportunist, and so I'm always looking for companies to support, whether they be high-end, or independent. They will always get a shot with me. With that said, it is a very good thing that I gave performer FreakMob and his company a chance, because it is a opportunity that paid off, not only for them, but for me as a reviewer, and as a porn enthusiast. Yes, though the setup here is simple, what we have here is a solid effort. Here, we go straight into the sex involving performer Maria Jade and FreakMob himself. Starting with oil upon Maria Jade's ample ass, we move into some good sex which additionally includes some truly arousing dirty talk by Maria herself. She seems to really relish in being a slut. This, as she takes FreakMob's dick as she grind and ride, and is otherwise fucked by the man in charge. As I said, the sex is very nice, with Maria's big booty centerstage the whole entire time, captured via very nice camerawork. It is sex that of course lasts all the way until the finish - one which includes FreakMob letting loose his load inside Maria for the creampie conclusion, as Maria will not let him pull out. As a reviewer and as a fan, I have to admit here, that I am really surprised by the quality that I got from this particular scene. Honestly, I did not expect the scene to be this good. Technically FREAKMOB MEDIA's content is homegrown gonzo, but don't let that fool you. Though the content is not as polished as a big name company, and will still be considered "amateur" by most - this is quality stuff. First of all, the performance by our performers here, is passionate. They're here to fuck, and they're here to fuck raw, and that is what they do. I really have to hand it to Maria Jade, who further amps up the performance that much more with her really, really hot dirty talk. It would seem that she is really into what is going on, even going as far as staying within the mindset that she is shooting for FREAKMOB MEDIA and his "mob", so to speak. During the sex at hand, Maria's dirty talk includes she saying such as "this is how one gets initiated into the mob, huh?", and then after FreakMob cums inside of her, she says that she has as "little mobsters" inside of her. It is both humorous, and oh so sexy at the same time. The latter moment, as the scene comes to a real nice finish. Overall, again with this scene, I must say that I am highly impressed with the quality of the output. It only makes me want to see more of the FREAKMOB's work. And I shall be doing that. Although simple, things are here nicely captured in a way which both puts emphasis on the performers, as well as keep the viewer interested, and into the action. Oh boy, Maria Jade, what can I say about her! This is the second time that I have reviewed her. The first time was for LEWOOD PRODUCTIONS - a time which she had blonde hair. With that said, I have to say that she looks much sexier at present. She is extremely hot, and her performance just exudes sexual arousal. Her body is just so tight - and that booty is just incredible. Recently, on Twitter, she revealed details about her private life, which she revealed that she has a lot on her plate on a daily basis, I just want to take the time to acknowledge that I applaud her for being able to juggle such a hectic schedule, and such heavy responsibility at once - all while still managing to give fans scenes that are as good as this one. This was a very good scene in my honest opinion. Personally, I do highly recommend you checking out FREAKMOB MEDIA, and all that they have to offer. Check out their content at their website,
Cast: Maria Jade (with FreakMob)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy
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The scene opens up with FreakMob oiling up Maria Jade's big ass, and additionally, spraying it down, prior to going on to tongue her asshole. He oils it up again, prior to going back to tonguing. This being before he gets his cock out for Maria to suck. Maria handles the cock with skill, sucking it thoroughly, making the blowjob sloppy. Things get extra sloppy next, as FreakMob lies back on the bed and the blow job continues, as things go to 69. From here, Maria continues to deep throat the cock, slurp it, as well as spit shine it, this time, adding much more spit to the proceedings. Maria makes a mess of FreakMob's cock as she dirty talks continuously. One of the things that she says is that "dirty bitches, always join the fuckin' mob!". Next up, Maria goes on to straddle the cock in reverse cowgirl as she faces the camera. It's from here that we see Maria Jade, bounce and grind on the cock in a circular motion briefly, prior to FreakMob, having her reverse her position as the action takes cowgirl, and her juicy ass, now part of the view. Here, we see more of the same, as Maria's big ass bounce on the cock, she grind with much skill, and as FreakMob fuck her steadily. This, as her feet, which are in heels, are pinned behind her. The action next takes to doggy, as FreakMob takes Maria from behind. Initially, we see him fuck her steadily once again. There is also some grinding back on the cock. This, as Maria is facedown and ass up. The doggy then continues with Maria being more upright. FreakMob then picks up his pace a little more, to pound her harder. More grinding on the cock follows from Maria, and then subsequently, more consistent sucking by FreakMob, during which FreakMob bares down to go deep inside of her. During this, at one point he pulls back on her neck, and then her arms for leverage. Following this, FreakMob again lies back, as Maria again suck him off prior to she climbing on once again, for reverse cowgirl. Here, Maria rides consistently, bouncing and then planting her feet to slam herself down on the cock. FreakMob, then takes charge, pounding her until he reaches the point of climax. However, Maria will not let him pull out, which results in the scene ending in a nice creampie.