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Jules Jordan Video
Flesh Hunter #14
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Flesh Hunter #14 (2016)

Co-starring: Criss Strokes, Jean ValJean

Reviewed by PL

(8.75 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Flesh Hunter
130 Min ( 2 hr 10 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: It's been a little bit since I've seen a Jules Jordan flick, too long honestly. Jules has always been one of my favorite directors and this has always been one of my favorite series. Neither has changed Although I will say that this has diverged some from the other Flesh Hunter series. I mean that in the sense of the vignette we got with Brandi at the end I don't ever recall that being a thing in the series - well not the ones I ever seen - and the fact tease wasn't a large part of all the opening scenes, a Jules Jordan staple and something I really enjoy. Although the opening two scenes exemplified that well. Then again, some of the "traditional" themes came back, I remember Mia Rose being a maid in Flesh Hunter 10 and the ball gag (light BDSM) themes, well Jules has always done them as far as I can recall. My biggest knock though was the lack of anal, something in every Flesh Hunter I've seen. Even with that though, it's a good title, and it's (pretty) textbook Jules. Great cast, very technically sound and just a visual treat. Much like most everything he does, it's a recommendation from me.
Scene 1: Lana Rhoades (with Criss Strokes)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Doggy, Flying Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary
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As a piano played we watched as Lana sexily moved around, teasing up in a sexy 1-piece and some winter-like stockings. Damn, she looked great, and Jules did a fantastic job of capturing it all. He's still the master of tease. After Lana took some polaroids of herself, Criss joined her. Lana licked and sucked his cock to start, then impressively got it all the way down her throat! Criss got the action going by standing her up and fucking her from behind, then moved her to doggy where fingered her ass while he fucked her; also having her taste it. Lana's nice ass was on full display as she rode in flying and regular cowgirl. With Criss all the way in her, she side she could feel it all the way up into her stomach! Spinning around to reverse, Lana's fantastic body was on display and with the stockings still on... A really great shot. The action continued in spoon and mish until he busted a huge nut all over face and tits! Lana looked fantastic (those eyes, those tits... WOW), per usual and put on a good show for us. I was impressed with her ability to take Criss' cock all the way down her throat! While there was some kissing going on, I didn't feel like there was much chemistry between them though; she also looked a bit dry.
Scene 2: Kimmy Granger (with Criss Strokes)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Doggy, 69, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Flying Cowgirl, Missionary
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Decked out in a slutty maid outfit, Kimmy did her tease through a black & white filter (which looked fantastic) to start, and then it snapped into color. Finally, she came across Criss, sucking his dick and briefly teasing his cock with her ass cheeks. Bent over a couch, the action got started as he slipped in her. As Criss took a seat, Kimmy masterfully worked the cock in reverse, then spun around and teased his cock until slipping her pussy over it - all hands-free! Once more she showed off some great hip action riding the cock, then it was back to reverse, where we got some beautiful close-up shots! Having Kimmy lay on the arm of the couch, Criss gave her asshole a good tongue fucking, along with some light anal fingering before slipping his cock back inside her pussy. He spanked her ass to a rosy red shade as he got deep into her pussy, looking to make her cum! Soon after it was his turn, dropping his cum on her face and neck, then feeding her a big glob of cum that landed in her hair; she swallowed it too! Kimmy not only brought a great look to the scene but a lot of energy too. She really seemed to love getting the dick down she got. Her dirty talk was good too!
Scene 3: Janice Griffith,Riley Nixon (with Jean ValJean)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl (Riley), Reverse Cowgirl (Janice), Missionary (Riley), Doggy (Janice & Riley)
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This one started off quite different, and rather unexpected. With Jean sitting in a chair with the ladies kneeling at each side, leaning in and kissing one another and Jean - very sexy and sensual. Soon the boobies came out, both sets were fantastic, then Janice fitted Riley with a ball gag. On to Jean's cock, Janice sucked and deep throated it, tantalizing Riley for a bit before taking the gag off her and allowing her suck it too before allowing her to take first dibs in cowgirl. In transition to Janice riding in reverse, Riley got a brief taste of Janice's sweet pussy. Riley really focused on Januic's clit as she rode, which Janice seemed to really like, but got in the way of the camera seeing the action. I'll admit though, it was pretty hot when Riley engulfed her mouth around her clit and would also lick from his balls all the way up to her clit as she rode! With Riley moving onto the couch, Janice straddled her face as Jean worked her pussy some more. Each of the girls then got fucked in doggy, side by side and stacked, then we cut to the girls sucking his cock some more until she got a blast of cum to the face while Riley took most of the load in her mouth. I think Riley swallowed hers, and the girls kissed as the scene faded out. A good scene here, both ladies looked fantastic and the opening BJ with the ball gag was pretty fantastic! While the chemistry seemed a little low between Jean and the girls, the girls themselves seemed to be decently into one another.
Scene 4: Brandi Love (with Criss Strokes)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Prone, Standing Doggy
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Again, an unexpected start, as we see Brandi looking MILF-y as FUCK as she made sure she looked for the person who was coming over to look at the room she had for rent - who was just arriving. She was a little concerned about his age and his ability to afford such an expensive place, but in polite terms he explained he was "talent" for entertainment. She took that as a sign he had the means, showing him the place. Being a bit forward she was pretty clear she's looking for a boy-toy, and after feeling his big cock through his pants, that was all she needed to lose her clothes and start sucking his cock; getting it as deep down her throat as she could. Up on the kitchen countertop, Criss poked his tongue up her ass, then slipped between her beautiful pussy lips to get inside her. Brandi hopped off the counter and then took him for a tour of the bedroom, riding him cowgirl, showing off a killer arch and doing some nice riding! As the action progressed, she got fucked in reverse, spoon, and missionary before she ended up on her belly - again showing off a fantastic arch. Getting off the bed, Criss bent Brandi over it, fucking her from behind until he was ready to cum, delivering his seed all over her face, her open mouth, and chest. As she tasted it she knew this arrangement was going to work out Like I said at the opening, this wasn't exactly like the others, there was a little but of a setup between Brandi and Criss and Brandi played to it all scene, which was fun. But really... This was about Brandi looking as hot as possible, fuckin' A did she look fantastic! Again, the scene was a little void of chemistry, but Brandi certainly seemed to enjoy the scene. Man that sexy ass smile could make anyone melt