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A part of the AdultForce network Finish In My Ass
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Finish In My Ass (2017)

Co-starring: Bruce Venture, Johnny Castle, Keiran Lee, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar

Reviewed by PL

(8.75 / 10)

Where to get it
191 Min ( 3 hr 11 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Brazzers does pretty solid work, and when I saw this one, I got excited. Not only did the cast look hot (Mia and Juelz are two favorites of mine), but it was an all anal cream pie movie! The movie didn't disappoint - for the most part. The biggest letdown was the final scene with Isis and the faked cream pie. I wasn't expecting it, and with as many scenes at their finger tips, I can't image why a different scene wasn't used. The only other gripe I had was with Juelz' scene. The quality of the scene (technically) was sub-par, you can see it in the screen shots, it looked dim. A shame too, Juelz is fuckin' hot and I REALLY liked her gettin' railed in the wedding dress! So on to the good/great. Mia shined in her scene, I loved her doing splits while getting her ass fucked, she gave some good energy too. Luna, someone I've not reviewed before, shined too. She really rocked the cowgirl thing and was sexy as fuck the entire time. Finally, the bonus scene was a good addition. It didn't "fit" in the respect of it not ending in a cream pie, nor the fact that it had a setup to it. Regardless, I really want to see more Alena. Even with a few dings, this is easily a recommended title, especially for those who like to see girls take loads of cum in their ass!
Scene 1: Mea Melone (with Bruce Venture)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Missionary (vag & anal), Side (vag & anal), Cowgirl (anal), Standing Doggy (vag & anal)
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Learning is fun - Mia and Bruce are in the same class, and Brus just receiver his latest test results. They weren't so good. Noticing how down in the dumps Bruce was, Mia decided to try to help out. If he could remember some important facts, she should show him her tits, and to Bruce's surprise, her idea worked! She continued to "coach" him until it leads to Bruce's cock in her mouth Bruce then picked Mia up and laid her on a desk and went about giving her pussy a fucking while giving the camera some great shots! Before long, Mia's ass was on the menu. Bruce did a great job through the scene spreading her pussy and ass for the camera, but Mia took the gold star, doing the splits (using desks) to get her ass pummeled by the cock! Really hot action! With Mia in reverse cowgirl, taking it up the ass while Bruce laid on the floor, he unloaded in her ass. Lots of great energy in this scene, I really felt like Bruce and Mia connected well; Bruce certainly looked very into Mia.
Scene 2: Juelz Ventura (with Johnny Castle)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy (anal), Standing Doggy (anal), Cowgirl (anal), Spoon (anal), Missionary (anal)
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Buttfuck The Bride - As you may have guessed from the title of the scene... Juelz is a bride who is focused on getting the perfect wedding dress for her big day. Johnny is the salesman in charge of helping her find that perfect dress - which was a little out of the price range for her father. As she was throwing a fit on the phone, Johnny came up with an idea... For free... But he gets to fuck her ass! So after sucking on Johnny's cock, she bent over in doggy, offering up her asshole for the fuckin'. She took it very well for being a "virgin" and she opened up nicely too. Wrapping it up, with Juelz in mish, Johnny fucked her hole until came in her. Right as he pulled out, most of the cum came too, and it was a big load. The camera got some great shots of her pussy and well-fucked ass as Juelz scooped up a bit of the mess Johnny left behind, taking several tastes of it. I had some issues with this scene. The lighting seemed a bit off.
Scene 3: Kat Dior (with Ramon Nomar)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Side, Missionary, Cowgirl (vag & anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Doggy (vag & anal), Spoon (anal)
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The Crowning Jewel - Looking quite appealing, Kat tried to talk a jeweler into trading an expensive butt plug for a piece of ass, but he wasn't biting on that. When he got distracted, she plugged her ass with it but didn't even it make it out of the store before they noticed it was missing, and Ramon took her into a room to give her a "thorough" search - which is exactly what she wanted from Ramon. He found it quickly, but things were just warming up. As he worked her ass with the plug, you could see how wet her pussy was, then slipped inside it to feel for himself. Down on the floor, Kat continued to take it up her ass, keeping it in there as she spun around several times for cowgirl and reverse cowgirl action. Ramon took a moment and fingered Kat to a squirt, then fucked her ass some more. He stopped and had her fist her ass, well close, she didn't get her hand all the way in, but it was close! Ramon left a good load in her ass, then fingered her to one more squirt before the scene closed out.
Scene 4: Luna Star (with Keiran Lee)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Standing Doggy, Missionary (vag & anal), Cowgirl (anal), Doggy (anal), Spoon (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal)
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Luna Loves Anal - Decked out in a sexy cowgirl outfit, Luna does some nice tease action before we cut to a cock sticking through a fence with her mouth around it. She bent over and let him get a brief feel for what's to come, then laid back on a bale of hay, having him eat her pussy before fucking her ass! I think they were at a real farm too, I heard a rooster in the background as they fucked! Anyway, Luna really worked the cock well when she went up to cowgirl! She really looked fantastic int he cowgirl outfit, and at the end begged Keiran to cum in both her holes! He did too, leaving big loads in each one! If it wasn't for how it was shot (one continuous shot), I would have guessed this was fake! The camera gave us some good long looks at her cum soaked holes and then faded out
Scene 5: Isis Love (with Johnny Castle)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy (vag & anal), Cowgirl (vag & anal), Reverse Cowgirl (vag & anal), Missionary (vag & anal), Spoon (vag & anal)
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Ass In Heat - As Johnny and his girlfriend walk into the sauna, they quickly notice a naked Isis Love! While his girlfriend tried her best to get Johnny to not focus on her... And as soon as she "fell asleep", Isis did everything she could to get his attention - and succeeded - fingering her pussy and wiping it on his lips! As Isis took the cock in doggy, she let off a squeal and that woke-up the girlfriend. Obviously, she wasn't happy about it, but Johnny wasn't going to stop mid-fuck, and kept going! And not only that, he went to fucking her ass! As she went up to cowgirl, she took the cock in her ass and then her pussy, griding it really well and looking like she may have came. Some realllly hot fucking there. Johnny continued to fuck both her holes, taking her holes at will, until the end where she begged for him to explode in her ass. Then things fell apart. It was rather obvious she was going to have a "mess", so they did some odd zoom/editing kind of thing, then cut to her perfectly clean asshole pushing out blatantly fake cum. A shame too. With the energy and passion Isis brought and the sexy opening ("hush-hush" nature of the scene), this scene was pretty fuckin' hot up to the end.
Scene 6 (Bonus): Alena Croft (with Mick Blue)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Doggy (vag & anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Cowgirl (anal), Missionary (anal)
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Alena Croft: The Notorious B.O.O.T.Y Outside, next to a pool, we got lots of tease footage with Alena showing off her bodacious ass and body before she and Keiran talked about doing her first on-screen anal! She had done anal before, off camera, and really enjoyed it, but today the cock is going to be a little different. After divulging her "dark fantasy" of having a 5 guys gangbang, Mick made his way into the scene so the two could get acquainted. With a nice bulbous toy plunged into her ass, Mick slipped in her pussy; fucking her doggy. But it wasn't long before he replaced the toy with his cock, and she took it with ease, even gaping a little! Alena took a good ass fucking the whole time, end up on her back as Mick pumped her ass until he was close to cumming, then on her knees, she went to take the load in her mouth. While she didn't get all of it, she swallowed everything she got. I love how soft spoken she was, and she assured us after at least 2 orgasms... She's addicted to anal!
Bonus scene, detailed in the review.