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(click to enlarge) Husband's Free Pass (2019)

Starring: Michele James
Co-starring: Eric Masterson

Directed by Billy Visual

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
42 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Presented as a short film, "Husbands Free Pass", from FANTASY MASSAGE, as part of their NURU MASSAGE sub-site, is one with a simple story nonetheless. It is basically about a stay-at-home dad, portrayed by Eric Masterson, who stays at home raising his kids while his wife goes to work. It is a scenario in which the wife wants to reward her husband for his hard work, therefore giving him a Nuru massage with a trained specialist, portrayed by Michele James, who specializes in the art of Nuru massage - which is a type of Japanese massage, which includes full body contact, as well as other extremes.

This erotic piece begins as Michele and Eric soap up in the shower and rub each other down, only to get further titillating as the massage procedure moves to an air mattress next. The massage graduates to Michele rubbing her fully nude body on Eric, until further going into full-on sexual content. For the majority of the scene, it is one that is a rather "slow burn", as it takes a while to get up off the ground, if you will. The truth is, some will like this, and some will not. It's simply depends on one's attention span. If you just want to go to straight sex, then there is quite a bit of material here to surpass in order to reach that material. But on the other hand, for those who allow things to become erotic, and in turn "soak in", this scene truly is an erotic treat for the eyes. Personally, I am with the latter group, as I don't particularly mind the slow burn process, especially when the scene involves a girl that is as sexy as Michele James is. She is indeed one of the hottest women in the adult industry, hands down. So the more time that I get to stare at her - effectively at her juicy body, the more happy that I am. And in this case the scene gives us much time to just appreciate all that Michele's body has to offer us. I was essentially drooling by the time we arrived to the sexual content at hand, which in my opinion made it all the better. It is effectively thorough, and well performed by both James and her male counterpart Masterson who really gives it to Michele over the course of this action. Technically, this is a scene that is well captured by director Billy visual, as well as cameramen; Curious Judas, and JT Tip. This scene, which runs just over 42 minutes in length, features some very nice direction by Visual who truly lives up to his moniker - that's because this scene is a truly visual one. The scene, not only features nice fully framed shots, but also very nice close-up work as well. I really enjoyed the shots which were close-up but only included half of the subjects, such as a part of Michele's mouth and so on. They weren't really worried at all times, about capturing the full subject, these partial shot selections really gave things an artistic flare, and as someone who is creative himself, I really appreciated it, as it's not the same old boring stuff repetitively. Here, Michele James and Eric Masterson, prove to work well together, especially as things got hot and heavy with the oil and the sex, of course. Here we have a somewhat fairly good chemistry between the two, creating a scene that is well worth the view. Again, if you are into the slow burning pace of things. With that said, I really did enjoy this scene, as I liked watching it build. I of course, also enjoyed the eroticism built by the scene. It is a scene that is really well played. If you happen to find yourself a fan of Michele James, of course you're going to want to see this one. Here, she is all oiled up, and really horny to play - and that she does. I do recommend this one if you're looking for something a little bit different than your average sex scene.
Cast: Michele James (with Eric Masterson)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Spoon, Doggy
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In this scene titled "Husband's Free Pass". Eric Masterson is a stay-at-home dad who has been granted a pass by his wife, who has who has booked him a Nuru massage. He comes into his appointment a few minutes late. However, Masseuse, Michele James is very understanding. Michele continues to go over the stipulations of the massage and what the Nuru massage entails, and wants to ensure that it is okay with Eric's wife that he receives such massage. After Eric reassures his Masseuse, Michele proceeds to start the massage, as the two now nude, lather up in the shower. Michele then proceeds to rub down her client from back to front, as the two make small talk. When Michele rubs down Eric's front, he gets erect, which prompts Eric to apologize. But Michele says that it is perfectly fine, as she goes on to stroke his hard cock. Eric follows this up by rubbing up Michele's body, and sucking her tits, with pierced nipples. Michele then moves the massage to a mattress, where we see Eric lying on his stomach. From there, Michele breaks out the Nuru gel, and proceeds to oil down Eric's body. She eventually oils down her tits and the rest of her body and then straddles Eric, to go on to rub her body against his. It is during this, that Michele notes how stressed and tight Eric's back is, as she gives it attention. The massage then moves to Eric's front, as he lies on his back, and Michele continues the procedure. She then eventually reaches his penis, and says that it seems to be the most stressed part of Eric's body. As a result, she proceeds to rub and stroke it, and lastly put it into her mouth to suck it. After a time doing this, Michele then asks Eric if he is ready for the final step of the massage. This, as she inserts Eric's cock into her pussy. From here things go to cowgirl, as we see Michele bounce, as well as Eric fuck Michele nice and hard, first at a steady pac,e before picking it up to go even harder. The action then moves to spoon. This being as Eric continues the pacing of in and out. We also see Michele grind on the cock well. The camera does a nice job of surveying this action from here. Eventually, the action takes to doggy, where, its combination of Eric fucking steady, as well as fast and hard, along with Michele also bouncing back on Eric's dick. This lasts for an extended period of time, until Eric finally reaches his boiling point, as he soon, pulls out. This is followed by he jerking off to spray Michele's ass with his load. Michele then rubs her client down one last time before sucking him off, to effectively end the scene, saying that she needs to get him cleaned up and back to his wife.