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Fallen 2: Angels and Demons
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Fallen 2: Angels and Demons (2018)

Co-starring: Brad Armstrong, Cody Steele, Derik Pierce, Eric Masterson, Isiah Maxwell, John Strong, Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble, Tommy Pistol

Directed by Brad Armstrong

Reviewed by Count Serreno

(10.00 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Fallen
200 Min ( 3 hr 20 min )
Condoms: Scenes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Overview: This is one of the best porn films I’ve ever seen and any fans of feature porn should add this gem to their collection. The production value is heads and shoulders above what a lot of studios are releasing and the acting performances are extremely well done. There are so many subtle nuances in this film that give it weight and emotional depth and there are plenty of huge moments (like drake’s encounter with Satan herself near the end) that propel this movie into the realm of masterpiece. It enhances it’s predecessor while still telling it’s own story and that is something a lot of porn fails to accomplish. Taken as a whole, this movie is impeccable and deserving of 10 stars.
Scene 1: Casey Calvert,Jessica Drake,Luna Star (with Derik Pierce, Eric Masterson, Ryan Driller)
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
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The opening scene sets the tone for the movie right away. jessica drake and Casey Calvert look fantastic in their stockings which split perfectly to bring attention to their great asses while Luna Star is adorned in a corset that shows off her ample bosom. The scene starts with lots of body worship which is awesome and we get some nice moments of Masterson and Pierce with their faces buried in Calvert and Star’s asses respectively. My favorite part of the scene was when jessica was sitting on Casey’s face blowing Driller while Pierce fucked Casey while Star ate jessica’s ass while being fucked doggie style by Masterson. That was hot. Throw in a sweet dp and the movie opened with a winner that was worth the price of admission.
Scene 2: Jessica Drake,Misty Stone (with Isiah Maxwell)
Positions: Missionary, Standing Doggy
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This scene was a winner based on the visuals alone. Stone and Maxwell look fantastic in their costumes and it lent a sense of fantasy to the entire affair. drake really got into this scene and her pleasure was easy to see in her face and hear in her voice. The contrast of colors in the scene was awesome and seeing jessica entwined between two angels in the throes of passion was a site to behold.
Scene 3: August Taylor,Jenevieve Hexxx (with Brad Armstrong)
Positions: Missionary, Doggy
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Big tit fans will love this scene. Hexxx and Taylor both have amazing breasts and they are on full display throughout this scene. Brad gives both ladies and pretty good pounding and there’s a nice face down ass up sequence that is a joy to look at.
Scene 4: Leigh Raven (with Cody Steele, John Strong, Seth Gamble)
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, DP
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This is really a showcase for Raven and she takes full advantage of the opportunity. She never neglects any of the three cocks in front of her and keeps everyone engaged. She always seems to have a cock in a hand, her mouth and a hole at all times. At one point it looks like the dicks are going to swallow her up because they’re just all over her face which is pretty hot. We also get a ton of anal in this scene and it’s awesome.
Scene 5: Leigh Raven (with Brad Armstrong)
Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Piledriver
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Another chance for Raven to show the audience what she can do and again, she doesn’t disappoint. We get a pretty awesome squirt moment during this scene just from Armstrong fingering Raven and we also get a very cool moment where he’s is fucking her while fingering her asshole. It’s pretty hot. The anal piledriver is icing on the cake.
Scene 6: Jessica Drake (with Tommy Pistol)
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary
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This is the first time drake and Pistol have worked together and it is a treat. There’s an aggression between the two of them that is palpable and jessica gets more aggressive during the blowjob than her fans may be accustomed to seeing. She’s got a great ass and it’s on beautiful display during the cowgirl while the look on her face during missionary is enough to melt ice. She practically smolders under him and it’s a joy to watch.
Scene 7: Jessica Drake (with Brad Armstrong)
Positions: Reverse cowgirl, Doggy, Cowgirl
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jessica really gets into this scene and she looks great doing it. The setting is awesome and the fact that shop opens the fucking with reverse cowgirl is great because we get to marvel at her body in all it’s glory right away. The moment where Armstrong is munching on her box while her feet are in the air is a vulnerable and erotic moment that should not be missed. The climax of the scene is the anal cowgirl in which jessica’s ass is tight around Armstrong’s cock fitting him like a glove while he pounds away. It’s extremely hot visually and jessica’s dirty talk enhances everything exponentially.