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Evil Angel
A part of the network Teen Lexi Gapes In First Anal Scene!
(click to enlarge) Teen Lexi Gapes In First Anal Scene! (2018)

Starring: Lexi Lore
Co-starring: Mark Wood

Directed by Mark Wood & Francesa Le

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
44 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: The sex, which is of course the main course of the scene, is also pretty solid. There is of course, sucking, and face fucking, which soon leads us to Mark fucking the pussy right, prior to going on to bang and gape Lexi's virgin asshole. During the later act, the viewer can tell that Lexi is having a good time, having her ass railed - she loves it in her asshole, which just so happens to be a pretty shade of pink - just like her pussy! The scene itself isn't too "extreme", yet, as I said, it is decent, as Mark often delivers a balls deep pounding. What gives the scene extra points is the fact of the overall enthusiasm through out the scene. During the sex, Mark is into it, but most importantly, so is Lexi, and she lets us know via her reactions during sex. As a viewer I also appreciated the work of camerawoman Francesca Le, not only for her excited dialogue from behind the camera, but also for her camerawork as well. Francesca never truly gets her due for her camerawork. It's great. I love how she captures the moments for us, whether it be in long shot, or in, and up close with the action. It is most affective and enjoyable. So, yes, to sum this one up, for a first on-screen anal endeavor, this scene is enjoyable overall. For fans of Lexi Lore, I'd say that it is a very good showing. A scene that opens the gate so to speak - or should I say, ass!
Cast: Lexi Lore (with Mark Wood)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Doggy (vag & anal), Missionary (anal), Cowgirl (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal), Spoon (anal)
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We meet young Lexi Lore, as our stage is set outdoors for a tease from the starlet. Lexi is wearing a pink string bikini, along with cat ears adorned with cute bells, striped pink, and white socks, a black choker. multiple bracelets, and pink nail polish, as she teases the camera. Lexi caresses her supple body as the camera pans her young curves, until her tits are soon out, as she stroke a pair of jeweled nipple piercings, as her perky nipples are in focus. She also rubs her pussy prior to then being seen fully nude. Before long the focus is then Lexi's ass, as she spreads her cheeks to show off her tight pink butthole. It's then soon after, that we move inside for a brief interview segment with Francesca Le.

Lexi first introduces herself to the co-Director. She says that today she is here for her first anal scene, and with glee, is quick to reveal that she has come prepared with a glittery pink buttplug already inserted into her ass. It's during this time that Francesca also comments on just how tight Lexi's asshole looks. Francesca follows up by saying that when girls come there, they like for them to cum. As a result, we are then treated to a masturbatory session by Lexi, as she first uses a curved purple vibe on her pussy until climaxing, prior to she plunging a glass dildo deep into her asshole, fucking it hard. However, it's after this that things truly get underway as Mark comes into the scene with his cock hard, and ready for action.

Young Lexi wastes no time going to town on said cock, taking it into her mouth to suck. It's here that Lexi playfully suck, and also Mark toy with her mouth, as well as fuck it, as Lexi play with her pussy. Things then go to doggy, as Mark fucks Lexi's pussy from behind, the pace here being steady, with harder intervals, as Mark pounds. Following a brief cleaning of the cock, things finally go to the scene's main attraction, which is of course, anal. Initially, Mark eases his cock into the tight space, but soon picks up the pace, as Lexi begins to gape. This evident, when Mark has Lexi spread her ass open for the camera. Mark then goes back to fucking once more briefly, straddling the ass to go deep, before it's ass to mouth. After, Lexi is positioned on the edge of the couch, as Mark soon reenters Lexi's gaping ass for a steady pounding, a pounding that also includes Lexi utilizing the curved purple vibe on her pussy. Following more ass to mouth, the anal continues in cowgirl, as Lexi bounces on the cock. Here, we see Mark slam Lexi down on his dick, as she takes it with a smile on her face. After more ATM, the position changes to reverse cowgirl, as the asshole continues to endure a pounding from Mark, as he slams her. This, also including Lexi grinding on the cock, as Mark rubs her pussy. Things next go to spoon. Here, Mark pounds away at the ass at a steady pace, as Lexi's legs are both open wide and held tight. The final position is missionary, with Lexi on her back with her legs held high and spread, as Mark continues fuck the ass deep, prior to Lexi sucking him off to his climax. The scene ends with Mark producing a big load, exploding into Lexi's mouth.