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EvilAngel.com: MILF Bridgette's Titty-And-Anal Fuck (2019)

Starring: Bridgett B.
Co-starring: Jonni Darkko

Directed by Jonni Darkko

Reviewed by Zack Forest

(10.00 / 10)

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In series: MILF POV Fantasy
39 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: I give this amazing scene a 10/10. It has everything I was looking for in a scene. Anal fucking, Deep throat, Titty fucking I mean come on it was great. Jonni Darkko has came through again like he always does to impress the viewer of the quality of the scene. Bridgett B never disappoints as well. Her big tits are pretty amazing and it would make any guy want to cum. This scene was great for Anal lovers like myself. I wouldn't have changed anything in this scene. They worked great together and I can't wait to watch another Evil Angel scene starting Jonni Darkko or Bridgett B.
Cast: Bridgett B. (with Jonni Darkko)
Rating: 10.00/10
Positions: Laying Down Fucking, Doggie Style, Cowgirl
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Bridgette B starts by wearing a lacy black panties and black bra. She starts to rub boobs through her bra making you want to see more. Then she does it she starts from the bottom of her panties and rubs up to her bra. Bridgett revels her massive tits to us. She rubs her tits then she says 'I bet you want to suck your dick so bad don't you as much as I do'

She lays down on her side and raise the strap from her laced panties and revels her pussy just waiting to get fucked. Bridgett bites her lips and says 'Fuck me'. It turns to Jonni Darkko Laying down and Bridgett B laying down with a cock looming around her ass and pussy.

He inserts his cock slowly into her ass and she simply says 'Just like that'. He begins thrusting his cock into Bridgett's ass. He growns as Darkko's cock go in balls deep. He lifts her legs to get maximum deepness. She plays with her wet juicy cunt as he plows her. He goes in and out of her ass to tease his cock.

Bridgett lays with her legs closed and her ass with some oil on it. He starts to fuck her again hard in the ass in and out as she feels the veins of his cock and the hardness of his cock. She touches her breasts as she is getting fucked nice and hard.

Darkko pulls out his cock and she starts stroking his hard shaft up and down. She then licks her hand after she strokes his cock. He starts back fucking her laying on there side. He pulls out and again she strokes his hard cock up and down and Bridgett guides it back into her ass.

She lays on her back with her legs up while he fucks her ass hard. Darkko pinches her nipples while he fucks her deep. She spreads her pussy wide and you can see goose bumps on her. They lay back down with his cock pumping her pussy really deep.

Its time for a blowjob so he lays back and she starts to grab his cock and starts to suck on it. She sucks while stroking it up and down. She starts to gag and she goes deeper on his big cock. She faces the camera and starts to blow him and suck his big cum filled balls. Bridgett then goes down farther and farther on his cock as she gags. She takes both of his balls and takes them into her mouth and start to suck on both. She then starts back sucking and taking his big cock deep. Spit is comes into play as she sucks more and more deeper and deeper down the shaft.

She bends doggie style and he begins to fuck her deep. With each in and out of his cock into her ass she moans louder and louder. Bridgett turns around to suck his big raging cock. He thrust into her mouth making her gag.

Bridgett jumps back on him in a cowgirl position as she makes her ass bounce on his hard cock. Her ass keeps bouncing on his hard cock inside her pussy amazing site to see. He Grabs her and thrusts into her deep inside her pussy. She bounces up and down hard on his cock balls deep in her pussy.

She lays on her back with her tits oiled and says 'use me all you want' as she bounces her tits. He begins to put his cock in between her tits thrusting himself into her boobs. She squeezes his cock tight between her tits. Darkko lays his cock on top of her boobs as she starts to suck on his cock. She spits in the middle of her chest and Darkko sticks his cock in between her breasts as she presses her boobs harder together. He thrusts hard titty fucking her.

He stops and stuffs the dick in her mouth then he rubs his cock on her nipples. He goes back to titty fucking her and she starts to talk dirty to him as the boobs strokes his cock and soon his load of cum. Then it happens he strokes his cock and explodes a thick load of cum onto her nipples. The cum runs down in between her tits and he places his cock in between as she rubs out the last drops of cum from his cock. Just lastly says 'Just what I wanted'.