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Evil Angel
A part of the network Asian Fuck Faces #2 - Scene 4
(click to enlarge) Asian Fuck Faces #2 - Scene 4 (2012)

Starring: Mia Lelani
Co-starring: Chris Charming, Jonni Darkko, Winston Burbank

Directed by Jonni Darkko

Reviewed by Zack Forest

(10.00 / 10)

Where to get it
37 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene is pretty amazing. You have 3 cocks and 3 loads to give. I liked Jonni Darkko’s face fucking the best. He really gave it to her when she let him just destroy her throat. This is a good solid 10 for me. I really enjoyed this and I hope he makes more of these face fucking movies and the idea of 3 different guys cumming on her face and in her mouth was great.
Cast: Mia Lelani (with Chris Charming, Jonni Darkko, Winston Burbank)
Rating: 10.00/10
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Jonni Darkko has made another deep throat movie to no surprise. He is great at making and staring at them. This Particularly Scene stars Mia Lelani and Winston Burbank. She starts out doggie style on a glass table wearing a black bra and panties and a belt. She says in a seducing tone are you rubbing your dick right now? That’s a good fucking boy. Out of the gate, she starts to talk dirty. She starts to rub herself through her panties and takes out her big tits. She spits in between in her tits dripping down to her wet panties. She then says give it to me and he does. She starts to spit on his cock and jacks him off while talking dirty to him. She begins to suck his cock while jacking it off making it nice and sloppy. He then takes her head and starts to fuck her face. She then just sucks the tip of his cock making a great pop sound. She teases him by licking the head of his cock. She says she wants more and he grabs the back of her head and starts in again fucking her face then she says to give it and he moans while jacking off and he cums in her mouth stream after stream of hot sticky cum. She spits it on a platter and plays with it. Pouring it back in her whore mouth and then back on the platter. She gets another cock and starts to deep throat it. She has his wet balls in her hand wet from her spit and starts to suck his cock deeper and deeper each time. She gets back on the glass table and he grabs her head and starts to fuck her throat. A big pile of spit is on the table and she starts to slurp it up and spits it back out on his cock and the glass. She sucks on his balls and says give it to me. Some of the cum shoots in her mouth some shoots on the glass table. The next cock is the best, it's the director Jonni Darkko. He grabs her head and starts to throat fuck her mouth with his cock. Up and down deeper it goes till she stays down on the base of the cock. He lets her breath then back at it. Her head lays back and he starts to skull fuck her thrusting deep into her mouth. All the way to the base of his cock. He shoots it down her throat and the cum and spit mixes and that is how it ends Darkko’s cum and her spit on her face.