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DogFart Lilly Ford
(click to enlarge) Lilly Ford (2018)

Starring: Lilly Ford
Co-starring: Prince Yahshua

Reviewed by PL

(9.50 / 10)

Where to get it
31 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: It wouldn't do Lilly justice if I didn't start this wrap-up with... Lilly if fucking awesome! Her scene was a big turn on, everything from how she looked to how she performed, but what really put me over the edge was how great per personality was on the BTS; she's a very upbeat. Anyway, on to the scene! Lilly and Prince seemed to have good chemistry, resulting in a very good scene. Her energy was fantastic and she's got a gift for dirty talk! Not the way over the top stuff though. I'd be remiised to not give Prince some praise here. He did a great job selling the scene and performing, it's nothing new from him in my opion, he's one of the top guys in this buisness in my eyes. To not drag on, please, see this. Get a memebrship to the site for it, or even pick it up for a few bucks on DogFart's VOD site. Both links are available above
Cast: Lilly Ford (with Prince Yahshua)
Rating: 9.50/10
Positions: Doggy, Missionary, Cowgirl
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Lilly's been working out hard at the gym, and Prince ebing a fitness instructor, has noticed her dedictaion, so he's invited her back for a special session. So he got his camera out so he could record Lilly so he could show her what she's doing wrong - from a form perspective. Making sure he's in the right spot as she excercised, he felt his big cock through his pants and soon couldn't hold back, she had to see it! Appparently she's engaged and her man's cock so small, she could "swallow it when she's not even fucking swallowing"! So after Lilly made Prince swear no one would ever see the video, then started kissing and sucking on it - devouring it! Barely able to get mouth around it. Lilly just got hot and bothered, so she took all her cloths off, execrcising just right to have Prince's big cock tease her beautiful pussy lips. Finally Lilly "lost her shit" and told him to stick it in. After a bit Prince set the camera aside, allowing the main camera to get some really awesome shots of Lilly's pussy gripping Prince's thick cock while he grabbed on her hips. Laying on her back, still on the excercise machine, Prince keeps on at it, using the camera some more too. It was then Prince's turn to lay back as Lilly rode in cowgirl and reverse. Back in mish, and on the machine, Prince slipped back in her pussy. She looked like she may have came a time or two, then started begging for his cum in her pussy. He pumped away, giving her exactly what she wanted. Slowly he pulled out as she spread her lips open, giving the us some beautiful shots of her cum fulled twat! After taking one last taste of the cock, we faded out.
There was 9 minutes of BTS. Lilly gave us a quick story about a recent scene where she trying to shoot with a guy for his first porno shoot. This was her first time on\ They did something SUPER fucking hot too, they had Lilly put her shorts back on and wear them around for a bit, then had her pull them down... Reavling a small pool of cum in them from all her movement!