DogFart Christie Stevens
(click to enlarge) Christie Stevens (2018)

Starring: Christie Stevens
Co-starring: Jax Slayher

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

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31 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from DOG FART's series "cuckold sessions", sees Christie Stevens, invite her husband to to the gym on his birthday so that both can work out. However, Christie knowing that her husband Jay is obedient, has other plans. As it turns out Christie's husband, negatively endowed, just isn't satisfying her with his small penis, and so she regularly fucks guys who are much bigger. In this case the scenario is not any any different, as Christie makes her husband watch as she fucks her personal trainer Jax Slayher. As all the cuckold scenes are, this one involving Christie Stevens is one that is rooted in comedy more than anything else. Personally, I found it to be quite hilarious how Jay, the husband was so obedient and gullible. For instance during the time that Jax is eating Christie's pussy, Christie's shouts out to him "honey, this is how you eat pussy!" To which Jay responds, "Ok babe". His deadpan responses are just hilarious. Throughout the entire scene he agrees with everything much in this way and it is just funny to me. As for the sex between Christie Stevens and Jax Slayher, it is a good round overall. I wouldn't call it the best, and certainly not the best that I have seen Christie perform with another, but it is what it is, and when Christie is involved it's always going to be sexy. At least in my opinion. Over the course this scene in the midst of some steady fucking, there are times that Jax really pounds Christie's pussy hard, and that's what I like. Another key moment during the scene, is of course when Christie rides the cock in cowgirl. The Christie is without a doubt one of the girls who looks the absolute best when doing this particular sex act. She is somewhat petite, and so when she climbs on, she puts her legs behind her, making her feet visible. Now I'm not really a foot person, but I have to say that Christie's feet, are a pair of the sexiest feet I have seen. It's not only this, her ass also, always looks great from this position. So, with all of this said, what we have here is a fairly decent scene. One that I found more humorous than anything. Now I don't know who this Jay person is - the guy who portrays the husband in the scene, but I have to say that he is pretty much perfect for the role. Christie and Jax, also performed well from an acting standpoint as they had to keep the humor going. I just loved, how once things got settled in Jax got comfortable enough to boss Jay around himself. It's just really, really funny. Technically, this is another well presented scene by Billy Watson. As always, he keeps us in on the action. In this scene particularly, I have to say that I also enjoyed all the long shots, as the camera pulls away to involve the on-looking husband. The views are very nice and clean, as is flow of the scene itself. As I said above this is a decent scene overall, if you are a fan of Christie Stevens like I am you'll want to check it out. I just love her, as I said before, I think she is extremely sexy by all accounts. It's also fun to see her act like sort of a bitch, as in reality, that is not who she is at all. It's really sexy how she refers to Jay's penis as a "pee pee" the entire scene. With this said, just know, as you always give with cuckold scenes this is more about the comedy aspect.
Cast: Christie Stevens (with Jax Slayher)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Standing Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Standing Cowgirl
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This scene takes place at a gym setting in which Christie Stevens is having a session with her trainer, Jax Slayher. This session turns out to be a special occasion, as it is her husband Jay's birthday. Jax is just about ready to terminate her husband's gym agreement, citing that he doesn't show up in this otherwise late. Christie on the other hand, does her best to salvage the idea saying that she will do double the sessions with Jax. She also says that the reason that she had him come today on his birthday, is that since he has such a tiny "pee pee", as she calls it, Jay likes to watch Christie fuck other guys, who are more well hung than he. Christie and Jax kiss just prior to Jax getting out his big cock, a cock which Christie soon takes into her mouth. It is a short time later during this that Christie calls over Jay to humiliate him. She has him pull his pants down to reveal his tiny penis to both she and Jax, who both have a laugh at his dispense. Kissing between Christie and Jax continues, as Christie is eventually stripped down. When it comes to taking off her shoes, that is when she calls Jay over to do so. And he does it like an obedient husband. After the husband also removes Christie's yoga pants, Jax goes on to eat her pussy. This as Christie reports to her husband just how good it is. From there it's missionary, as Jax fucks Christie's pussy until she cum on his cock. After which Christie sucks clean. A short time later, we then see Christie bend over for doggy on a weight bench. Jax takes her from behind, eventually going half-straddle to go deep into Christie's pussy. This, as Jax orders Jay to come watch as he lie on his back underneath them. Things then transition to standing reverse cowgirl for a time before going to reverse cowgirl on the floor. This occurring, as Christie makes her husband watch, while jerking his little dick. This until he cums. The action then continues in cowgirl, as Christie's position reverses. Initially, the fucking is steady, this until Jax improves his pacing going faster and harder. Following this, the action transitions to standing cowgirl briefly, as Jax pounds Christie's pussy hard until he must cum. Our action comes to an end, after Christie again briefly sucks Jax's cock and balls, as he subsequently jerks off to shower Christie's big tits with a nice load. The scene concludes as Christie orders Jay, her husband to come over and lick her tits clean of Jax's cum. And he does just that.