DogFart Carmen Valentina, Gia Paloma
(click to enlarge) Carmen Valentina, Gia Paloma (2017)

Co-starring: Mandingo

Reviewed by PL

(6.75 / 10)

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34 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Frankly, this kind of porn isn't my cup of tea. The action itself was pretty good, but I don't dig humiliation really, which ultimately didn't allow this scene live up to an expectation I had set in my mind. And to put it into context as to why I picked this scene, when I saw Gia, I was excited to see her in action. It's been a long time since she's been on my radar and she's one of my favorites. Anyway, as I mentioned, the sex was solid, but rather limited at only two positions. I really felt the scene could have gone on a bit longer and gave us more of the ladies. Certainly, some more shots of them getting stretched by Mandingo's big cock would have been great too. Both of whom were sporting really nice bush, but no positions to really show them off. I struggled to rate this one, frankly. I felt 7 was a little too high and 6.50 was too low, so I settled in the middle. I think this certainly has an audience, but my adoration for Gia couldn't quite pull this one up for me.
Cast: Carmen Valentina,Gia Paloma (with Mandingo)
Rating: 6.75/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy
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armen and Gia are fawning over how much they love BBC and how little they enjoy "white weenies", so they call in "Fluffy", so they can torture him. First, they make him take his dick size (and being really cruel too!), then force him to put on a chastity device. Finally, with that on and his mouth stuffed rubber gloves, Mandingo was called in. The girls took turns sucking on Mandingo's long cock while the other used their feet to tease "Fluffy". Up in cowgirl, Carmen took the cock first, riding in cowgirl for a few before Gia but her big tits to work - tit fucking the cock, then taking her turn in cowgirl. I will say, Gia took it "proper" too, getting Mandingo's massive cock balls deep in her pussy! Carmen went to doggy, and it was pretty hot how long the cock was that it allowed Gia would run her mouth along it as he slowly moved in and out of Carmen. Gia stacked on top of Carmen and got some cock too, then both girls did some PTM action. After a few more strokes in Gia's pussy Mandino couldn't hold back any longer, having the ladies get on their knees to get open mouth facials. I'm not sure if any of the cum was swallowed or not, most of it ended up on their chest and tits, but they did some sexy cum kissing though! Of course, that perfectly set up Gia calling over "Fluffy" to clean up a "real man's cum" before spitting on him and walking out of the room, leaving him kneeling there humiliated.
Like with most DogFart scene, there was a BTS segment, which was 19 minutes long. There was a good interview with Carmen, and a really cool interview with "Fluffy", Carmen and Gia. A cool nugget was the fact the Julie Night was a big influence on Gia! Apparently, Gia missed "porn sex", that was a big key factor in her gracing our screens again! This is Gia's 4th scene back.