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DogFart April Aniston
(click to enlarge) April Aniston (2019)

Starring: April Aniston
Co-starring: Pressure, Prince Yahshua

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
34 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: For this scene from DOG FART's "Blacks on Blondes" series, we have April Aniston, the 18-year-old starlet who here squares off against Prince Yahshua and protege, the newcomer known as Pressure. When it comes to this scene, it is one that I have been waiting seemingly, a long time to see. Ever since the news about it hit Twitter, I have been looking forward to it ever since. Not only because it features the ultra cutie April Aniston, and the veteran Prince Yahshua, but because it features Yahshua discovery, Pressure, whom I see here, for the very first time. I say this knowing that it will not be the last time that I see him. The setup here is quite simple. The story takes place on the weekend as Prince and Pressure are just basically hanging out at Prince's house, as the wise elder performer drops some knowledge for his young lion, when suddenly they are approached by April Aniston who is horny and wants to fuck. As she already has a butt plug in, the guys find it hard to say no to her, as the action soon begins.

The end result here is a fairly solid three-way scene, as the tiny 18 year old April takes two big black cocks in not just or pussy, but her tight asshole as well. The overall flow of the scene is nice. The only thing that I kind of wish was different about the scene is that a lot of time is spent in the doggy position, whether it be vaginal sex or anal. Luckily however, the action soon moves on from this to get far more interesting in the missionary cowgirl positions. And speaking of those positions, it is in missionary where my favorite moment from the scene occurs. It is when in missionary, with April's legs held high and back, we see Prince plug away at her ass, until April is forced to cum. This was pretty hot, I have to say - made even better with April's dirty talk to Prince, as she calls him daddy, and asks if he can feel it after she climaxed. Another thing that I really enjoyed about the scene was the readiness of the newcomer. Here, I will say that Pressure impresses. I love the way that he banged April from behind in doggy, and later on in missionary, as he drove it in deep and hard. I'd say that pressure himself is on two good things. You will be seeing a lot of him especially from BRANG BROS scene as he just signed a contract with the company recently. To talk about the technical side of things when it comes to this particular scene, director Billy Watson, again keeps a close eye on action, especially in close-up. In my opinion this particular scene features some very nice close-up work of the penetration as it happens, both vaginally and anally. From this viewpoint, we really see what we want to see from the action. Accompanying this nice close-up work that I speak of, are also very nice overhead action shots, which put all of the subjects in focus to very nice effect. And last but not least not sure that I would call it a technical aspect, but again I really, really enjoyed April Aniston's dirty dialogue. Yes although this girl is only 18 years old, she brings the heat when talking dirty here. Throughout the scene there are multiple instances in which she asks her guys "how they like fucking her 18 year old pussy?", or otherwise refer to how tight it is. To me all of this talk further helped the scene become more lively and interesting. Overall, collectively it is a very good scene to watch as it unfolds, featuring a veteran at work as usual, along with a newcomer who gives a nice showing, all of which is of course, centered around and energetic young starlet in April Aniston. With that said, if any of these things sound good to you, then this is a scene that I do recommend checking out!
Cast: April Aniston (with Pressure, Prince Yahshua)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Missionary(anal), Doggy(anal)
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In this scene it's the weekend at Prince Yahshua's house. That is where we find Prince, and newcomer, Pressure talking over the ins and outs of the adult business. It is during which the veteran Prince gives Pressure some valuable advice, including answering Pressure's question in regards to lasting without prematurely finishing, while on set. It is a short time later that the guys are interrupted by the bubbly, and bright April Aniston, who comes skipping in. April has but one thing on her mind, as she eagerly asks the guys if they want to fuck. She then explains that she has already put in a buttplug in preparation. This is the fact that amazes both Prince and Pressure, as they cannot believe that April has somehow managed to cram a butt plug into her ass, while wearing her tight shorts. It is then that she strips out of said shorts to show them. This being shortly before things get underway between the three of them.

The action begins with a little ass worship from Prince, and Pressure, as April is on all fours. Prince then goes on to pry the buttplug from April's tight ass. She remains on all fours as she goes on to suck Pressure off. This as Prince starts with tonguing at her pussy from behind, before putting his cock in as things go to doggy. This, as she continues to work on Pressure simultaneously. However, next up we see April he goes on to ride dick in cowgirl, as climb on to ride Pressure. Here, she bounces on the dick as she goes on to suck off Prince at the same time. Eventually, we see pressure increase his pace to go faster, and harder as he fucks April. Next up, things go to anal, as Prince once again takes April from behind. During this, April's mouth is once again stuffed by the cock of Pressure. April is on her back next, as Prince takes her ass. He eases it in, slow and steady, and continues likewise for a time. This prior to passing her off to Pressure, as he takes her from behind to go at her pussy. Following this, Prince does the same as he returns to doggy with April. However, next up, Pressure has his turn at anal, as he enters April's ass from behind, from this position that Pressure's pacing is increasing, as he bangs her asshole. The next position sees April again on her back, as Prince takes her ass once more, his pacing from here is steady. This before he switches holes, half straddling April to drive his cock deep into her pussy, still at a steady pace. Next, it's Pressure's turn, as he goes on to slam his cock into her pussy nice good from the missionary position. But it is next that Prince says that he is ready to come, this as he has April climb on for cowgirl. From this position April is fucked nice and deep, until Prince finally lets loose his load inside of her. This is then followed up by Pressure, who jerks off to cum onto April's mouth to end the scene.