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DogFart Addison Lee
(click to enlarge) Addison Lee (2018)

Starring: Addison Lee
Co-starring: Mandingo

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.00 / 10)

Where to get it
29 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Here for DOG FART's "Blacks on Blondes series, we have an encounter between young starlet Addison Lee, and big cock legend, Mandingo. At the beginning of the scene the young wide eyed Addison isn't quite sure that she can take the huge cock of the legendary performer. However, as we would find out as this scene unfolds, it just so happens that her young, tight pussy was, and is more than capable of doing so. With that said, she does so eagerly and it is a nice sight. This scene marks the first occasion that I have had the pleasure of seeing Addison Lee perform. In fact I had just became familiar with her via her good friend Michele James - who I just love. Well, anyway. Addison is a hot young thing, with a tight young body, complete with a nice juicy ass. In my opinion, she just might be on her way to doing a lot of good things in this industry. She has a nice energy, and definitely has a craving for sex. I really enjoyed her enthusiasm here in this scene, I must say. Here, she seems to relish in the fact that she gets to have her way with Mandingo's huge cock, and for us, the viewer, is fun to watch play out, because it is apparent that Addison is genuinely enjoying herself. Here, she rides Mandingo's cock well, as her tight pussy grips it. It is during the course of the sex that we see Addison's pussy cum, several times, as evident by Addison's white cream, which is visible on Mandingo dark skinned cock. It's really hot! When it comes to performance, I wouldn't quite say that Addison and Mandingo worked well together here, exactly, as the scene was more about Addison taking the dick, rather than overall chemistry, above all else. However, I will say when it comes to Mandingo's individual performance, he was a lot better here in this scene, than I have seen him previously. The only other time that I have reviewed him, was when I reviewed one of his "Mandingo Massacre DVDs for Jules Jordan. To be honest, I was not overly impressed, because of his seemingly lack of enthusiasm, during the act of sex. However, when it comes to this scene, I was pleased to see him put forth a little more effort. There are times in which he picks up the pace here, and really plows his dick into Addison's pussy. So of course, this benefited the scene overall. And speaking of overall, technically, this scene is yet another DOG FART scene that looks really good, as it is well presented and captured by Billy Watson, who includes some very nice angles, such as overhead/ overhead POV, and very tight close ups which put us right into the action. In the end, I enjoyed this scene for the most part, as it is a nice introduction to a starlet who is new and fresh to my eyes. After this, I will definitely be on the lookout for more scenes which find Addison Lee, front and center, and happily riding a cock.
Cast: Addison Lee (with Mandingo)
Rating: 7.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Standing Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl
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The scene begins with Addison Lee introducing herself to BBC superstar Mandingo, whom is sitting next to her on the couch. Addison says to Mandingo that she has confession to make, and that confession is, that she is a "size queen". She says that ever since high school she has been fascinated by big black penis. Addison says that she wants to see Mandingo's cock - this after feeling it up over his pants. However, Mandingo next requests that Addison stand up, and show herself off to him. From here, Addison begins a striptease, as Mandingo takes time to admire her plump ass. Eventually, she strips down, as the DOG FART cameras snap photos. It is then that the time has come as Mandingo goes on to reveal himself to Addison. Initially, she is amazed by the size of his cock, however she does not hesitate to put it in her mouth. This, as she goes on to suck and stroke Mandingo, as he additionally fucks her face. This continues as Mandingo sit back on the couch. That is until Addison goes on to half-straddle him, as she attempts to ease the cock into her pussy. This however, soon graduates to her, full-on straddling him, as things go to cowgirl. From here, we see Addison bounce her nice round ass on the cock at a steady pace. Mandingo also gives back by fucking the pussy on his own. This results in Addison cumming on Mandingo's big cock. Addison follows this up by going on to clean her juices from said cock. This prior to climbing back on as cowgirl resumes for another brief round. That's because soon, Mandingo lifts Addison up, as the action now goes on to standing cowgirl. This, as Mandingo continues to plunge deep into Addison's hole with his large rod. Next up however, Mandingo wants to watch as he backs off, allowing Addison to play with herself, as the camera takes a close view. Mandingo follows this up, taking things into missionary, as he insert his cock into Addison, and proceeds to administer long, and slow strokes. There is a break in between which Addison goes back to sucking cock, prior to missionary resuming. This time, as Mandingo fucks at a faster pace. Next up, Addison is next facedown, and ass up on the couch, as Mandingo takes her from behind for doggy. Here, he continues his quick and steady pace of in and out. This, before another pause sees Addison once again suck him off. We then see Addison grind her bare pussy on Mandingo's hard shaft for a time, prior to he reinserting himself and doggy continuing, as he goes deep. Addison again cleans the cock, as she again sucks as Mandingo sits back on the couch. This is followed up by the action taking to reverse cowgirl, during which Addison rides at a fairly quick pace, prior to briefly again sucking, and returning back to reverse cowgirl. It's during this return, that sees Mandingo take over to fuck the pussy quickly, this leading up to his moment of climax, which occurs after he narrowly pulls out. This would bring the scene to an end, as Addison sucks up the mess to conclude things.