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SkyHigh Entertainment
Dirty Minded Wife Advent Vol.32 (
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Dirty Minded Wife Advent Vol.32 ( (2012)

Starring: Hinata Komine

Reviewed by PL

(7.40 / 10)

107 Min ( 1 hr 47 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I've seen a few JavHD scenes and this is the first movie I was able to piece together from the site; a pretty solid one too. I really liked Hinata's look, I found her face very sexy and her body perfect! Additionally, she seemed to enjoy her scenes. I wish I had some subtitles or something to help me understand to what level, but based on body language alone, it seemed pretty obvious to me. Much like some other Japan based movies I have scene, there's "filler" scenes, as evidence by scenes 1 and 4, but the core (fucking) scenes work pretty well. Especially so here since Hinata not only takes anal, but a DP! I would recommend this movie, mainly because I really liked Hinata, I like close-ups and I really like cream pies.
Scene 1: Hinata Komine
Rating: 5.00/10
Positions: Doggy
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She and the camera man chat, in Japanese, but I think they talked about her being married (or engaged) and about her big boobs before moving along to the fun stuff. Bent over in doggy, she slipped her panties down as they get some really tight close-ups of her asshole before putting in some Q-tips and beads wrapped in a condom. Eventually breaking out some real toys, working her pussy and ass. If I had understood Japanese, I think I may have liked this scene more. But, as is, I wasn't really all that into it.
Scene 2: Hinata Komine
Rating: 9.00/10
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After talking to the camera three cocks enter and surround Hinata, sniffing the cocks before taking them in her mouth. Eventually two leave the frame and she focuses on sucking one of the cocks, soon stroking it off to completion onto her big tits. With her tits looking to still be covered in cum, she takes on the next cock, doing all the work until he squirts his load between those pretty titties. After cleaning up, it's the next guy's turn, who got the same treatment as the first but with more sucking. This time she takes the load in her mouth, showing it off and the swallowing it down. I'm not a big BJ fan, but this scene showed a good spot. It wasn't overly long, each guy got plenty of "me time" and she finished off each guy. This is a very good example of how I would like my all BJ scenes.
Scene 3: Hinata Komine
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary (vag & anal), Cowgirl (vag & anal), Doggy (vag & anal), Spoon (anal)
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Hinata wakes up to her man bringing her some wine, which soon leads to some kissing and boob message/worship and him exploring her pleasure spot with his fingers; making her squirt. With Hinata on her back, she held her pussy open as he slipped in for a few moments before moving to her ass; cycling back and forth. As they moved through a couple positions the guy made sure to fuck each of her holes before finally moving Hinata on her side where she guided him into her ass. He pumped away until he blasted a load in her, still cumming a little as he pulled out. Although the scene was a little formulaic, it worked well. Hinata is perfectly built and the camera got great close-ups of the action. She took anal like a champ too, and I liked how she kept her stockings on! Nice touch.
Scene 4: Hinata Komine
Rating: 6.00/10
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With Hinata blind folded and her hands taped together behind her head, the guy gets those big beautiful tits of hers out and gives the camera a good look at 'em as he played with them. He then got a (loud) vibrating egg, using them on her nipples and clit before bending her over to fuck her ass and pussy with toys. After looking to cum, Hinata took a seat where the guy continued to fuck her holes more until she came again, then we faded out with a look at her exhausted face. An OK scene here I guess. I would have liked it if the rotating dildo/vibrator was not used when she sat down, instead getting close-ups of her pussy as she came from the large Hitachi-style wand. I had to mute a lot of this scene through, those vibrating toys were LOUD next to the camera! I did like this one more than the opening scene though, I liked her outfit more and I liked how the scene flowed more.
Scene 5: Hinata Komine
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Doggy (vag & anal), Cowgirl (vag & DP), Spoon (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal & DP)
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Jumping right into things, the guys quickly give her tits a taste before showing us her pink pussy and clit; taking a taste of that too before fingering her holes. Then, after some cock sucking, it's down to business with Hinata in doggy. Eventually ending up in reverse cowgirl with one guy in her ass as the other (seemingly) is called in to plug her pussy; DPing her. Flipping over, she continued to get DPed in cowgirl until one of the guys came in her ass. The cum streamed out quickly and they didn't spend too much time on the cumshot before having Hinata lay on her back for some more ass fuckin' that ended in a cream pie as well. The camera lingered on this one a little more. Overall, a very good scene for me. I find Hinata to be a really sexy girl and her taking a DP was a great feature. She took it like a pro and seemed to enjoy it. Also, a nice "cherry on top", was the cream pie(s) ending. Always a favorite of mine.