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Adult Empire Films
Dirty Daniels
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Dirty Daniels (2016)

Co-starring: Jessy Jones, Ramon, Steven St. Croix

Reviewed by PL

(8.50 / 10)

102 Min ( 1 hr 42 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Dani is awesome... She's one of my favorite performers and this is a great exhibition of her. Every scene she gave good energy and just looked fantastic, which is pretty common for Dani! She makes fucking look fun and fantastic! From a technical aspect, the movie was on point, looking great with lighting and angles and such. I also liked the light narrative to the movie, versus just being another scene after scene showcase of the star. The only thing I wanted... was that final scene to have Steven cum inside her! Anyway, this is a good movie, and if you haven't seen Dani in action, I don't think there's much of a better start. This is certainly purchase worthy! But be careful, you'll get hooked!
Scene 1: Dani Daniels,Riley Reid,Skin Diamond
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Dani is living the life, she's got everything she can want; all kinds of material things, a rich husband, a couple hot maids waiting on her! Today was like most every day, wonderful, but she wanted to spice it up... Eating some "peaches" with her breakfast

Agreeing to feed her all the peaches she can handle, Dani leads the girls to a different room as they kissed and got naked. The girls really wanted to please Dani, having her sit down so they could kiss and lick on her feet, working their way down to her pretty pussy - both of them taking turns lapping at it. Dani and Skin focused on rating Riley's ass and pussy, and Dani continued to feed, this time on Skin's beautiful pussy. Riley wanted a taste too, so she sexily sucked Skin's pussy juice off Dani's tongue! The girls changed up positions often, fucking on one girls' pussy at a time, using only fingers and tounges. After they all had enough, with a smile, Dani walked off proclaiming "I've got to get to work! It's going to be a great day!"
Scene 2: Cherie DeVille,Dani Daniels (with Ramon)
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl (Dani), Doggy (Cherie), Standing Doggy (Dani), Spoon (Dani), Cowgirl (Cherie, Dani), Missionary (Dani)
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It seemed Dani is a co-pilot and she arrived at work just as Ramon and Cherie (a flight attendant) was going over the flight plan for the day. But Dani was far more interested in Cherie's tits... Ramon got pretty upset about it and made it known, but Dani was tired of being "the bitch" and wanted to be in control. So to show it, she laid a big fat kiss on Cherie! And to further that dominance, Dani pulled Ramon in, kissing him too!

Quickly the girls got down to bras and panties as Ramon and Dani worked on licking Cherie's pussy. Of course, Dani got her pussy eaten some as well, then it was on to suckin' some cock before Dani rode he cock reverse cowgirl. On all fours, Cherie took her bit of the dick, which gave Dani the perfect chance to get her ass and pussy eaten by Cherie and then Ramon! After a little spoon for Dani, Cherie went up to cowgirl, which gave Dani the opportunity to get her pussy and ass eaten, while also getting to taste Cherie's pussy juice off Ramon's cock. Ramon stopped and started fingering Cherie, so Dani got in place to get what she could in her mouth before Cherie went back to cowgirl. Dani got the cock in cowgirl as well, while Cherie worked her tongue on Dani's ass. In the end, Dani got fucked in mish with Cherie in doggy with her ass right above Dani's pussy. When it came time for Ramon to cum, he pulled out, cumming on Cherie's ass and Dani's fantastic bush! You could tell Cherie was a very attentive flight attendant with the way she eagerly licked the cum off of Dani's bush and kissing Dani as the scene faded out.
Scene 3: Dani Daniels (with Jessy Jones)
Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary
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Later in the day, Dani was getting talked to by her golf instructor - apparently, she wasn't "all there" today - but the only balls she's interested in now are Jessy's She wanted one more fuck before her hubby got home! While Jessy resisted some, Dani's persistence persuaded him.

Quickly Dani got his cock out and started getting it ready - sucking it. Over on a couch, on all fours, Jessy took a taste of her pussy and ass before slipping into her pretty pussy. It was on to reverse and regular cowgirl, which showed off her wonderfully round ass! As Jessy took her to spoon, we got some great close-up shots of the cock as it slipped in and out. Jessy couldn't hold back though and came. Quickly she wrapped her lips around it as he was squirting. Keeping her mouth loaded with cum, she got in doggy again as Jessy went back at it with Dani eventually swallowing the load. With Dani over on her back, Jessy pumped her pussy until he came inside her. "Wanna see it drip out?", she asked the plunged her fingers inside to help it along. The camera got some great shots of her fingering herself, but very little cum ever made it out. No matter, still hot as fuck!
Scene 4: Dani Daniels (with Steven St. Croix)
Positions: Missionary, Side/Back, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon
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Jessy got out just in time before her hubby got home. While Dani was showering she tried to figure out what the hell happened today and why she still wasn't "full", really fretting putting her perfect life in jeopardy. But she eventually realized... she didn't have him today, that's why! When she finally met up with him in the kitchen, things started to fall apart for her... It didn't matter much though, Steven knew what was going on and was accepting without saying it exactly, leaning in to kiss her rather passionately before carrying her off to the bedroom.

Having her lay down on the bed, he wiggled her panties off, giving her ass and pussy a good lickin'. Dani returned the favor with some dick sucking, then laid back so he could slip his cock between her pussy lips. Dani rode in reverse and regular cowgirl, then teased him a bit before letting him slip back in with her in doggy. Steven fucked Dani some on her side, then had her head back up to cowgirl, choking her as she rode. As they wrapped the scene up, Dani was on all fours as Steve fucked her until he was ready to cum. Quickly she circled around, wrapping her lips around his cock just in time to get every bit of cum in her mouth. She played with it and worked some more of out the cock, swallowing it too! Plopping down on the bed, they kissed and cuddled as the scene faded out.
The behind the scene was only 8 minutes long but was a good watch. We found out how the movie came about, which was really cool. Basically, Dani won the right to star in the movie, she wrote it and had Holly direct it! While not very long, it was insightful and fun. Additionally, there were some bios of Dani, Skin, Riley, and Cherie, along with an advertisement to #P4YP (Pay For Your Porn - something we all need to behind). Finally, there were some trailers:
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