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Devil's Film
A part of the network Bush League #12 - Kenzie Taylor
(click to enlarge) Bush League #12 - Kenzie Taylor (2019)

Starring: Kenzie Taylor
Co-starring: Ryan McLane

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Bush League #12
37 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from the DEVIL'S FILM release, "Bush League #12" features Kenzie Taylor and Ryan McLane as a couple who have been waiting all day to go at it. This fact isn't revealed to us via a storyline, as there isn't one - this is instead hinted at via some sexy communication between the performers during the sex. Yes, it's true that, here there is no sort of scripted beginning, it's strictly from tease to sex for this scene. But what sex it is! Here, we have a very nice, enthusiastic round of sex between Kenzie and Ryan. It's a romp that progressively gets harder and harder, once the two move to the more comfy surroundings of a couch. Of course, this is the type of action that I usually like. Action that is both raw and passionate, up until the very end. However, not only do we have this nice hot sex scene, it is a scene in particular that sticks to the gimmick presented. "Bush League" of course, is a hugely successful, as well as popular series for DEVIL'S FILM, that has been long running for some time. And here in its 12th installment, it of course, sticks to the program, as its focus remains on the female pubic bush, of course! The scenes presented as part of a "Bush League" release, are for those who love the bush. As the scenes make the subject something that it primarilt focuses on during the sex which tt presents. When it comes to this scene featuring Kenzie Taylor, it is no different, which is what I particularly loved about this scene in general. Not only is Kenzie Taylor one of the most gorgeous women in the industry in my opinion, she rocks a beautiful bush down below as well, atop her pretty pussy. This is a fact that this scene is well aware of. Further adding to this great scene, is the fact that much is made of Kenzie's hairy pussy. Whether it be Kenzie referencing it many times throughout, or the camera itself treating us to many a close up of the bush in all of its glory, we're never at a shortage for furry kitty, and it is fucking amazing. Now, to speak about the performers themselves. As I hinted at above the two of them have a great chemistry between each other here. Kenzie and Ryan work well together, there's no question. As for Kenzie, not only does she of course, look good in the scene, she brings much enthusiasm to the scene itself. I personally loved her expressive eyes, which can be seen throughout the scene, looking both sensual and sexy in equal parts. She also adds much to the scene, via her dirty talk, as she finds her pussy slammed. Again, I really enjoyed the many references that she makes to her hairy pussy. She says things such as "fuck my hairy pussy", as well as she wants to see those balls slapping against her hairy pussy", and so on. It's all so very hot, especially when her big breasts are also bouncing simultaneously. And then, dealing out the nice consistent, and hard dicking, is of course one Ryan McLane. It's been a while since I've seen Ryan last, in fact I personally cannot remember the last time that I reviewed him, but I do know that it was for a DVD release. However, whatever the case may be, I was really happy to see him, because in my opinion, he is a consistent, and trustworthy performer. When it comes to this scene, all remains the same, as he once again delivers a very nice performance on his side of things. This, as he keeps us a consistent pace, and a lot of times fucking hard. This is yet another nice showing of work from Ryan . On the technical side of things, I found this to be an accomplished scene as well. The look and feel of the scene, in its entirety is slick, and the camerawork is fluid enough to keep us into the action. Again, I particularly like the fact that included, is so many close ups of Kenzie's bush. Yes, this specialty scene called for it, but man does she have a pretty pussy! The only regret that I have about this scene, is that there was no instance of doggy, therefore, we do not have a chance to see Kenzie's equally pleasing backside(one complete with tan lines!). However with this said, I am on board with scenes like this one. Personally, I felt that this was a solid scene, one with very nice action, as well as a mind for the gimmick which it is trying to deliver to its audience. This is a scene that I would definitely recommend taking time to check out, either individually, or as part of the recently released DVD from DEVIL'S FILM.
Cast: Kenzie Taylor (with Ryan McLane)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Fuck
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We begin with an outdoor tease from Kenzie Taylor who is wearing a blue top and a black skirt. She feels herself up, soon making her way down to hike up her skirt, to reveal a pair of light blue panties underneath, with which she soon move both sides of aside, to reveal her dark, furry bush. She also then briefly pulls down her top, to briefly tease us with a nipple. She then goes on to further flashes her bush for the camera, before her top, as well as her light blue bra, as we finally she Kenzie's big tits prior to we going to scene.

The scene opens with Kenzie and Ryan McLane outdoors, and seated on a bench, as they exchange passionate kisses between them. It's during this, that Ryan runs his hand in between Kenzie's legs to rub her pussy. He also can't resist sucking on her tits as well. This continues until Ryan goes on to deeply finger Kenzie's pussy. This prior to she returning the favor by sucking Ryan's cock. It's here that we see Kenzie slurp and suck, as well as Ryan take charge as he fuck Kenzie's face. It's also during this, that Kenzie pulls at, and plays with her bush. Following this, the action moves indoors, and on a couch, where Ryan wastes no time in taking things into missionary. It's from here that Ryan initially fucks steady, until Kenzie's dirty talk encourages him to go harder. It's in between, that Ryan pulls out to toy with Kenzie's bush rubbing his cock up and down the hair, only to resume fucking, and only to go harder than before. Next up is reverse cowgirl. Kenzie has her feet planted as she first bounce and grind on the cock, and as Ryan plugs away. We then see her lean forward, and then again with feet planted, as Ryan again increases his pace. Next up, we see Kenzie in half straddle, from said position, as Ryan remains consistent. The next position is spoon, as Ryan remains steady, during which Kenzie rubs herself, as Ryan chokes her. This position continues as Ryan fucks the pussy harder at Kenzie's request. The next position, missionary side fuck, sees Kenzie next laid over the back of the white couch. This as Ryan continues fucking at an increasing pace, again becoming harder, and harder until Ryan builds up to climax. The scene eventually comes to its conclusion with Ryan pulling out to cover Kenzie's bush with a hot load. A load that after, Kenzie is quick to massage into her thick tuft of hair down there.