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A part of the Blazing Bucks network Work Out
(click to enlarge) Work Out (2019)

Starring: Lexi Lore
Co-starring: Rob Piper

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
25 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene from DARK X, titled "Work Out" features Lexi Lore, as she is paired with Rob Piper. The setup for the scene is simple enough, as there is not much of a starting point for it, other than Lexi is working out with her personal trainer Rob, when things get a little heated between the two of them in the workout room. In this scene, not only does Rob fuck Lexi's pussy, he also zeros in on her asshole with both his tongue and his cock. This is a scene that looks really slick as the production value is very high. It looks very nice, and the sex itself is well captured by the camera's lens. In this scene, we have the big and strong Rob Piper, who is paired with the young in petite Lexi Lore. On paper, it may look like an abstract pairing. Yet as we see here, the pairing in motion is a thing of beauty. As a viewer and as a critic, I both enjoyed and appreciated the fact that the sex itself here moved so fluidly and seamlessly. We go from one position to the next without a hitch. Even this process was very elegant.I also will say that the veteran Rob Piper, handled Lexi's small stature well. This, as we see him nicely pound away at both Lexi's holes and she seemingly enjoy it, too. in my opinion, the best positions were the standing reverse cowgirl, as well as the doggy, during which Lexi takes it in the ass. Overall, this is a straightforward sex scene that goes straight into the sexual content with very little build, yet, it is one that flows very nicely, and is very pleasant to the eye of the viewer. I would say that Lexi Lore, and Rob Piper have somewhat of a nice chemistry here. With Lexi looking cute as she always does, and Rob taking the initiative to lay the hammer down, so to speak. Speaking of which, Mr. Piper also has some very nice pussy eating skills which he puts on display once again in this scene. I know that he is proud of this particular attribute, as he should be. At just over 25 minutes in length, this is a quick, but worthwhile scene. I would most definitely say that this one is worth a look.
Cast: Lexi Lore (with Rob Piper)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Missionary, Missionary(anal) Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Standing Reverse Cowgirl(anal), Front Facing Standing Side Fuck, Doggy(anal), Doggy
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In this scene young Lexi Lore is working out with her personal trainer Rob Piper. He has her lying on her stomach on the workbench doing back arches, when things don't take long to get a little hands-on between the two of them. Rob begins the massage her ass, however it goes to more, as eventually Lexi shorts come off, and Rob wastes no time in burying his tongue deep into her asshole. It is then that things continue, as Rob undresses and then takes a seat on the workbench. Lexi then goes on to straddle his cock from there, as things go to cowgirl. We see her from here, bounce on the cock, as well as Rob bear hug her to slam her down on it. Following this, things make a smooth transition to missionary next. Things begin with Rob steadily in and out of the pussy, prior to he going down on her with his tongue and mouth. Following this, things pick back up in missionary, with Rob taking a quicker pace. However a short time after this, Rob switches holes, as things eventually go to anal, as Rob cock punches Lexi's ass. Following some tonguing of the pussy, things go to reverse cowgirl with Rob lying back on the work bench. He initially lets Lexi ride him, however, he soon takes over to fuck hard and fast, as it shakes the bench. The position remains the same as Rob again enters Lexi's ass to fuck it steadily. The action then seamlessly switches to reverse cowgirl, as Rob is still in the ass, He keeps his pace, however, a short time later, Rob lifts Lexi up, as things go to standing reverse cowgirl. It's here that we see Rob pound the ass deep and hard. Following this, a position change sees the two of them stand for front facing standing side fuck. It's from here that Rob fucks Lexi's pussy deep, as he again bear hug her. He follows this up by bending Lexi over in doggy in order to fuck her ass once again. This time, Rob continues at a much quicker pace, as he pounds Lexi's ass deep, and hard for a time. This being prior to Lexi getting down to suck Rob's cock and balls, as we see her tease, and slurp the shaft. However, after this, there is a return to doggy, as he fucks the pussy until he must cum. This occurring until he jerks off to shoot a load into Lexi's mouth. A load which young Lexi soon swallows.