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DarkX.com: We Share Everything (2017)

Starring: Quinn Wilde, Zoe Clark
Co-starring: Ricky Johnson, Rob Parker

Reviewed by PL

(6.00 / 10)

Where to get it
50 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: This scene just didn't work for me. I think the way it was shot was my main issue, for me it caused distraction of the couple that's fucking. One could argue it's not much different from a normal B/G/B/G scene, and that would be accurate, with the exception of how the editing and the separation of the action were executed. For me, the performers that were involved didn't seem all that interested overall, they didn't perform all that bad (per se), but they did feel stiff and lacking enthusiasm/chemistry. DarkX has a lot of great scenes, but this one was one I would recommend skipping, honestly.
Cast: Quinn Wilde,Zoe Clark (with Ricky Johnson, Rob Parker)
Rating: 6.00/10
Positions: 69 (Zoe & Quinn), Cowgirl (Zoe & Quinn), Reverse Cowgirl (Zoe), Doggy (Zoe & Quinn), Spoon (Zoe & Quinn), Prone (Quinn), Missionary (Quinn)
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Quick note: This scene was filed as two scenes, each focusing on one of the girls. I didn't see the need to split these up into two scenes.

Zoe and Quinn are good friends, always doing things together, they even work for the same company. Knowing Quinn was interested in one of the partners of the company, so she devised a plan to get a few people together for a "private party", to have their first time with a black man together as well. Soon, with Zoe/Rob on one side of the pool and Quinn/Ricky on the other, the two couples begin making out. After a little cocksucking and 69, it was on to the sex. But both girls rode in cowgirl to start, but Zoe was a little more adventurous, doing down deep throat and doggy. As Quinn got fucked in doggy and in prone, Zoe got fucked in spoon until Rob blasted a load on her belly. Back over to Quinn, she rode the cock in cowgirl until Ricky pulled out and came on her belly.