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A part of the Blazing Bucks network Share and Share Alike
(click to enlarge) Share and Share Alike (2018)

Co-starring: Ricky Johnson, Rob Piper

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(8.00 / 10)

Where to get it
Condoms: None
Overview: In this two-part scene we have an interesting set up in which the vignette storyline tells the story of two best friends who have spent their whole lives sharing everything together, and as we see in the scene, they are about to share something that they have not yet - their black boyfriends. Yes, in the storyline Jane Wilde is dating Ricky Johnson and her best friend Athena Rayne herself, is dating Rob Piper. The scene deals with the two friends coming up with a way, in order to share their boyfriends, and they do so by way of a pool party. The setup is one that I personally found really fun as not only do we pair up two of the youngest, and hottest up-and-coming starlets, but subsequently also pair them with two of the top male performers in Johnson and Piper. The setup is different, as the sex itself begins outdoors, and in a pool, which gives us something that is not always seen. The sex portion of the scene gets off to a great start too, as the action between the performers is raw, and to the point. I love how the camera's view was just full of people going at it at once. The fact that the sexual positions initially mirror one another, only to have the couples at times do their own thing on-screen, offered a variety for part 1 of the collection. Speaking of part 1 it ends with a one-on-one pairing between Jane Wilde and Rob Piper as both couples split off, and go their separate ways. This part of the installment features some nice action, as Jane eagerly takes the big cock of Piper. That leaves the second half of this scenario. And it shows us what Athena Rayne and Ricky Johnson are up to when they report to a bedroom. Likewise, it is also a very nice round of action which is passionate, showing nice chemistry between the two performers. Personally, I lovee the way that Athena, just begged Ricky's cock. With this said, altogether this is a scene that is presented as two parts by DARK X, but as a collective, it plays out as one long scene. And it is a very good one, as it showcases all 4 performers in a very good light. Both Jane Wilde, and Athena Rayne are two of my favorite performers. They are absolutely making waves in this industry, and this scene is a prime example, as it shows us why. Not only do they always prove themselves individually with their other work, it is here that we have the opportunity to see both of them shine in tandem, and it is a very nice thing to see, especially if you are a fan of the two of them. They are just 2 balls of sexual energy. Performers who you just cannot help but be excited to see. As for the guys in the scene, they do what they do, and they do it well. Both Rob Piper and Ricky Johnson are great performers, something that they prove time and time again, no matter the type scene that they are faced with. I really enjoyed this scene. It is well captured, and well played from the storyline, to the sex, until the conclusion. It is an entertaining one no doubt. To close, It is one that I highly recommend you taking the time to check out.
Scene 1: Jane Wilde (with Rob Piper)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Standing Cowgirl, Missionary Side Fuck
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In part 1 of this scene titled, "Share and Share Alike", Jane Wilde and Athena Rayne are BFFs, who have been inseparable for forever as explained by Jane. She says that they share everything, including themselves on occasion, although they are not lesbian lovers or anything. Another thing that they share is a liking for big black cock. Jane says that Athena has just started dating Rob Piper, while she has been dating Ricky Johnson for some time now. Jane says that one day she jokingly asked Athena if she would okay with sharing Rob with her. She is okay with the idea of course, and likewise is Jane with Ricky. But, how does one share their significant other with her best friend?. That is when the girls devise a plan in the form of a pool party in which they would invite her boyfriends too. This is of course the stage for the scene. Jane would start with Ricky, while Athena with Rob, as things would soon transition. It begins when Rob picks Jane and hoists her up to eat her pussy in the pool. Ricky and Athena start by kissing. Rob then takes Jane over to the side of the pool, and sit her down, as he continues to eat her pussy. This, as Ricky lifts up Athena to do the same, following this, the couples go pull side as the girls suck cock, and have their faces fucked. The couples then switch we Jane taking Ricky and Athena taking Rob. It's from here that both of the men take the girls from behind us action goes to doggy. Following doggy the position is cowgirl, as Jane is with Rob and Athena is with Ricky. Initially Athena pops her ass on Ricky's cock, while Jane bounces on Rob, until Rob lifts up Jane to pound her in standing cowgirl, at a nice hard pace. We then seeRicky do the same with Athena, and then later we see the guys carry off their women, as the two couples separate, going to other locations to fuck. The camera then switches its focus solely to Jane and Rob. Rob continues to fuck Jane in standing cowgirl briefly before he sit her down. Jane then again climbs on for cowgirl and bounces on the cock, before the action goes to 69 briefly, and then back again. It's then prior to Jane being on her back and Rob going in between her legs to make love to her pussy, as he tongue, and suck on her clit. Soon his cock goes in, as the action goes to missionary, and Rob pounds steadily. Next up, Jane is face down and ass up, as Rob takes her from behind in doggy, and he pounds steady at a nice pace for a time, until there is a pause, which sees Jane lie flat on her stomach as Rob spreads Jane's ass, to tongue-punce her asshole, prior to the action picking back up, with Jane's legs sprawled. Next, the action switches to spoon for a brief period, in which Rob keeps up the pace, until must pull out to cum. This entry with Rob jerking off to spout a big load on Jane's stomach.
Scene 2: Athena Rayne (with Ricky Johnson)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Doggy, Spoon, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl
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Part 2 of the story begins with Ricky and Athena going into a bedroom. It's here that Ricky places a fan on her back on the bed is the action takes to missionary. Here, Ricky maintains a steady pace going in and out of her pussy as she begs fpr hid cock, the next position after Weatherspoon as the action last briefly before going into doggy. It's from this position that we see Ricky continue to hit the pussy and a nice evening pace provider to Athena popping homeless on the cock. Following this up in the climbs on for cowgirl. From this position, we see a combination of popping the ass, as well as Athena bouncing on the cock from a split legged position, prior to the position reversing into reverse cowgirl. Athena from here rides at a steady pace, this as she watches herself in a nearby mirror. Ricky would soon take over however to slam her on his cock. A return to doggy is next up, as briefly it is in the standard formantion, until Athena is flat on her stomach for the pounding. The final position is side fuck. Athena's legs are positioned at their side as Ricky continues to purchase cock deep into her at a steady pace until he must come, the scene comes to an end a tricky point out to jerk off shooting a load onto Athena's hip.