Red Light District
Cum Swapping Sluts #02
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Cum Swapping Sluts #02 (2002)

Co-starring: Brandon Iron, Brian Pumper, Joel Lawrence, Mark Davis, Steve Holmes

Directed by Vince Vouyer

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

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In series: Cum Swapping Sluts
139 Min ( 2 hr 19 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one an 8. This is a fine addition to the "cum Swapping Sluts" series. Outside of the obvious thing you get in this title, there was some great anal action, especially in the 5th scene. Now for the bad, which was scene 3, this scene just seemed SO out of place with the rest of the movie for the simple fact the girls didn't seem at all into the sex and if I'm not mistaken it was the only scene where the girls didn't swallow. All in all this is a solid title and exactly what you expect from Vince and RLD, this is a MUST see for those who like the "swapping" idea or those who like girls with all natural tits.
Scene 1: Lynn Dumare,Stacy (II) (with Brandon Iron)
To get the movie started we have Stacy, Lynn and Brandon. Stacy is a cute girl with short blonde hair and natural C cup tits. Lynn a pretty girl with short brown hair and very beautiful (natural) D cup tits. Brandon has the girls introduce themselves and give their ages, 21 and 18 respectively, then after a little more conversation Vince has them show off their asses. He fingers both of them having them taste each others pussy then has Stacy suck on Lynn's tits as he fingers/eats away on Stacy. Stacy and Brandon then work on Lynn's ass and pussy before the girls to their knees and start giving Brandon head. Stacy gets fucked first, starting off in doggy then Lynn wants some and straddles Stacy to get her share of cock. Brandon then lays on his back as Lyn ride him reveres cowgirl as he eats Stacy and rims her as well. Stacy then gets her turn too, moving to her back and having Brandon fuck her as she eats Lynn. The girls then move to pile driver positions and Brandon takes turns nailing each one of them before Lynn moves to doggy and Brandon pumps away until he's ready to cum. He delivers all of his load into Lynn's mouth, swaps with Stacy and they then cum kiss a little and the scene comes to a close. This was a very solid scene and started off VERY hot, unfortunately the heat lowered a bit due to a little unenthusiastic performance from Lynn.
Scene 2: Ashley Long,Fiona Cheeks (with Steve Holmes)
Next up we have Ashley, Fiona and Steve. Ashley is a pretty girl with medium length blonde hair and natural A cup tits. Fiona is a cute girl with short blonde hair and natural A cup tits (with braces). Steve has the girls introduce themselves and they tell us they are 22 and 21 respectively, Fiona also tells us this is her third scene and is an anal virgin. The girls show off their bodies, play with their pussies then get right down to business sucking Steve's dick. Steve gives back as well eating the girls and rimming them too. They eventually move to the sex and Fiona gets to get screwed first, in doggy. Ashley moves to missionary and Steve provides the fun before Fiona climbs up and rides Steve cowgirl style. Ashley moves into a doggy position and Steve moves over to hey, fucks her pussy then delves into her ass. Ashley continues to get her ass pounded in reverse cowgirl before the girls move into pile drier positions with Steve taking turns fucking their pussies, but fucking Ashley's ass a little too. The girls then lay on their backs and Steve pumps away on Ashley until he's ready and then unloads into her mouth. Ashley then swaps with Fiona who swallow's, but Steve isn't done, he then drops a little more into Fiona's mouth and she swallows that load as well. This was a great and hot scene, what really put it on another level for me was the begging for Steve's dick that Fiona did... HOT!
Scene 3: China,Clia Patra (with Joel Lawrence)
Here we have China, Cliapatra and Joel. China is a cute looking girl with medium length black hair natural B cup tits. Cliapatra is a cute sexy looking girl with medium length black hair and natural C cup tits. The ladies introduce themselves and tell us their ages, 18 and 20 respectively, China tells us this is her first movie and Cliapatra tells is this is her third movie. They then cut to Joel with his pants off and the girls sucking away. After some extensive sucking the girls makes their way up onto Joel 's dick, each one taking their turn riding him reverse cowgirl, starting with Cliapatra. The girls then move to doggy positions and Joel pumps away for a bit then China lays on her back and Joel moves to her and proceeds to fuck her until he's ready to cum. Joel blows his load in Cliapatra's mouth and she swaps to China who pushes it out of her mouth. This was an OK scene for RLD, kind of a little bland, with neither girl really looking into the sex. Also someone should have informed Cliapatra that LOOSE BRACLETS ARE ANNOYING!
Scene 4: Gia,Kinky (with Brian Pumper)
For the next scene we have Kinky, Gia and Brian. Kinky is a very cute girl with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Gia is a very sexy girl with medium length black hair and natural C cup tits (and a pierced clit). Kinky tells us she's from England and says she's 20 years old. Gia tells us she has graduated to anal, but we don't get to see any from her today , anyway the girls show off their asses then we cut to them blowing Brian. The girls assume the doggy position and Brian tastes each one of their asses before moving in on Kinky's derrière and starts pumping away then he moves to Gia. Gia then goes up and starts riding reverse cowgirl, Kinky gets her ride as well then directs Brian to start fucking her ass. Kinky then starts riding reverse cowgirl, still doing anal though, then they she moves to missionary where Brian pounds away until he's ready to cum. He blows his load into Gia's mouth, she swaps with Kinky and she swallows the load. Good scene, the ladies here have a good time and the sex is very fun and energetic.
Scene 5: Sandie Caine,Yara (with Mark Davis)
To end the movie we have Sandi, Yara and Mark. Sandi is a an attractive girl with short blonde hair and neural A cup tits. Yara is a sexy looking girl with medium length black hair and natural C cup tits. Sandi starts off with telling us she's 23, from England and has been in porn for about 8 months. Yara then tells us she's 20, from Mexico and the first time she had anal was the previous night! Mark has the ladies show off their bodies a little then has them hold their legs up as he eats them out, and he does a good job making both ladies cum, especially Sandi. Mark directs Sandi to start eating Yara, then the girls move over to Mark; blowing him and rimming him. Mark then gives each girl a ride in missionary before having Sandi lay on her back and he slides his dick in her ass. He has Yara move into the same position and then starts plugging her ass as well, but Yara does some gaping. Then he moves back to Sandi's ass, this time she does some gaping too, then Sandi moves up to reverse cowgirl and she continues to take anal. Yara takes her turn getting anal in reverse cowgirl too before Mark unloads into Sandi's mouth and she swaps with Yara, both girls swallowing what was left in each of their mouths, but Yara devoured most of the load. Another good scene with good chemistry and the girls really looked to have a great time, right from the start, in addition to that the girls even seemed to dig one another quite a bit.