Red Light District
Cum Drippers #03
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Cum Drippers #03 (2002)

Co-starring: Brian Pumper, Joel Lawrence, Mr. Marcus, Mr. Pete, Steve Holmes, Tony Tedeschi, Vince Vouyer

Directed by Vince Vouyer

Reviewed by PL

(8.00 / 10)

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In series: Cum Drippers
139 Min ( 2 hr 19 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: I'll give this one an 8. I can't help to compare this to the second volume in this series which was just an amazing volume. This one was good and very much along the same lines the other two so far. This is a pretty solid title from Red Light though, Cameron fans will probably want to see her in action in this one and I have spotted a new girl I want to keep my sights on, Gen Padova.
Scene 1: Taylor Rain (with Steve Holmes, Tony Tedeschi)
First up we have Taylor, Tony and Steve. Taylor is a very cute girl with medium length brunette hair and beautiful (natural) B cup tits. Taylor tells us she's 20 and from Long beach, then gets right down to work sucking off both guys. Taylor gives them some nice and sloppy head, then the guys take turns fucking her from behind while she services the other with her mouth. They switch around a bit, each guy getting his turn to fuck her pussy and mouth. Of course there was some good positions thrown in, like the pile driver, flying reverse cowgirl and a reverse pile driver. Eventually they have Taylor on the arm of a chair and Tony cums inside her first with Steve quickly finishing off inside her too. The "cum dripper" here was good, unfortunately Taylor mishandles the cum she dripped into her hand, dropping it, when she went to finger the rest out. This was a pretty decent scene, although Taylor didn't look 100% into the sex, she still looked good though!
Scene 2: Valoria Rose (with Brian Pumper, Mr. Pete)
This time we have Valoria, Brian and Mr. Pete. Valoria is a cute girl with medium length brunette hair and natural B cup tits. She tells us she's 22, has been doing porn for two months and doesn't dig more than one guy at a time. Valoria then sucks on each guys cock, individually though, before Brian fucks her doggy for a bit. Pete then fucks her ass for and cums in her ass. Pete's load was weak and Valoria also had a very hard time getting it to drip out. We cut back Brian, pumping away at Valoria's pussy and finally "exploding" inside her. Brian's load wasn't much better than Pete's, but we seen more dripping action here. After the scene was over Vince (the cameraman) was in a low angle shot (shooting her from the floor up) and she slaps her pussy, getting cum all over the lens! Vince then has her LICK IT OFF! The scene was a little above average, but the end with the camera and the licking was great!
Scene 3: Cameron Cain (with Vince Vouyer)
Next up are Cameron and Vince. Carmon is a very cute girl with short blonde hair and gorgeous, natural, C cup tits. She tells us she 21, from Tennessee, then Vince has her crawl around on her hands and knees a bit before she starts sucking his dick in point-of-view style. Vince fucks her in various positions, with some nice shots of the action. Eventually They end up in missionary and Cameron begs for him to cum in her pussy, he does and it was a GOOD shot this time. She drips it out into her hand, licking her hand and fingers. This was a HOT scene, Cameron reeks of sexuality and is damn sexy; one word WOW
Scene 4: Gen Padova (with Mr. Pete, Tony Tedeschi)
This time we have Gen, Tony and Mr. Pete. Gen is a delectable young lady with medium length strawberry blonde hair and natural B cup tits. She tells us she's 20, 100% Italian and likes to get "nasty" when suckin' dick. Vince calls the guys in and Gen gets workin' on both guys' cocks. The guys take turns screwing her doggy as she services the other with her mouth. The guys switch up plowing in her in various positions before having her in the missionary position and blowing both of their loads inside her. The dripper shot started off good, but faded when very little after the first drip came out. This was yet another hot scene, Gen looked really into the scene at all times and performed quite well.
Scene 5: Alaura Eden (with Joel Lawrence, Mr. Marcus, Vince Vouyer)
Here we have Allura, Joel, Mr. Marcus and Vince. Allura is a very sexy girl with medium length brunette hair and natural C cup tits. She tells us she's 25 and answers a few various questions before she meets up with the guys. She drops to her knees and sucks on both guys before Marcus moves behind her while she works, orally, on Joel. The guys switch up a few times, also switching positions before eventually moving to the DP! She also takes some anal from Joel before going after another DP. During the DP Marcus was unable to hold back, depositing his load in her pussy a little early then Joel also finishes off his good in there too. She drips them out nicely, but Joel isn't done so he goes again. Vince then needs to get some of the HOT action as well and also deposits his load in her so she can drip it out. Ah... Another HOT scene, Allura and the rest really have fun here talking a bit to one another and have some good laughs, which made for a very fun scene.

P.S. During Joel's anal on Allura there was an accident, I'm not sure if they meant to have this slip through or not, but it didn't take away from the scene at all. It was a good reminder that not all goes exactly as expected on a porn shoot and that these girls are just as "normal" as the rest of us.
Scene 6: Karianna (with Mr. Pete, Tony Tedeschi)
To finish off the movie we have Karianna, Tony and Mr. Pete. Karianna is a pretty attractive girl with medium length dark red hair and natural B cup tits. She tells us she goin to be using her ass as her cum dripper and slowly crawls up the stairs giving us some nice tease footage before meeting up with the guys. The scene starts off with Karianna sucking on Pete while Tony goes down town and eats her out. Soon both guys are getting super sloppy head before each guy takes his turn fucking her in various positions as she blows the other. Tony and Pete then have their way with Karianna's asshole, each taking their turn until they blow their loads inside her ass. She then squeezes the loads out to end the scene, unfortunately the loads were very runny. This was a pretty good scene, Karianna has a wonderfully dirty mouth and was very energetic throughout the scene.