Deanna's 2nd Creampie Orgy
(click to enlarge) Deanna's 2nd Creampie Orgy

Co-starring: D. Snoop

Reviewed by PL

(9.00 / 10)

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58 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Cathy and company always deliver the fun. Like other scenes, the action was on right out of the gate. Cathy took a good fucking and had a good time, and Deanna was a nice compliment. She was a hottie! You could tell she was a little more reserved but still did a solid job. I typically mention being a cream pie fan when I watch Cathy's flicks, and it's with good reason, she does them like no other. It's not even close! The action inside the site is damn good, and this is a good example!
Cast: Cathy Craving,Deanna ( (with D. Snoop )
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Standing Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Flying Cowgirl
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Cathy wasn't playin' around, she was ready, getting her tits out and calling the guys in to join her and Deanna on the bed. After a little quick oral, it was all legs, tits, and cocks as the ladies got fucked on their backs to start! The ladies then got bent over the bed, getting fucked from behind before moving it up to cowgirl. We got some great shots of both girls, Cathy's got such a hot pink asshole and pussy Gauging the waters, Peter asked if she was going to do some double vag, and the sex kitten Cathy is was certainly up for it! While the guys got ready Cathy hopped over to join Deanna sucking cock. Well, the double vag didn't seem to materialize, but cream pies did, as one of them unloaded in Deanna's pussy. The guy helped her give the camera good shot of her dripping pussy, and with her still leaking cum, the next guy jumped in while Cathy got some cock and a cream pie of her own. Cathy showed off her prize too, doing so in fantastic fashion with that wonderfully open pussy of hers! Deanna got one more pie and then strattled Cathy so the guy could fuck her and Cathy while she (Deanna) sucked another guy off. The guys continued to fuck and unload inside of Deanna, in "Cathy fashion" too - no clean-ups! All the while D-Snoop gave Cathy a deep, hard fucking! Of course, ultimately ending up nutting in her. Peter got some wonderful close-ups of it too, loved her flexing her pussy and watching cum come out Cathy continued taking more cum in her twat and showing it off for the camera. At the end, Deanna and a guy fucked a little more, but he was all out of cum and Cathy gave one last look at her "well cummed-in pussy"