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Evil Angel
A part of the network Colombian Teens #05
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Colombian Teens #05 (2018)

Co-starring: Nacho Vidal

Directed by Nacho Vidal

Reviewed by PL

(8.35 / 10)

Where to get it
In series: Colombian Teens
195 Min ( 3 hr 15 min )
Condoms: None
Overview: Nacho has been in this game a long ass time and I'm just now getting around to watching one of his flicks... I'm a little ashamed, frankly. I'll admit, I'd guess Nacho may not be the energetic stud he used to be, maybe he is, but he did a good job here of not senselessly pounding the girls into submission. I gathered that from a snippet I seen about the movie - "Porn madman Nacho Vidal loves exposing fresh, unknown beauties from exotic corners of the world", but it was quite the opposite really, he was passionate and rather methodical. The way the scenes were shot led to a rather intimate feeling to them and really showed off more natural fucking, in my eyes. Anyway, After seeing Andreina's scene (the first one), I felt the movie had a lot to live up, I really liked her and her scene. It held up quite well and got capped off with a really amazing scene. If I had some complaints it would be the fact Nacho's loads were rather underwhelming. I'm sure it's age, and it wasn't that big of a deal, but that's all I really have. So with that said, these girls are fucking gorgeous and took a good dicking. To top that off, all the girls with the exception of Andreina (who I plan on seeking her out some more too), this was their only accredited scene! An easy recommendation - highly recommended and a must-see! Be warned though, if girls with tattoos are a turn-off, this likely won't fit your needs - especially Kat.
Scene 1: Andreina De Luxe (with Nacho Vidal)
Rating: 9.00/10
Positions: Ass off the edge of a chair, Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy, Spoon (anal), Prone
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Andreina is dressed up in a very skimpy maid outfit, looking sexy as fuck! After having the camera soak her in, Nacho intelligently he started in on her amazing ass. With her sitting in a chair, giving him perfect access, Nacho sta the camera on a table and started off eating it, then fucked her from behind. The way her hair flowed while she got fucked, was pretty hot too! I'm a sucker for long hair. Nacho then laid down in a bed as she stripped out of her top, leaving her panties and garter belts on to suck his cock sexily before going up to cowgirl. Moving along, Nacho fucked her in mish and doggy. Nacho stopped to give some amazing shots of her open pussy, as well as her naturally gaping butthole! On her side, he finally decided it was time to open her ass up all the way. It took a little to work her tight asshole open enough for his cock, but they got there and she gaped pretty well too! Back up in cowgirl, we got some much nicer view of Andreina's plump, fantastic, ass! Winding up on her belly, Nacho fucked her from behind until he came on the small of her back. I really liked this scene! The start of it was a little hokey, but the sex was very on-point. Andreina and Nacho seemed to click and she was hot as fuck! I was also a fan of the fact she didn't try to oversell things. I will admit, I could have done without the anal, Andreina didn't look too comfortable with it.
Scene 2: Anastasia Rey (with Nacho Vidal)
Rating: 8.50/10
Positions: Missionary (vag & anal), Side/Spoon (anal), Reverse Cowgirl (anal & vag), Doggy (anal), Cowgirl (vag), Prone (vag)
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When Nacho comes across Anastasia, she's bent over the arm of a couch, giving us a nice view of her nice ass and (again) long hair. They whispered back and forth about something before she brought her rosy red lips to his thick cock. He throat fucked her pretty well, then gave her pussy a little licking before sticking his cock inside her. Unlike the last scene though, Nacho got to the anal rather quickly. Nacho looked like a tight fit for Anastasia's pussy, but it was really a tight fit in her ass! Fortunately, there was plenty of lube used and he made it in Anastasia was rolled onto her side, which gave us a nice look at the action, along with some nice views of her ass opening up from Nacho's thickness! The anal continued in reverse cowgirl and doggy, and admittedly Anastasia looked a bit more comfortable with the anal. Back to the pussy, Anastasia rode in cowgirl, looking amazingly sexy as Nacho moved the camera around to give plenty of good looks of her. Really, cowgirl was her best position. Anastasia continued getting fucked in prone before Nacho unloaded as somewhat small load on her cheek. She didn't quite hit the energy levels of Andreina, but Anastasia gave good energy. Her (seemingly) uncomfortable start to the anal was a little offputting, but she warmed up nicely and looked sexy as fuck taking the cock!
Scene 3: Ms Monroy (with Nacho Vidal)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Sitting, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon
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Monroy's booty looks nice an thick as she stares out a window on a rainy day. When Nacho started to talk with her she decided to show that fantastic ass off some more before Nacho buried his face in it. Nach took a taste of her pussy, getting it plenty wet, then with her still in the chair, he slipped inside her. Monroy looked a little more comfortable as they moved to the bed for Nacho to fuck her doggy, not to mention we got some great POV shots! When she moved up to cowgirl, Monroy looked like she may have came, but for sure she did some great riding! She spun around to reverse, continuing to ride really well before Nacho moved her to spoon. The scene then wrapped up with Monroy in doggy/on her belly with Nacho unloaded on her ass. Ms Monroy looked fantastic, I loved her thickness! She did some really fantastic cock riding too, and I was really digging her areola/nipples!
Scene 4: X-Lady (with Nacho Vidal)
Rating: 7.25/10
Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon (vag & anal), Missionary (anal)
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In the tried and true schoolgirl outfit with white stockings, Lady walks in as the camera was close up to her ass - I'd say it was up-skirt, but it wasn't long enough He had her show off her nice body for the camera, wow, another girl with a killer booty! While she wasn't exactly position for sucking cock, she was kneeling with her head to the side. It did give a nice shot of fantastic tits! With Nacho on the floor, Lady went to reverse, struggling to keep his fat cock inside her tight pussy. When she spun around to cowgirl, I really liked it when Nacho put the camera to the side and pulled her up to him. Very passionate looking and when she leaned in to kiss him - super hot. Ending up in spoon, Nacho was in good position to stuff her ass. While we got plenty of nice shots, they got even better when she rolled over onto her back and we got some close-up POV shots of his fat cock stuffed in her ass. It took her a few times, but she finally gaped too! In the end, Lady got her pussy fucked as she laid on the floor. When it came time Nacho pulled out and came on her back. Unfortunately, his load was rather small and used spit to make it appear bigger. I really liked Lady's Bedroom eyes, and with good eye contact with the camera - it was a winner, for sure. I also really liked the whispering he two did back and forth. I couldn't understand what was said, but it was sexy!
Scene 5: Kat Licioux (with Nacho Vidal)
Rating: 9.75/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon
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After talking to the camera, Nacho takes the camera in to see a relaxed Kat, laying in bed on her phone. He began with burying his face in her ass, then had her suck on his cock before having her move up to cowgirl. Kat rode him like a real pro, wow it was just amazing, Kat really knew how to work her hips. I'm seriously wondering how Nacho was able to hold out! Anyway, she looked like she may have came too! After some close-ups of her "Fuck Me" tattoo in cowgirl, she spun around to reverse to continue her fantastic hip action. Over in doggy, Nacho really got her pussy to open up, having her show off some jaw-dropping pussy gapes! Wrapping it up, Kat got fucked in spoon and mish before Nacho dribbled a small load on her belly. I don't know what to say about this scene. I loved it. Every second of it. The way she worked the cock, the way she looked, the gapes... the scene worked on a multitude of levels for me. Only complaing was really the fact it was so short, the shortest of al the scenes.