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A part of the network Masturbating Until He Fucks Me Hard
(click to enlarge) Masturbating Until He Fucks Me Hard (2018)

Starring: Jill Kassidy
Co-starring: Brad Newman

Directed by Dean Capture

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(7.50 / 10)

Where to get it
19 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: Here with this scene, which was directed by Dean Capture for CHERRY PIMPS, we have a vignette type scene, which includes a brief scenario, which sees Jill Kassidy, alone and masturbating - or so she thought. That is because a short time later, she is joined by boyfriend Brad Newman, who returns home from work early. It is a development that greatly benefits not only Jill, but Brad as well, as it kicks off, an erotic round of sex between the two of them. Though I have previously reviewed a live sex show for CHERRY PIMPS, I have yet to review a standard scene from the studio. It is these scenes, which are directed by visionary, Dean Captured. And let me tell you, they are directed quite expertly. Technically, this scene is a relatively short one, as it runs at just under 20 minutes in length. However with that said, a lot is accomplished in that time, in terms of artistry, as well as, intriguing, and arousing sex. Technically, this scene is well shot. When I call Dean Capture a "visionary", I am not exaggerating by any stretch. It's as though with every angle that he chooses, there is an artistic vision already set behind them. I get the feeling, that each shot - each angle, is approached by Capture, purposely and artistically, and I can't say that I am disappointed, as the scene itself looks brilliant. It's basically "moving still photography". As for the sex itself, starlet Jill Kassidy, a Texas native like myself, completely owns the moment here, starting with her impressive blow job skills. Yes, here Brad Newman is a lucky man, because we see Jill give a blow job that is just incredible. As mentioned above, it is a sloppy one, as Jill makes sure to cover every inch of Brad's cock with her spit. This, as she works the cock with both her hand and her mouth. It's really impressive. When it comes to taking the cock in question, of course Jill also excels at this as well. She rides Brad hard, and I will say that it is quite a turn on - both as she bounce on the cock, and take what Brad is giving her. And speaking of Brad Newman, Before this scene, I had only heard about Brad, and honestly, I did not really expect to be impressed by him for what ever reason, which I can't tell you. However, with that said, I have to own up and admit that I actually am impressed with him as a result of this very scene. Mr. Newman does some great work here, as for the majority he does heavy and hard pounding of Jill's craving pussy, I mean, he really plows into it. With this solid work, coupled with the vision of Dean Capture, things here look really good overall. So to sum it up, although this is a breezy little scene, that seems to go by fast, there is a lot of good here. The scene looks technically impressive, and the sex is well performed, and ultimately pleasing to the viewer. I highly recommend it as is. Truth be told, had this been longer, I would have likely scored it even higher. Do check this one out, along with all of the other beautiful work done by Dean Capture over at As for me, I look forward to reviewing more of this work in the very near future.
Cast: Jill Kassidy (with Brad Newman)
Rating: 7.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Spoon, Missionary
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Our scene begins with Jill lying in bed. She is on her back and masturbating. She reaches into her panties, to rub her clit. The camera exquisitely pans over her body, as she touches herself - this including rubbing her clit, and massaging her pink nipples. This occurs for a time, until she is surprised by her boyfriend, Brad Newman, who unexpectedly comes home early from work. Jill is not disappointed at all, as this unexpected development, soon transforms into an impromptu sexual fling between the two individuals. The two kiss passionately and Brad takes over to massage her clit, and finger her hole briefly. Jill then follows this up by getting Brad's cock out to suck it. Here, Jill administers an incredible blow job, as she slobbers on every inch of Brad's cock. She slurps along the shaft, prior to going on to suck on his balls as well. It is then, that Brad says that he wants to be inside of Jill. As a result Jill then removes her panties, and then climbs on top to ride in cowgirl. During this position, we see Sheila's ass bounce on the cock, as well as Brad take over to fuck her hard, as her pussy stretches around his dick. There's a time during which Jill sits upright, however it is brief as we are back to the bouncing and pounding as before, only this time harder and faster. The next position is doggy, as Brad takes Jill from behind. It's from here, that Brad, half-straddles Jill's ass. He pounds her pussy fast, and hard just as he did previously in cowgirl. This as some passionate kissing is also exchanged. From there, next is spoon. And again, Brad begins at a steady pace, as he is in and out of Jill's opening. However, after some time Brad improves his pace, returning to the fast and hard method. Following spoon, Jill follows it up by again going on to suck on Brad's cock, as he lie back to enjoy Jill's fellatio skills. Next up, Jill is on her back, as Brad pulls her to the edge of the bed, as the action next go to missionary. Briefly, it is a standard variation here, however, soon, we see Jill's legs pulled high, and held tight. This being, as Brad goes on to plow the pussy deep and hard, at an increasing pace, as Jill continues to beg for what she gets. This occurs for an extended time, until Brad works himself up to climax. The scene comes to an end with Brad jerking off to produce a load in which he spews aimed at Jill's open mouth.