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A part of the network Horny and Wild Brooke Beretta Live
(click to enlarge) Horny and Wild Brooke Beretta Live (2018)

Starring: Brooke Beretta
Co-starring: Donnie Rock

Reviewed by Rick L Blalock

(6.50 / 10)

Where to get it
59 Min
Condoms: Scenes: 1
Overview: Ok so, today I have a first. Today I review my very first scene for CHERRY PIMPS.COM. It is also a scene, which happens to be an archived live sex show, which is something that I have never reviewed before. However with that said, the production values looked good enough to intrigue me to take a look at what CHERRY PIMPS has to offer, when it comes to their "Wild on Cam" series of live shows featuring top pornstars. Here we have a live show from December 18, 2018, involving female talent Brooke Beretta, as she is paired with Donnie Rock. The overall setup of the show is an interactive one. This, as both input from the viewing audience, as well as the performers performing the act dictate how the action goes, I really enjoyed this aspect of the whole setup. There's no real director here besides the viewers and the performers. The cameramen are just there to take pictures, and to of course shoot the scene. This scenario of course gives way to an unpredictable outcome, as everyone basically does what they want. And speaking of this environment, here both Brooke and Donnie are game for the task at hand. I really liked the two performers interactive nature with viewing audience. Brooke Beretta is both bubbly and high-spirited, while Donnie Rock, who is mostly known as sort of a jokester, I must admit comes across really well. I have to say he is extremely smooth here, and his mustache looks like a million bucks. Pornstache to the max, I am quite envious of it. The show is a multilayer one. This being as we first have the introductions, as the performers welcome the viewers. After they warm everyone up, Donnie has the great idea of allowing Brooke to perform a solo for the audience. During this,Brooke briefly shows off her tight body, this including her big tits, incredibly round ass, and fat pussy. However, following the tease from Brooke, it's of course time for the sex, this as Brooke and Donnie reconvene in front of the camera. The action itself is decent enough. I will say that, a negative to this, is that things get off to a rather slow start with positions which cater to the webcam viewing audience. If you watch this as an archived show, some of this stuff nay bot be as fun to you, as it maybe was in it's live setting. A positive is that later in the scene, things to do pick up - especially in the latter return to doggy, as well as the missionary position. Positions that allow the viewer full view of Brooke's pussy as it is being penetrated by Donnie. During this, Donnie puts in a very nice work, as he pounds away at times. So yes, it gets off to a slow start yet finishes fairly strongly. Personally, I feel that this was a decently good showing from both performers, particularly when it comes to the sexual content. Overall, while it is a good thing that things got off the ground near the end of the show, the slow burn for the other half hinders it a bit in my opinion. Other than that, again I loved the interactive atmosphere that this concept has to offer. Both Brooke Beretta and Donnie Rock, seem to have had fun here.
Cast: Brooke Beretta (with Donnie Rock)
Rating: 6.50/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Doggy, Missionary, Side Fuck
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This live webcam show featuring Brooke Beretta and Donnie Rock opens up with both on the couch. as they welcome viewers who are coming into the chat room. After a few hellos and pleasantries, the topic is soon, just how good Brooke looks in her tight red dress. She says that the dress is a little tight but she figured, that, "this is porn", so why not. She says that she chose the dress, because it fit with the Christmas holiday. A CHERRY PIMPS member in the chatroom then asks Brooke a very nice question, which is how did she choose her cup size? Brooke answers by saying that she did not, and that it was actually the nurses who chose the size, just as she was going on under prior to surgery. Brooke says that the resulting size is a cup size of 34DDD. This is revealed, as said tits can barely be contained in Brooke's dress. The next topic of discussion is what the viewers will be able to see during tonight's live show. Brooke says there will be no anal sex, as she has to be prepared for such an act, which she is unfortunately not. Although she stresses that she does enjoy anal. She says that throat fucking and slapping will be allowed - that she is "all about that life", she says. She says that Donnie can throat fuck her all he wants. The fans then request to see more of Brooke's body as she stand up. She then gives them a look at her feet as her sparkly heels are soon off. This would prompt Donnie to leave Brooke to do a solo, as he also goes off to prepare. Brooke hikes up her dress, this as one fan asks her to spread her legs. She does so as she sit on the couch in her blue panties. Next up however she peels said panties off, as she shows off her fat pussy, prior to going on to masturbate with a black Hitachi. This as she declares the Hitachi to be her favorite toy. As she masturbate she encourages the fans that are watching on. We then see more teasing with her tits, ass and pussy, prior to saying that she needs some real dick in her life. This as Donnie reenters the frame. First up, Brooke is quick to tongue at, and suck his cock, prior to letting him titty-fuck her big tits for the fans. More cocksucking follows as Donnie stand, this including Brooke sucking his balls. It all continues then as Donnie lie back on a small bench with his back facing the camera. It's from here that we see a combination of both titty-fucking and cocksucking. Donnie next takes the initiative however, as he goes on to straddle Brooke's face over the couch to fuck it, with his back still to the camera. Following this, Donnie goes off to slip on a condom, before lying on his back again, this time as Brooke straddles him for cowgirl, as she face the camera. From this position, we see Donnie slam her down on his cock consecutively, as her titties bounce for the viewing audience. For this position, the camera is mostly straight away, but near the end goes to a side view. Following this, Brooke says that she wants Donnie to fuck her from behind, as the action next go to doggy with Brooke facing the camera. Here, Donnie maintains a steady pace as he fucks the pussy, only to go faster and harder as Brooke up her jerkoff instruction game with the fans. Following this, Donnie once again lies back on the bench, this time, horizontal to the camera, as Brooke once again goes on to treat his cock in her mouth. This lasts briefly, because next, the action takes to doggy. First, the camera is at a side view, that soon takes a more overhead view of things, which gives us a better look at the penetration, which is ongoing. This, as Donnie continues to hammer it in. The camera remains an overhead next, as action takes to missionary for a time before we again see Donnie straddle her face to fuck it. After this we see a round of side fuck as Brooke's legs are closed tightly together. After this, the scene nears its end, and finishes with Donnie once again titty-fucking Brooke to his climax. The sex comes to an end with Donnie jerking off to spew his load into Brooke's mouth, as his jizz drip down her chin.